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An easy fast for those who fast – looking forward to another amazing year

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Tonight is erev Yom Kippur.  Sunny and I went to temple while Ella hung out at the Kim/Arena’s.  We feel so lucky for our beautiful friends/neighbors/family!  You guys are the best.  The news this week is that Ella had her first sparring TaeKwonDo class on Saturday.  I got it on film and it’s pretty funny.  Ella and her sparring partner were not interested in hurting each other.  At the end, they were doing a very funny kick dance.  Watch until the end!

17.jpgElla and Emmi at assembly last week.  We were sneaking them donuts.

26.jpg Ella with her hair down after school.  this is a rare occasion these days.  Lice is living well at Ella’s school.  So far, we have escaped the little critters.

36.jpg44.jpg Some cool sparring shots.

53.jpg63.jpg Ella and Marlowe at Gilroy Gardens.  We had a fun Sunday.

Back to school night

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

We went to Ella’s back to school night tonight.  I think she’s going to have a terrific year and that by the end of the year, she will be an incredible reader and writer (among other things).  While we were in the classroom, I took a few pics of some of Ella’s artwork.

16.jpg This is Ella’s dream classroom.  It’s a pool with a diving board and slide and of course 2 disco balls.

25.jpg Ella’s self portrait.  She realized that  her brads were pretty short!

35.jpg Ella’s hope is to get better at science.

43.jpg The real true beauty.

Friday night movie night, Soccer, taekwondo and Rosh Hashana

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Our weeks are full of work and school and our weekends are full of activities and love.  We had Stella, Juliet and KJ over for our traditional Friday night movie night.  The kids watched Aladin.  Ella will be performing Aladin during her musical theatre class.  She really loves it.  On saturday, it was Ella’s first soccer practice.  The girls seemed to have a great time. TOnight was erev Rosh Hasanah.  Becca, Ru, Jaeden and the doggies came over for an amazing brisket dinner cooked by mommy the pro!  Great meal babe!  It was a really sweet night.  Time to go to sleep.

1a.jpg Friday night movie night.


52.jpg62.jpg72.jpg82.jpg92.jpg Fun fun fun at soccer practice.  Ella did seem like she was having a great time.

101.jpgSerious Ella lights the candles.

111.jpgWishing everyone a sweet, happy, healthy New Year.

After school activities

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Ella went back to ballet class this week.  She threw herself into it and really loves it.  On Tuesdays, Ella is taking a musical theatre class.  She had it tonight and said that she really loves the class.  Parents are not allowed into the theatre, so you’ll have to wait for the video in December after the class does their final performance.  Not sure if any of you remember, but Ella was a pretty hysterical hula hooper up until pretty recently.  The video here is of Ella hula hooping on Friday before the school assembly.  Now she is one amazing hula hooper!

13.jpg22.jpg32.jpg Our beautiful ballerina back in action.

The weekend

Monday, September 10th, 2012

We started off the weekend having a delicious dinner at Koh Samui and the Monkey without Ella because Ella was having a movie night and sleep over with Juliet and KJ!  Everyone had a great night!  The Giants even beat the Dodgers.  On Saturday morning, We went to the CDS Welcome Picnic where I sold sweatshirts, Sunny talked to a number of parents, and Ella played!  On Saturday afternoon, Ella went back to TaeKwonDo.  She loved it agin and is going to stick with it during the school year.  We had dinner with my aunt and uncle on Saturday night at Eliza’s our favorite Chinese food restaurant in SF.  It was delicious.  This morning, Mommy went to spin class while Ella and I met up with Hanna and Megan for breakfast at the Crossroads cafe.  After breakfast Ella took a great bike ride – she is a changed rider for the best and then we went to the ballpark for Strike Out Violence Day.  It was a great day – great ceremony.

11.jpgElla and mommy heading to CDS for the Welcome Picnic.

21.jpg31.jpg41.jpg Ella getting ready for Taekwondo.

51.jpg Me and my fur son Panda.

61.jpg Mommy, Ella and panda chillin’.

71.jpg Mommy, Ella, Mommy’s new boss Wendy and our friend Julia.

81.jpg Ella getting to meet Jeremy Affelt.

91.jpg A moment of silence.



So busy these days!

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

I know it’s not an excuse, but life is busy!  Ella spent last week at Wheel Kids camp.  She became an incredibly confident bike rider.  On the second day, they rode all the way from the Marina to AT&T park and then went to the Ferry Building.  Another day, they took their bikes on the ferry and went to Alameda, rode around and went to the USS Hornet.  Ella loved that trip.  Another day they went back to the Ferry Building and then the last day, they rode around the Presidio.  Over the long weekend, we went to the Russian River. We had a lot of fun but unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures.  We put panda in the river and he started moving his legs and swimming before he touched the water.  Very cute.  Today was Ella’s first day of 1st grade.  She took it all in stride and loved her first day.  She was so happy to see her buddies and said that she liked her teachers.  After school, Ella started Musical Theatre classes.  She said that she loved that too!  Ella is a true lover of life.  What a pleasure.

1.jpgElla and Panda are best buddies.

2.jpgElla helping the counselors bring out the bikes at Wheel Kids.

3.jpg4.jpgOur little biker.

5.jpg Ella indulging me and letting me take a pic on the way to school.

6.jpgComparing teeth lost over the summer.

7.jpg So happy to see Emmi on the yard.

8.jpg Lining up!

9.jpg Have a great day beautiful.