Great day celebrating Pride

Today, we marched with some families from Ella’s school in the Pride parade.  It was a sweet, fun, festive day full of love.  When we were leaving to go to the parade, Sunny asked Ella if she knew what the parade was all about.  Ella said, “It’s about pride”.  Sunny asked if she thought it was about anything else and Ella said, “Peace and love”.  Ella has it right!  We had to wait a really long time to march and some of the kids couldn’t handle it so they left with their parents.  Ella and a few others hung in there and were amazing.  At one point, Ella was walking down Market Street, right along the divider and was giving high fives to the crowd.  She has such amazing confidence and loves to have fun.

112.jpg1a.jpgGetting ready to catch the train for the parade.

27.jpg Arriving at the parade.

2a.jpg HOoking up with friends.  Ella immediately took a hold of the banner.

37.jpg Fantastic kids.

47.jpg Love makes a family

54.jpg Yay Children’s Day School!

66.jpg Ella and Julietta.

75.jpg Ella giving high fives to the crowd.

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  1. Grandma says:

    What joy and pride! Beautiful. Love you. Mom

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