Hawaii 2012 Part 2

A continuation from last night’s Hawaii blog…

321.jpg Our amazing snorkeler.

35.jpg37.jpg The beach in Poipu.  Ella re-connected with a friend from San Francisco.

38.jpg41.jpg I took Ella out to see these incredible fish  Ella wasn’t thrilled in the ocean here.  It was a little rough.

42.jpg43.jpgMommy and Ella in and out of the water at Tunnels.

46.jpg Fun on the beach!

47.jpg Ella took this shot of us.

49.jpg More turtle fun.

50.jpgElla on her first big snorkeling excursion.

51.jpg Ella and mommy getting reach to check things out.

52.jpg53.jpg What a beautiful snorkeling team!

The next several pictures are ones that I took with the underwater mask camera.

60.jpg61.jpg62.jpg63.jpg64.jpg65.jpg66.jpg Pretty cool huh?  As soon as I get it together, I’m going to post movies of me swimming with a turtle and Sunny swimming in the center of a school of thousands of fish.

67.jpg68.jpg69.jpg Another round of mini-golf…this time with Phyllis and Michael and at night.  There were frogs jumping all over the course!

70.jpg Look closely and you can see the rainbow.

71.jpg Michael shielding the girls from the rainbow rain.

72.jpg Another rainbow!

73.jpg74.jpg75.jpg So sweet at Hanalei Bay!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fabulous! I’m really impressed with Ella’s snorkeling. Gorgeous rainbow and fish pictures too. Love you. Mom

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