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Ninja Acrosport performance

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Today we were treated to another amazing Friday afternoon Acrosport show.  This time the theme was “Ninjas”.  Ella had an incredible week this week and she ended it with quite an impressive show.  Ella took part in the aerial portion.  She performed on the rope – something she calls “Spanish Web”.  She did a fantastic job doing the “Spanish web” and even got herself out of a tricky situation where her wrist was a little stuck.  She was so poised and so proud of herself.

A beautiful 24 hours with Sakura

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Ella and Sakura were able to spend Saturday – Sunday with each other.  Sakura is now on her way back to Japan.  They had such a wonderful time together.  Ella seems pretty sad that Sakura is back in Japan.  It’s pretty incredible to watch Ella and her very meaningful relationships with friends.  Here are a few pictures from their special day.

14.jpg Reading one of Ella’s favorite books…”Do Not Open This Book”.

210.jpg Sakura brought this book for Ella from Japan.  Ella took it and ran with it!

310.jpg Giving each other school work to do.

410.jpg510.jpg Two of the original powerpuff girls.

610.jpg Sweetness.

710.jpgDiary writing with Panda.

83.jpg One last goodbye.

Ella as Mary Poppins

Monday, August 19th, 2013

This was a crazy week coming back to reality.  I started work the day after we came back and Ella went to Acrosport Camp with Juliet.  Ella had a fantastic week and ended it with a little performance.  Ella was picked to be Mary Poppins in a little acrobatic extravaganza that they put on.  Check out the video!

More of our amazing trip to the east coast…

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

35.jpg36.jpgElla didn’t do any diving off the diving board this summer but she had so much fun jumping off the board.

37.jpg38.jpgGrandma, papa, Milo and Ella – they all love each other so much.  This was before a delicious dinner at Kiku.

39.jpg40.jpg41.jpg42.jpg Croquet on the front lawn with Nikki B and Co.  I was of course joking around!

43.jpg44.jpg45.jpg Beautiful children.

46.jpgHapppy swimmer.

47.jpgWe had a lovely day with Adam.

48.jpg Yoga family.

49.jpg Loved watching Ella and Adam get to know each other.

50.jpg51.jpgLove on the terrace with papa.

52.jpg Loving the monkey bars.

53.jpg Ella gave Tess some big girl support.

54.jpg Sweetness.

55.jpg New yogurt place in AJ’s hood.  Ella had watermelon cilantro yogurt!  YUCK!

56.jpg Grandma and Panda totally bonded.

57.jpg Ella does her best Scutaro.

58.jpgCutest cousins in the world.

59.jpg Sweetness.

60.jpg A happy girl and her dog.

61.jpg62.jpg Posing in front of big things.

63.jpg Fun at Bloomingdales.

64.jpg65.jpg66.jpg Never saw so much love!

67.jpg68.jpg69.jpg Ella and Milo had so much fun with each other this summer.

70.jpg71.jpg72.jpg73.jpg74.jpgThis was the first summer that Ella was actually able to putt with papa.  They both loved doing this.75.jpgGolf cart ride!

76.jpg Milo is a wild tester.

77.jpg78.jpg Last Leonia photo shoot of the summer of 2013.

79.jpg80.jpg Wonderful journey back home with Ella and Panda.

81.jpg82.jpg Ella is reunited with Sakura.  The girls were so happy to be with each other.

Amazing trip to the east coast

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

We just came home from three beautiful weeks in NJ visiting grandma, papa, AJ, Milo and many wonderful friends and family.  We love you guys and miss you a lot.  I have a lot of pictures to post here we go!

1.jpg This was the first time that we traveled with Panda and he was an amazing traveler!  Can’t wait for more trips with Panda.

2.jpg3.jpg Fun at the Liberty Science Center.

4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpgGrandma took Ella and I to see Matilda.  We all loved it.

8.jpg Having fun at a little kid’s park.

9.jpg10.jpg We had a sweet afternoon with Jordin, AJ, Milo and Twyla.  Twyla really cracked Ella up.

11.jpg12.jpg Beautiful cousins in Madison Square Park.

13.jpg Before Haircut…

15.jpg After haircut.

16.jpg Normyn and Panda were so sweet together.

17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg21.jpg22.jpg23.jpg The kids had a great time at Overpeck Park.

24.jpg25.jpg Shucking corn with grandma.

26.jpg One of many amazing jumps at the Leonia Pool.

27.jpg On top of the world!

28.jpg30.jpg29.jpg31.jpg32.jpgFun and love at papa’s club.

33.jpg Ella reading papa a Jack and Annie book.

34.jpg Panda loves a good bedtime story!

That’s it for tonight – I will try to finish this tomorrow night.