Milo and AJ have arrived!

AJ and Milo arrived safely in SF this afternoon.  I picked them up from the airport and then took them straight to Ella’s school to pick her up.  Milo has changed so much since Anguilla.  He is speaking so beautifully and clearly.  It was so amazing to see Jamie and Milo.  Ella saw them and ran out of her afternoon class.  It was impossible to get her to stop smiling.  Ella and Milo had a great afternoon together.  They played, Ella read Milo some books and then we had a great dinner.  Tonight, Ella brushed Milo’s hair after the bath, brushed his teeth and read him part of his story.  She gave up her bed for Milo and she is sleeping next to him on an air mattress.  We’re all going to have a great few days together.

17.jpg AJ and Milo picking up Ella from school.

26.jpg Happiness.

36.jpg Dinner time.

56.jpg As Ella was  brushing Milo’s hair, she said, “this is so addictive”.  I asked her if she knew what addictive meant and she said, “yeah – like something you’re hooked on”.

65.jpg75.jpg Milo requested that Ella brush his teeth.

46.jpg Finally, a bedtime story.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I love it! The bond between Ella and Milo reminds me of the bond between you and Jamie. Love you. Mom

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