Ballet, life with Panda and a little baseball

Before I forget, Happy Birthday Nikki B!  We love you.  We’re so happy you’re so happy.  Today, Sunny brought Panda to pick up Ella at school.  Ella was in heaven and all of her friends got to meet him.  Panda was super sweet with the kids.  Sunny took some great pictures.  We are going to have a busy weekend of sports…Ella has a game tomorrow morning, we are going to see the Giants on Saturday night and then I have a softball game on Sunday.  Test studying is going well…I really hope I pass the first time around!

115.jpg214.jpg Sweet Ella at ballet this past week.

313.jpg Ella and Panda this morning before school.

44.jpg This morning there was a sustainability fair at Ella’s school.  Her class and the other kindergarten class were on a mission to save the parks.  They had us write postcards to Governor Brown saying, “Please save the parks.  Keep them clean and green”.  Ella was super proud of the work they did.  We were proud too.

54.jpg64.jpg Ella and her friend Macy hard at work.

72.jpg Ella getting mommy a pen.

8a.jpg8b.jpg8c.jpg8d.jpg Panda picking up Ella from school.  All of her friends rushed to say hi to him.  He was terrific.  Stayed right on Ella’s lap!

93.jpg Warming up before baseball.

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  1. Grandma says:

    It’s amazing how Panda fits right in as if he were with Ella since birth. Have a great weekend. Good luck for all of your ball games. Love you. Mom

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