Ella came to work with me today

I am super tired but wanted to post this.  Ella came to work with me today.  She had a blast.  She especially loved the 6th grade class.  She played drums with them, sang a few songs and interacted with them on such a mature level.  The kids love Ella.  After work, we met Ella’s friend Marlowe and her mom at Lucy Strike for some afternoon bowling.  After bowling, we met mommy ar the burger joint for dinner.  it was a really full day.

15.jpg Ella and some of my 6th graders.

24.jpg Here they are singing “Beautiful”

34.jpg44.jpg Ella and the 6th s Grade group.  They were terrific.

54.jpg At Lucky Strike with Marlowe.

63.jpg73.jpg Ella is quite the little bowler!

82.jpgThe Burger JOint with Marlowe.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Looks like Ella had a blast! Great drumming! Love you. Mom

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