Crazy weekend

 We started our weekend about to get a puppy and ended the weekend getting a small orange Prius.   It was time to give up the city car and we needed a second one.  It’s pretty cool!  This weekend, Ella Stella, Juliet and KJ friday night movie night and then the girls slept over.  It gets easier for them every week.  On Saturday, Ella had taekwondo, and then a birthday party and then she went and slept at Stella and Juliet’s.  Rumor has it, they had a blast.  Sunny and I spent some lovely time together and had dinner at Lucky Strike.  We didn’t bowl. but we had a lot of fun!  Today, Ella spent a big part of the day with helen and Ron (thanks you so much) while Sunny and I bought a second car.  Time to say goodbye to the city car.  After the car, Ella a had a playmate with her buddy Hannah from ballet.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Moki’s with Kate.  The end.

14.jpg23.jpg Ella an Friday in the rain.  She loved her puddles.  Check out how deep the water was?!

33.jpg A very serious part of the sleep over.

43.jpg53.jpg53.jpg62.jpgSO much fun at Taekwondo.

72.jpg81.jpg91.jpg10.jpgFun fun fun at Pump it up!

111.jpg We bought a new car today…an orange Prius.  It will be great second car.


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  1. Grandma says:

    Gorgeous car! Mazes Tov! Sounds like a fun weekend. Beautiful pictures. Love you. Mom

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