Ella the musician is coming out all over the place!

Ella, Stella and Juliet are in Rock Band Land Camp this week.  They are having  blast!  Ella loves having the girls at her school and the girls are meeting lots of Ella’s friends.  The band has a concert tomorrow (today if you’re reading this on Friday) and papa is coming to town in the afternoon.  He is going to get to see the performance and Ella is so excited for papa to see her and of course for Ella to see papa.  In a few days, we get to see the rest of the beautiful family – grandma, AJ, Milo and so many wonderful friends.  We’ll miss mommy but she’ll be joining us for a very long weekend so that is amazing.  Back to the music…last week, when we went to Benihana with Kristen and Emmi, Kristen got the girls little note pads.  They both started writing like crazy once we sat down.  Emma wrote a really sweet letter to Ella about being friends forever even though sometimes they get mad at each other, they really do love each other.  Ella said that she was writing a song but she didn’t want us to see it.  Of course, I snuck and read it and then was so blown away that I took a picture of it.  Here it is:


It says, “I love the sweet love that I, every morning wake up with.  It’s so rare for some people but I am going to fly.  I am going to fly but maybe temporary.  Whether I am shaped like a domino it doesn’t matter so I am going to fly,  I am”.  Deep stuff.  I admitted that I read it and she was a little mad but also really happy that I loved it so much.  She won’t tell me the melody.

When I went to pick the girls up from camp the other day, I couldn’t find them until I headed over to the farm.  They were all working hard raking hay.  Here are a few iPhone shots.

38.jpg48.jpg55.jpg OUr little urban farmers.

67.jpg In the beginning of the week, Panda ripped his fingernail almost off.  He had to get it removed.  Here he is post surgery.  He was pretty doped up, but still very sweet.

76.jpg84.jpg92.jpg Here is Ella seriously rehearsing her song from Friday.  She’s actually going to be drumming during this song.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow! Very powerful song. And what beautiful concentration over Ella’s drum studying. Is Ella reading drum music in the pictures you took? Very coy tooth trick. I really can’t wait to see you. Love you. Mom

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