Ella and Panda

Ella and Panda are quite the pair.  Ella is being so responsible with him.  Every day when we get home from school/work, she takes him for a walk.  Of course either Sunny or I am with them, but Ella is the one who does the walking with Panda.  Every morning, Sunny takes Panda for a walk, they come back at around 6:30 and he races up the stairs and jumps into Ella’s bed.  It’s so much easier for me having Panda wake up Ella.  He puts her in the best mood!  She does need to catch up on her sleep though.  Life continues to be busy and crazy.  I think both Sunny and I will feel less stress by the end of May.  Not too much longer to go.  Here are 2 pictures of Ella and Panda from today’s walk.

114.jpg They bumped into the Quacker boat mascot.  Panda was not freaked out at all!

213.jpg 2 beauties strolling down King Street.

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  1. Grandma says:

    They certainly are two beauties. Ella looks so grown up! Love you. Mom

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