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Ella’s first 2nd grade field trip and meeting new birds

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

On Wednesday, Ella’s class went to the aquarium by the bay.  Sunny was one of the drivers and Ella, Delilah, Colette and Sunny drove in one car.  Ella was so happy to have Sunny there.  They had a great time.  Here are some pics that Colette sent.

11.jpg21.jpg31.jpg Sweet, beautiful, curious kids!

On Wednesday night, Sunny and I had an event to go to so Ella hung out with Becca.  They started at ACC and then had dinner together.  Here are a few pictures from ACC before I left.


Ella and her kind, compassionate heart

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Today, Ella’s class did an activity during social studies.  I am going to use Colette’s description of the exercise in order to explain it…

Hello Parents,

Today in the Octopus classroom, as part of our Social Studies unit, Jasmin Hoo, our fantastic diversity director came in to lead an activity. She began by asking Ms. Kay to leave the room and then gave the Octopuses one simple direction. The direction was for the students to form a circle and then when Ms. Kay was asked to return, they were not to let her into the circle no matter what. They were told that they could do this in any way as long as they were still being safe with their bodies.

What followed was challenging to witness, but provided what we feel was a powerful learning opportunity. As Ms. Kay walked around and attempted to join the circle by asking students, many of our Octopuses began to laugh. Several students began to taunt her by chanting “Excluded, excluded” and pointing at her. Other students moved their bodies aside and told Ms. Kay that she could come over, but quickly moved their bodies back to block her when she would come over. Most of our students laughed and joined in on a variety of taunts. A few of our students did not laugh, but remained silent. When Ms. Kay asked those students if she could join their circle, they avoided eye contact with her but whispered “No” or shook their heads. As the activity progressed and Ms. Kay began to express frustration, sadness and finally resignation, those students and a few others began to look down at the floor and to show increasing discomfort. Then entire activity lasted for about five minutes before Jasmin and I stopped the activity and asked the group to reconvene.



Ella was one of the kids who was very upset – she remained silent – did not make eye contact.  She did tell Kay “no” when she asked to get into the circle but  Ella told me, “I thought we were playing a game and it turned out to be mean and I didn’t like it”.

The octopus class is working on bullying, being an advocate, being a good friend, how to take care of yourself etc.  This activity really shook Ella.

Later on during the day at free time, she sat down and wrote this card for Kay.

note.jpgWhat a love!

I don’t like being too busy!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Jumping back into work was intense.  I loved the time we all spent together over the break.  Now it’s work and trying to play!  Here is a little video that I made of Ella and the last week of December – last weekend.  It’s full of music, ice skating, racing Juliet on the slide, sparring and golfing.  What a beautiful life Ella has!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

We had a great day and a wonderful evening on Tuesday.  Grandma and papa left early yesterday morning.  Grandma and papa – we loved getting to spend so much beautiful time with you both.  We love you very much and can’t wait to see you in February!  Here are some pictures from Tuesday.

1a.jpg The threesome on the train heading down town.

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg Pre- New Year’s Eve dinner pics.

4.jpg After dinner at the Epic Roasthouse.

5.jpgArtsy train shot on the way home from dinner.

6.jpg Panda was feeling a little shy.

7.jpg Self-timed shot…welcoming 2014 (NYC time)!