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Disney, The Ohlone Museum and Thanksgiving with Grandma and Papa

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

So much has gone on since Ella turned 9!  Two days after Ella’s birthday, we went to uncle Jesse and aunt Heather’s place and spent the weekend with them and at Disney.  Needless to say, Ella was in heaven.  She loves being with Jesse and Heather and loves Disney.  Here are some pics from our Disney weekend with our 9 year old.

1a.jpg Sweet Ella on our first morning in LA…getting ready to go to Disney.

1b1.jpg1c1.jpg On the monorail heading towards the Magic Kingdom.

2a.jpg62.jpgFirst ride, Star Tours!  Ella was the spy on our ship!

72.jpg82.jpg Next, Space Mountain.  Ella’s face is finally in the Space Mountain photo.

210.jpg310.jpgThe Matterhorn was our next stop.  Ella LOVED it.

311.jpgNext up, Alice in Wonderland.  They redid the ride and it was so much fun.

410.jpg4a.jpg52.jpgThunder Mountain was our next ride.  It was a blast!

92.jpg102.jpg112.jpgA fun birthday call from Goofy and a celebration with a Disney cupcake.

122.jpg Family pic on Main Street!

132.jpg On line for the Pirates of the Caribbean.

142.jpgWe were stuck on line in the basement of the Indiana Jones ride.

152.jpg Ella and her buddy Olaf.

162.jpg172.jpg Day two – now we are complete…Heather joined us today!

211.jpgFamily photo on line for Toy Story.

201.jpgFirst show taken on Soarin’.  This is our favorite ride asa a family.  It’s not great, but it’s a first!

231.jpg241.jpgStill smiling on a very long line for the “single rider” Radiator Springs line.

181.jpg221.jpg Mater and walking the streets of Cars Land!

191.jpgLast pic of our Disney adventure.  Fun on the Little Mermaid ride.

Here is a list of the rides and attractions that we did on each day.


1.  Star Tours – Ella was the spy

2. Space Mountain

3. Matterhorn

4. Alice in Wonderland

5. Thunder Mountain

6. Mickey’s Maps

7. Peter Pan

8. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

10. Indiana Jones

11. Winnie The Pooh (mommy and Ella)

12. Splash Mountain (mama and Jesse)


1. Toy Story

2. Soarin’

3. Radiator Springs

4. Mater

5. Little Mermaid

6. Monsters Inc

7. Abe Lincoln

8. Pinocchio

9. Soarin’

251.jpg261.jpg Panda and his cousins!

Thank you Jesse and Heather for another amazing weekend.  We love you guys.

We came back from Disney heaven and then Sunny and I were treated to our own version of heaven – watching Ella thrive at school.  Ella’s class had an assembly and then treated us to an amazing project on the Ohlone people.  Ella’s class turned their classroom into a museum and all of the students acted as docents.  Ella was an amazing docent.

Here are some shots from the assembly and the classroom museum.


351.jpg Ella and her buddy Cecilia on some “lounge chairs” that they built.

Grandma arrived on Monday night so that she could go to Grandparents and special friends day at CDS.  Ella sang in the chorus for the grandparents.  Here is a great shot that grandma took of Ella and Emmi before they went on.


Here are some great shots that Colette took of Ella and grandma in the classroom.

212.jpg313.jpg Grandma was the first person outside of Ella’s classroom to read her non-fiction book on Disney.  We are going to get to read it on Friday when Ella’s class has their publishing party.

Papa arrived on Tuesday night and on Wednesday, the four of us (mommy had to go to work) went to the Lawrence Science Center.  It was a beautiful day and it’s so great to have grandma and papa here.

361.jpg The smile says it all – Ella couldn’t be happier that grandma and papa are here.


Ella loved trying all of the different activities…


40.jpg These guys are quite a trio!


We’ve had some pretty fun games of Bananagrams.  The one above shows the creativity that Papa and Ella were exuding.  Not quite sure what a “fairice” is.

431.jpgWe had our traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the Crab House.  We love this tradition!

441.jpg451.jpg461.jpg471.jpg481.jpg491.jpg50.jpg511.jpg521.jpgElla was flipping like nobody’s business.  She was flipping forward and backward.  She was amazing!

52a.jpg Thanksgiving selfie!

52b.jpg52c.jpg Cool piano steps.

53.jpgOff to the movies.

53a.jpg We saw Big Hero 6.  We all loved it.

53b.jpg Ella is super excited for this movie in July!

54a.jpgWe got Ella this difficult puzzle for her birthday.  We all have been working really hard on it.  Ella solved it 3 levels high on Tuesday.  By Thursday, Mommy did it!

54.jpg55.jpgFantastic job mommy!  You’re a genius.

56.jpg Papa and Panda during a game of Clue.

57.jpg58.jpg Something seems very funny!

Today we went to the De Young Museum to see the Keith Haring exhibit.  It was a really cool exhibit.

59.jpg60.jpgThree amazing people. Love you guys!

621.jpg Ella kept saying, “I need that neon paint!”

63.jpg Deep.

611.jpg True love.  We love you guys!  See you in three weeks.

Happy 9th Birthday Ella!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Oh Ella – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We love you so much.  You are such an incredible person.  We feel lucky to be your parents.  Thank you Ella, for all of the joy that you bring into our lives.  You are an amazing teacher.  You have taught us so much about life and love.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you in Disneyland!

Here are some pics from the few days.

1.jpgCecilia, Ella and Emmi before their last soccer game of the season.  Check out the fog behind them!

2.jpg Ella loves getting her soccer medals!

36.jpgThe 2014 Black Widows!

3a.jpg3b.jpg3c.jpg Colette sent these amazing pictures to us the other day.  The class is making tule boats out of straw.  Ella wove her straw boat together with raffia.  We saw it today in the classroom.  It was really cool.

49.jpg51.jpg First morning pics of our beautiful nine year old. 

While Ella was at school and I was running errands, mommy was busy at home making Ella’s cake.  Ella asked mommy for an “Olaf” cake.  Instead of doing the sane thing and ordering it, mommy decided to make it.  It turned out to be an AMAZING cake and Ella LOVED it!  Great job mommy!  Here are the pics…


I told you it was amazing!

We went to Ella’s school to celebrate her birthday, and then we picked up Stella and Juliet and we took the 3 girls to Benihana.  After dinner, the girls came back to our place and we had Olaf cake!  Not only did it look amazing, but it also tasted amazing.


Happy Birthday Beautiful Ella!  WE LOVE YOU. 

The World Series, The Giants Victory Parade and Halloween

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

I have way too many pics to post so I will be quick with my words.  It has been an amazingly exciting 2 weeks for the SF Giants and their fans.  We happen to be huge fans!  Although it’s sad that baseball is over, until pitchers and catchers report to spring training in February, it feels pretty good to get our normal lives back!  This is how our last week and 1/2 has looked …

3.jpg Happiness on a Friday night at the World Series.

4.jpg Having a blast with two of my co-workers at the game.

5.jpgGetting a little nervous about the way the game is going…

6.jpg Yes, believe it or not, those are sad faces.  We lost the game!

7.jpg Let’s try this again…Saturday night’s home game…we are down 2 games to 1.  We’re feeling pretty confident.

8.jpg Becca joined us at the game!

9.jpg Holy cow!  It looks like we may have tied this series up!

10.jpg We did it!  On to game five!!!

11.jpg Four women watching some intense baseball together.  Our buddy Blanca joined us for the game too!

12.jpgWhile we were at the game, Ella was at a week before Halloween Party with her Kim/Arena family.

13.jpgSelfie before the Game 5 World Series party.

14.jpg Beautiful Ella at the pre-game party.

15.jpg Beautiful shot of Mommy and Ella waiting for the sun to set.

16.jpgPre game family photo.  We can do this Giants!  Let’s take the series lead!

17.jpgMommy and her panda cub.

18.jpg Watching the confetti drop a before the game begins.

19.jpg Beautiful sea of orange!

20.jpg So happy to have auntie Pie with us at the game!  we’re all feeling good about this!

21.jpg Family art shot.

22.jpg The fist bump!

23.jpg That’s more like it!

24.jpg We love this child so much!

25.jpgThings are looking good for the Giants!

26.jpg Yes!  The Giants did it!  We’ve taken the series lead!

27.jpg Knitting during game 6.  This was a tough game to watch.

28.jpgGame 7…  Panda has on his rally rag and we’re ready to rock and roll!

29.jpgElla and her buddies Carmen and Zoe chanting, “One more strike, one more strike!”


31.jpg Outside minutes after the Giants won.  The  neighborhood was calm and happy for about 20 minutes.  We were inside safe and sound when the craziness happened!

32.jpg We went to the dug out store and Ella got her CHAMPIONS hat!

So much fun was had during this series…and the fun continued for Sunny and the Giants on Friday at the parade!

33.jpg33a.jpg Sunny and her new buddy Steve Perry.  He was on the float with the Giants Community Fund board members.  Sunny said that they had “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Lights” playing non-stop on the float.

And then Sunny ended up at City Hall and took these amazing shots…


While all of this beautiful celebrating was going on, Ella was transforming into a vampire at CDS…


and making sugar skulls to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos…


Once Ella got home from school, Halloween officially began.  We spent Halloween with the Kim/Arena clan.  It’s a wonderful tradition that we all love.

44d.jpg Our beautiful vampire and her pet bat!

44.jpg In the elevator on the way to see her buddies.

45.jpgHere’s the crew with Helen and Ron as Stormtroopers.

45e.jpg Vampire sisters.

45f.jpg Bags are starting to fill up with candy.

46.jpg Vampires leading the way.

1halloween.jpg Halloween 2007

2halloween.jpg Halloween 2014!

47.jpgBeautiful crew!

48.jpg Nothing like a sleep over to end a great night!