What a weekend!

This was a very busy weekend for us.  On Friday after school, Ella had baseball practice and then went to her friend Emmi’s birthday party.  Emmi’s party was a blast and Ella’s favorite girl band from school, Vons da Qua played at the party.  Ella was mesmerized and at the end of the party told me that she feels like she’s a member of the band.  She’s so cute.  When we came home, we celebrated Juliet’s birthday with Juliet and the Kim/Arena clan.  Good times and delicious ice cream cake had by all.  On Saturday, I took my big test.  I have no idea how I did but I feel so happy that it’s over.  Sunny and Ella went to the Country Fair at CDS and then I took Ella to her baseball game while Sunny went to a real Giants game and watched them take their first win in a while.  On Saturday night, I took 2 of my students to go see another one of my students in a musical and Sunny and Ella had dinner with Hannah, Naomi and Phyllis.  Today, Ella and Sunny took bike ride and took Panda to a dog run and I had a softball game.  This afternoon, we went to Juliet’s birthday party at Pump It Up.  The party was terrific, Ella had so much fun and then we came home and all spent the evening in the Zen garden eating left over birthday party food.  What a great weekend (except for the test).

11.jpg2.jpg3.jpg The little girls watching the big girls.  Quite amazing.

4.jpg This weekend was Emmi’s turn to get Trilby so Ella, Emmi and Trilby got another photo of with VDQ!

5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg Beautiful night with the Kim/Arena’s to celebrate Juliet.

8.jpg Ella at her baseball game after thir.  She had Panda “face painted” on her.

9.jpg Lots of bubbles in the garden.

10.jpgDancing with panda.

111.jpg12.jpg CUPCAKES!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Mazel Tov on your exam being over! I’m confident that you passed with flying colors. Looks like you had a really fun weekend. Love you. Mom

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