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Catching up in April

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

We have had an action filled April and I am getting way behind.  I am going to several entries starting with the beginning of the month.  Before I post for our wonderful Passover trip, I would like to wish mommy a happy 15th Anniversary.  I love you so much!  Tonight, mommy, Ella and I went out to dinner at Anchor Oyster Bar to celebrate our anniversary.  We had a great dinner and we love celebrating our anniversary with Ella.

Now for the pics of our Passover trip to NJ…

1.jpgAirport selfie!

2.jpg Panda on the airplane.  He was super comfortable on mommy’s lap.

3.jpg You can’t tell from this pic, but when we arrived, it was snowing!  This was Ella’s first and only snow of the season.

4.jpgWhile we were in NJ, we caught up with my childhood friend’s kids.  They actually live in SF, but it’s easier to get together when there is no work or school.

5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg We picked up Milo from school on Thursday, and then rode the train downtown for Milo’s swimming lesson.

9.jpg Milo signed himself into his lesson.  He first wrote Milo.  When he saw the signature column, he asked AJ what he should write.  She said, “It’s your signature, write it however you want”.  Milo decided that his signature was “Leo”.

10.jpg11.jpgElla loved watching Milo at his lesson, but she really just wanted to jump in and swim!

13.jpg14.jpg Soccer in the morning.

15.jpg16.jpgPlaying and loving before the seder.

17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg In love with grandma and papa.

20.jpg21.jpg Milo found the afikomen!

22.jpg23.jpg24.jpg More soccer on the yard.

25.jpg Milo and Sam playing chess.

26.jpg27.jpg28.jpg More fun at Wood Park.

29.jpg30.jpg Love on the stairs.

Thanks for yet another amazing trip back east.  I didn’t get any pictures of Jesse or me or David, Lisa, Brownen, Abigail, Ray, Esther, Donna, Emma, Cheryl, Nikki B, Lynne, Cliff, Diana, Adrianne, Emma, Henry or Ashley, but they were all there, and we loved seeing you guys!