Ballet, T-ball and a new belt

en super busy.  T-ball has started up again.  This year, Ella is doing coach pitch.  Sunny and I are coaches again.  So far we have had one practice and unfortunately, our game was cancelled because of the rain.  Stella and Juliet slept over last night and the girls had so much fun – especially in the morning when they were so happy to wake up with each other.  This afternoon, Ella moved up in Taekwondo and got her yellow belt with a black stripe.  Tonight, Sunny and I went out to a school fundraiser and Ella had a beautiful night over at Becca’s with Tucker, Digby, and of course Becca!  They watched a Dolphin’s Tale.  I am very tired right now but want to get these pics out.  16.jpg Ella’s amazing Gran Jete.

25.jpg Art Shot.

35.jpg Beautiful Ballerina.

45.jpg Running laps at t-ball practice.

55.jpg Ella got in trouble for talking in Taekwondo.  She had to drop and do 10 pushups.

64.jpg74.jpg83.jpg The new belt!


Class pictures.

112.jpg My beauties.

121.jpg131.jpgElla with Tucker and Digby.

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  1. Grandma says:

    You guys do have a busy life. And full of such joy. Ella’s face says it all in her yellow belt picture. Love you. Mom

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