Julie and Justin’s wedding

I’m going back almost a week here.  On Saturday, we went to Julie and Justin’s wedding.  It was at the DeYoung Museum and it was a beautiful ceremony and party.  As we were getting ready for the wedding, Ella said a few funny things.  First, Sunny was getting ready and she was putting on mascara.  Ella told her not to put it on.  Then I was all dressed up and ready to go and Ella said, “Look at you Miss Fancypants”.  I asked her if she liked the way I looked and she said, “Not really”.  I told her to pretend that it was Halloween and that I am going as Miss Fancypants.  I guess Ella loves us just the way we are and she doesn’t like us to “change”.  We had a great time together.  Here are some pics from Saturday.

110.jpg Miss Fancypants and Ella.

210.jpg Mommy mascara, Ella and Miss Fancypants.

31.jpg Outside of the museum in Golden Gate Park.

48.jpg Beautiful backdrop.

54.jpg Here are Emily and sweet KJ.  He was the ring bearer.

610.jpg Stell and Juliet were beautiful flower girls.

76.jpg The happy couple.

81.jpg Ella and her flower girl sisters.

91.jpg Alexis and a bunch of beautiful girls.

101.jpg Ella busy working with glow necklaces.

111.jpg Some serious dancing.

121.jpg Olympic glow rings.

131.jpg141.jpg Ella climbing the structure at the Friends school where she is at dance camp with Stella and Juliet.  They are working really hard this week and tomorrow they have a little performance.  Unfortunately, I have to miss it because I’ll be at work, but Sunny is going and filming it for me.  Can’t wait to post the movies.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful Schwartz girls! Wedding looks amazing. Love you. Mom

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