A mellow weekend

Sunny and I have been a little under the weather – I am getting over pink eye and Sunny has some respiratory infection.  Because of this, we didn’t do anything wild over the beautiful weekend.  On Friday, before I saw the eye doctor, I took Ella to Pier 39 at her request.  Ella bungee jumped, we had a little lunch and then we went to the aquarium.  Ella was most excited about touching the rays.  She was also mesmerized by the octopus.  We all stayed home and watched TV on Friday night.  My eyes were killing me, Sunny was zonked out and Ella is always happy to relax and watch TV.   On Saturday, it was a beautiful day.  We decided to take a walk to mission creek where they were having a kid’s event.  It was a kite making/flying day.  I hung back in the park with Panda while Ella and Sunny made a kite.  Not only did they make a beautiful kite, they actually flew it!  It was really cool.  I’ll download the video another time.  Later in the day, we met up with Becca and Ru and all the dogs for some brunch.  We did a lot of walking with the dogs and by the time we got to the dog run, the dogs all wanted to lay down under the bench.  We finally got home and had a great dinner and just chilled.  We watched the Giants game hoping it would be a good one but it wasn’t.  On Sunday, we woke up, all feeling a little better but not perfect and decided to go to Golden Gate Park.  It was beautiful there but it was cold and windy.  We were going to do a paddle boat but it was too cold.  Instead, we fed giant koi fish challah from Friday night.  We came home, watched the game, played a few board games, played the Wii and had a perfectly sweet, easy, lazy mellow weekend.

One more thing before I post the pics.  A few weeks ago, Ella told me that she knew the best present for Sunny for her birthday.  I asked her what it was and she said, “Matt Cain is mommy’s favorite player so let’s get her an autographed Matt Cain ball.”  I thought that was a terrific idea so I did.  I also thought it was so incredible that Ella was actually thinking about Sunny – listening to the things that are her favorite things.  Ella give it to her on her birthday and Sunny was so out of her mind happy.  That night, during dinner, we were all following our phones at the table.  We were watching Matt Cain be on his way of pitching a perfect game.  That’s exactly what happened  that night.  It was a perfect night (Sunny’s birthday) with a perfect gift and a perfect amount of love and then Matt Cain pitched the perfect one!  Brilliant.

Now for the pics.

19.jpgElla loves this thing.  She’s not quite fready to flip,


Ella and her amazing kite.  It caught some air and flew!

74.jpg Road dogs in the back seat.  We went to Golden Gate Park today and walked around Lake Stow.It was pretty cold but really sweet to be outside.  83.jpgWe had a treally sweet today and if we were all feeling better I bet it would have been an amazing weekend.  Goodnight!

Happy Father’s day Dad.  I love you

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  1. Grandma says:

    Hope you guys are feeling better today. I love the kite and I especially love Ella’s bunches; reminds me of you, Laur. Love you. Mom

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