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Black Widows and the Matilda Show

Monday, May 19th, 2014

The Black Widows played their last game of the spring on Saturday.  They won some games and lost some games, but as a team – they are kicking butt.  The girls are finally learning how to play the game and it’s really showing!  Ella goes back and forth about wanting to play goalie.  She’s great at the position, and tough – we’ll see what the future holds.  Here are some shots from Saturday’s game.

31.jpg Ella setting up the kick for Lexie the leg.

41.jpg Lexie is taking it and kicking it down the field.

5.jpg Ella throwing it out.

6.jpg7.jpg What a team!

OK – Here’s Matilda…

Another milestone! Ella now has pierced ears!

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

On Saturday, after TaeKwonDo – we took Ella to the San Francisco center and she got her ears pierced!  I filmed it so no need to explain that Ella looked like she was going to throw up on Sunny! Sunny and I are a well balanced team.  She was nurturing and protective and loving and I was the crazy person who filmed it.  Enjoy!

11.jpg Ella right after her ears were pierced – hardly any blood in her face.

21.jpg Feeling much better about a minute later.

Matilda and the Tango!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Ella had her final performance of Matilda tonight.  It was amazing!  Ella did a terrific job.  I will edit some video later on in the week.  Ella’s class is doing the Pied Piper of Hamelin at the end of the month.  Ella is a town council member.  In one of her scenes, she and 3 other kids dance the tango.  Here are 2 pics that Colette sent us this afternoon of Ella and Jaden dancing the tango.


Here are a few shots from Matilda and afterwards…

1.jpg After the show!

2.jpg Post musical flowers and a big lollipop!

3.jpg Colette came to see the show.  This made Ella really happy.

4.jpg Once the show is over, why not do a little knitting?