The weekend

We started off the weekend having a delicious dinner at Koh Samui and the Monkey without Ella because Ella was having a movie night and sleep over with Juliet and KJ!  Everyone had a great night!  The Giants even beat the Dodgers.  On Saturday morning, We went to the CDS Welcome Picnic where I sold sweatshirts, Sunny talked to a number of parents, and Ella played!  On Saturday afternoon, Ella went back to TaeKwonDo.  She loved it agin and is going to stick with it during the school year.  We had dinner with my aunt and uncle on Saturday night at Eliza’s our favorite Chinese food restaurant in SF.  It was delicious.  This morning, Mommy went to spin class while Ella and I met up with Hanna and Megan for breakfast at the Crossroads cafe.  After breakfast Ella took a great bike ride – she is a changed rider for the best and then we went to the ballpark for Strike Out Violence Day.  It was a great day – great ceremony.

11.jpgElla and mommy heading to CDS for the Welcome Picnic.

21.jpg31.jpg41.jpg Ella getting ready for Taekwondo.

51.jpg Me and my fur son Panda.

61.jpg Mommy, Ella and panda chillin’.

71.jpg Mommy, Ella, Mommy’s new boss Wendy and our friend Julia.

81.jpg Ella getting to meet Jeremy Affelt.

91.jpg A moment of silence.



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  1. Grandma says:

    So wonderful to see your pictures. We’re leaving Milan tomorrow. It was a great trip. Love you. Mom

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