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What a beautiful Thanksgiving

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Today was a wonderful day in so many ways – we had beautiful company, beautiful weather, great food, a fun movie, and a game of monopoly jr!  We started out our day with a bike ride for mommy and Ella and a walk for grandma, papa, panda and me.  Ella was flying on her new bike.  After a lot of fresh air, we headed to Pier 39 for our traditional Thanksgiving lunch at the Crab House.  After the Crab House, Ella went bungee jumping.  Ella flipped backwards by herself for the first time!  She was amazing.  She must have flipped like 15 times.  After all the activity, we went downtown to the Metreon and saw Wreckit Ralph.  Ella cracked up in some parts.  It was pretty good.  Our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of spanakopita, grilled cheese sandwiches, bok choy and two amazing Asian Pears.  We had a heated game of Monopoly Jr. and then we called it a night.  Once again, it’s so wonderful having you here grandma and papa.

113.jpg Mommy and Ella driving down to the library.

28.jpgPapa with his fur grandson.

36.jpg Grandma was jogging along for a while.  Great stamina!

45.jpg54.jpg So beautiful watching you guys ride together.  Can’t wait to get my Chanukah present (hint, hint).

64.jpgBeautiful family shot.

74.jpg84.jpg93.jpg Family shots at the Crab House.  AJ taught me that pose.  Maybe I overdid it a little.

102.jpgWaiting on line to jump!

123.jpg133.jpg142.jpg Check out Ella the flipping fiend!

152.jpg Some more love for grandma and papa.

161.jpg It’s Monopoly Jr. time.  I was the banker.  Grandma’s glasses are at it again.

171.jpg Grandma and her fur grandson.

Catching up…

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

The birthday celebrations continue!  I think today was the last day of celebration and presents.  On Saturday night, we went to the Rainforest Cafe (bad food but fun for Ella and her friend Hannah) with Hannah and her mom Meghan.  It was a fun night and Ella and Hannah had so much fun.  On Sunday we took Ella, Marlowe and Emmi to the Academy.  Once again – they all had a great time with a little 6/7 year old drama at the end of the night.  On Monday, grandma and papa arrived.  We are all so happy that they are here.  Grandma, papa and mommy went to Ella’s school for grandparent’s day on Tuesday (I had to work).  Ella read stories and made bookmarks for grandma and papa.  On Tuesday night, Sunny and I had a date night and went to the MLB screening of the Giant’s World Series movie.  It was a fantastic movie and it was really exciting to be at the event.  Grandma, papa and Ella also had a date night at Momo’s.  I’m sure they had as much fun as we did!  Today, grandma and papa took Ella to the bicycle store to get her birthday present…a new bicycle with 20″ wheels.  Can’t wait to see Ella soar on her bike.  We had a great dinner at home tonight and then we played Pictionary Junior.  We had some great laughs.  It’s great to be on a mini-vacation from work and to have grandma and papa here!

110.jpg Mommy and Ella at the Rainforest Cafe.

27.jpg Hannah and Ella and Ella’s volcano birthday cake.

35.jpgIt’s snowing at the Academy.

44.jpg Ella, Marlowe and Emmi having a great time.

53.jpg5a.jpg Ella and papa worked really hard on Ella’s new Star Wars Lego project.

63.jpgGrandma gave great moral support.

73.jpg Grandma, papa and Ella were quite a great pictionary team.

83.jpg Papa drawing a tennis court.

92.jpg Ella drawing her version of a turtle dove.

101.jpg Panda really wanted to play.

112.jpg122.jpg132.jpg I was not so great at pictionary tonight.

151.jpg We only had a few turns becuase Ella and her grandparents were such a great team.

141.jpg I couldn’t resist…grandma had a little issue with her reading glasses but she hung in there!

Disney day two and a very special gift for Ella from her best buddies

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

So as you can see – so much fun was had on the first day.  Here are the shots from day two and a few shots from today.  Stella and Juliet (and the rest of the Arena/Kim clan) gave Ella her birthday gift tonight…something Ella was dreaming about having that we were not willing to get her.  Ella now has her own American Girl Doll.  Ella named her Sophia.  She is so happy and they are now sleeping soundly in Ella’s bed.  They are both in their pajamas.

131.jpg Ella and Heather on Day 2.  Look out Disneyland…here we come!14.jpg Showing some beautiful love on Main Street.

15.jpg Ella and Heather waving at the characters driving by.

16.jpg Ella getting a birthday wish from grandma.

17.jpg Our beautiful 7 year old.

18.jpg Waiting on line at Star Tours.

19.jpg Here we are before going into the Buzz Lightyear ride.

20.jpg I don’t know exactly what was going on but it looks like fun.  We were waiting to go onto the little roller coaster.

211.jpg Jesse, Ella and Heather on the Roger Rabbit Ride.

221.jpg Jesse and Ella on the Mader ride.

231.jpg Ella and her chihuahua cousins.

24.jpg25.jpgI took these two shots of Ella today before Musical Theatre class.  We climbed up a tall hill and we were on top of the world.

261.jpgElla’s dreams have come true.  Here she is with her “sisters” and their American Girl dolls.

Ella’s birthday weekend at Disneyland!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

We just came back from a wonderful weekend with Jesse and Heather in LA/Disneyland.  We celebrated Ella’s  7th birthday at Disney.  This is becoming such an incredible tradition.  We all had a terrific time.  We went to the new Cars section of the California Adventure Park.  One of the rides, Radiator Springs Racers was the greatest ride.  The first day there, we waited on line for 3 hours for the ride and then were turned away when the ride broke down.  Ella was such a champion – she hung in there.  We left that part of the park and went on a bunch of different rides – The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Soarin’, and then Ella went on her first little roller coaster type thing.  It was Goofy’s Flying School.  She got a little nervous on some parts, but she loved it.  We also went on the Bug’s Life rides, Monsters Inc (3 times) and then we went on Luigi’s Tires and Mader’s Ride in Cars land.  At the end of the night we decided to go on the single rider line for Radiator Springs Racers.  The line is much shorter but they separate you into cars that need the extra people.  Luckily, Sunny and Ella ended up on the same car, but Ella said that she was willing to go alone if she had to – not her first choice though!  We all LOVED the ride.  The next day, we woke up and drove to Disney for Ella’s birthday.  This time, we started in Disneyland.  First we ate an amazing lunch in “New Orleans”.  After lunch, we went on Pirates of the Caribbean.  Ella liked it but it sort of creeped her out.  After pirates, we went to the Star Wars Star Tours ride – it was amazing.  We all loved it.  After that we went on Buzz Lightyear, and then went over to Toon Land so that Ella could ride on a roller coaster.  We all ended up going on it and although it was a “kiddie ride” it was thrilling.  After the roller coaster, we went on Roger Rabbit and then we went on the Haunted Mansion ride.  We took the train back to the main gate and then headed back into the California Adventure Park.  We went to Radiator Springs Racers again – single rider line and Sunny and Ella once again lucked out.  Then we did Mader’s ride again, Soarin’, Monsters’s Inc and we finished our night at the Little Mermaid.  Today we spent them morning hanging out with Jesse and the dogs.  What a perfect weekend.

13.jpgBeautiful Ella at the airport ready to rock and roll.

23.jpg Waiting on line for the Radiator Springs Racers.

34.jpg Making a birthday wish.

43.jpg Now that face is saying, “I don’t want to be on this line anymore!”

52.jpg On the Little Mermaid with Jesse and Heather.

62.jpg Waiting on another line for Goofy’s flight School

72.jpg It was starting to get cold!

82.jpg We were a little chilly but really excited to go on  the Toy Story ride.

91.jpgBest shot of the weekend.

10.jpg Jesse and Heather on Toy Story.

111.jpg121.jpg Having a lot of fun on Luigi’s tire Ride.

Stay tuned for day 2…I am super tired.

Obama is re-elected! Let’s move forward.

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Here are a few shots of Ella during the past few days.  Ella got a pogo stick from us for her birthday and she is starting to learn how to operate it.  She is having a lot of fun with it.


Here are the girls meditating before watching Madagascar on Friday night.  Beautiful.

22.jpg33.jpg42.jpg Let the pogo sticking begin!

Last Black Widows game of 2012

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Today Ella’s six game season was over.  It’s pretty incredible how much this team has grown.  Ella actually likes it!  Maybe she will play next year after all.  Ella played goalie today for the entire game.  She did a great job – only let 3 goals get by her.  We’re going to work with her on getting in there and grabbing the ball.  She’s a very sweet goalie.  Time for her to learn to be more aggressive.  Tonight, we had dinner with a friend of ours who is in town from Maryland.  We had a great dinner at Koh Samui and the monkey.

11.jpg21.jpg32.jpg41.jpg51.jpg Ella was doing a great job following the game today.

61.jpg Presenting the 2012 Black Widows.

71.jpgElla getting her medal.

81.jpg After dinner with Cheryl.

9.jpg Ella and Willie.

The Giants Parade and Halloween

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Today was a super busy day for mommy and Ella. It was a regular busy boring work and school kind of day for me.  Mommy was in the World Series Parade with the Giants Community Fund and Ella was busy at school getting ready for Halloween.  Ella and her friends Marlowe and Sakura were planning on being the Powerpuff Girls.  They were going to go trick or treating together and have been very excited about this since the beginning of the school year.  Sadly, Sakura was sick and wasn’t able to go to school or go trick or treating.  Ella (Buttercup) and Marlowe (Bubbles) went trick or treating together and although they missed Sakura (Blossom), they had a blast.  Here are some shots from yesterday.

1.jpg Here are Ella, Marlowe and their other buddy Gabriella.

3.jpgElla and her friend Macy at the CDS Halloween Parade.

2.jpg4.jpg Buttercup and Bubbles!

5.jpg Papa – Sunny took this picture for you – it’s Roberto Kelly!

6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg Here are some more great shots from the parade.