Baseball and Panda

Today was Ella’s first baseball game.  If you call it T-ball, Ella will correct you because nobody on the team hits off a T.  The whole team is hitting off the coach and today, the coach was me.  Ella did a great job!  She got hits, played first base and also was the catcher during one inning.  She is totally into it and we love it.  We decided to keep Gabe who Ella has re-named Panda.  He is such a sweet little guy and Ella is totally in love with him.  He has a great personality and is really mellow.  On Friday night, we had all the kids over for movie night and Panda was wonderful.

112.jpg A little tree pose before the game.

212.jpg 312.jpg43.jpg53.jpg63.jpg82.jpg

92.jpg122.jpg Sweet Mr. Panda.

101.jpg113.jpg Ella is totally into walking and taking care of Panda.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow! Mazel Tov! I can’t wait to meet Panda. Will you bring him to New Jersey? Love you. Mom

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