Catching up…

Things have been super hectic for us but wonderful for Ella.  Last week, Ella and her friend Tate’ had farm duty at school.  They got there a little early, went into the farm with Ms. Misty and found some eggs in the chicken coop.  They also did some clean up.  This week, it was Ella’s turn for the class share.  They usually have an assigned share, for example…bring in your favorite book or something that you do with your family or teaching the class how to do something.  For the last share, they can share anything they want except a toy.  Ella decided that she wanted to share Panda.  Ella’s teacher Luisa agreed to let Ella bring in Panda and on Wednesday, Sunny brought Panda to school and Ella presented him to the class.  Sunny reported that both Ella and Panda did an amazing job.

13.jpg21.jpg31.jpg41.jpg51.jpg Ella and Tate’ on farm duty.

61.jpgElla listening to Panda’s heart beat at the vet’s office the other day.

71.jpg Panda and Ella – they are quite a team!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Ella’s gentleness pours out of all of the pictures. I can’t wait to meet Panda. Love you. Mom

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