Catching up…

We went to NJ for Passover and had a wonderful 4 days with family and friends.    It was a really sweet visit.  We loved being with the family.  Ella and Milo continued their love fest from the week before.  I have a lot of pictures to post.  Thank you for a great Passover grandma and papa.  We love you guys.

14.jpg 21.jpg31.jpgThe “kid’s table” on the first night of Passover.

41.jpg51.jpg Ella was thoroughly entertained by Milo and his Cat In the Hat antics.

61.jpg Ella studying the haggadah.  Every year she gets  more and more into it.

71.jpg81.jpg Bronwen found the afikomen this year.  Here are the beautiful cousins after the afikomen was found.

91.jpgSweet conversation after dinner with Wendy, Vicky, mommy and David.

10a.jpg10b.jpg 10c.jpgOn Saturday morning, we had a great visit from Jordin, Twyla and KK.  Loved listening to these 3 beauties on the piano.

111.jpg Everyone on their way up to Fireman’s park.  Ella was way ahead of the gang.  I remember the days when it took Ella 20 minutes to walk 2 blocks!

121.jpg131.jpg 141.jpgThe kids had a blast at the park.

15.jpg Walking back to the house.  Look how tall Ella is getting!

16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg25.jpg Second night of the seder.  Lots of love at the seder table.

211.jpg Ella and Sam looking for the afikomen…22.jpgElla found it!

23.jpg Nikki B had a lot of fun doing some are with Ella and Jack.

24.jpg Ellal drawing a picture for Jack.

26.jpgGrandma and papa love at the end of the night.

27.jpg Ella reading a good night book to Milo.

28.jpg Trip into NY to go to the Museum of Natural History.

29.jpgElla and grandma ready for an adventure.

30.jpg Ella groovin on the dinosaur bones.

311.jpg Mommy, Ella and grandma having fun with the dinosaur exhibit.

32.jpg33.jpg A huge mind blowing whale and an even bigger sequoia trunk!

34.jpg35.jpg36.jpg Fun times coming home from Gobo.

37.jpg We bumped into my old friend Gred and his family at Wood Park.  His son Loden looks exactly like Greg did when he was a sweet young boy.

38.jpgGrandma and Milo strolling through the park.

39.jpgJust one more goodnight story!

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  1. Grandma says:

    We had such a wonderful weekend with you. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for capturing it all. Love you and miss you. Mom

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