A huge day today!

Today was a big day for Ella.  She started the morning with her class doing the Friday morning assembly.  The class did a great job.  Ella had a few little parts and did them with lots of cuteness.  After school today, Ella had baseball practice and then she participated in a Korean Heritage event.  Ella’s Taekwondo teacher asked her if she would like to participate in a Taekwondo demonstration with some other students.  Ella was the youngest and the smallest and had the lowest belt and she did such an amazing job.  Videos of the assembly and of the Taekwondo are at the end of this entry.  After that, we came home, had movie night with the Kim/Arena kids and now Ella, Stella and Juliet are happily all sleeping in Ella’s room.  Pure heaven for Ella.

110.jpg23.jpg33.jpg43.jpg A few shots from assembly today.  In the last one, it looks like Ella is choking her buddy Cam!

53.jpg63.jpg73.jpg82.jpg92.jpg What an amazing event for Ella and for us to able to watch.

102.jpg Panda is just one of the gang.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful! Ella is so comfortable with herself. She has an inner glow in every situation. But that’s a grandma talking. Love you. Mom

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