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The second big tooth is out!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Ella had a routine dentist appointment today.  Her wiggly tooth had not come out yet.  The dentist asked Ella if it was OK with her if she took the tooth out and Ella agreed.  Here is what Ella looks like now.

110.jpg Her adult tooth has grown so much that you can’t really tell that her wiggly baby tooth is no longer there.  Ella says that she likes it much better with the hanging tooth gone.

I wanted to put this movie in of Ella’s first day diving.  I have a lot of movie making to do but we are going away tomorrow and I’m not going to have time.

What an incredible 20 days!

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

I can’t believe our summer trip to the east coast is over. We had an amazing time. We are so thrilled that we were able to spend so much time with grandma, papa, AJ and Milo. It was also fantastic catching up with all of our friends and family. If we did not see you this time, we’ll see you next time. I have so many pictures to post so I am just going to start posting away.

12.jpg22.jpgOne of our first nights here and Ella is doing a favorite activity…catching fireflies!

31.jpg We had a sleep over at AJ and Milo’s house.  Here is Ella reading a good night story to Milo.61.jpgWe were so happy that we were able to spend Twyla’s 2nd birthday with her.

42.jpg52.jpgHere are some great group shots.  Ella was rocking out on the drums.

81.jpg That’s right…Twyla turned 2!

71.jpg10.jpg111.jpg121.jpg Milo and Ella had a lot of fun at the party.

91.jpg Beautiful shot of KK and Twyla.

13.jpg Sisters and cousins in red, white and blue.

14.jpgElla spent a good part of this trip in the pool.  She’s a little fish.

15.jpg A beautiful shot of papa, Ella, Milo and grandma at Dante’s.

16.jpg Ella and grandma playing the ladybug game.  Grandma one twice and Ella won once.

17.jpg 18.jpg We went to Gar’s 90th birthday party.  Ella and Milo really loved the cookies.  AJ sang and song for Gar and it was beautiful.

19.jpg Here is Ella, AJ and Milo heading to Central Park to Victoria Gardens.  It was a super hot day but the kids had a blast.

20.jpg211.jpg221.jpg23.jpg24.jpg What a fun day at Victoria Gardens!

25.jpg After dinner one night, there was some excitement on the street.

26.jpg Ella and papa taking a lovely stroll in the Village.

27.jpg What a beautiful picture of grandma, Ella and papa.  We were having dinner at Kiku.

28.jpg Our chef was really funny and we all got a kick out of him.

29.jpg On the morning of Milo’s birthday, Ella was sitting in mommy’s lap at the kitchen table and all of a sudden…one of her front teeth came out!  It wasn’t the one that has been wiggly for the past month, it was the other one.

29a.jpg On our way to the Empire State Building for Milo’s birthday.  The next several pictures are either at the Empire State Building or on the Double Decker bus that we all took downtown after our visit to the Empire State Building.  We all had a fantastic time and we were so happy that Mommy was able to come in for a long weekend and be with us.

30.jpg311.jpg32.jpg 33.jpg34.jpg35.jpg36.jpg37.jpg38.jpg39.jpg40.jpg421.jpg43.jpg44.jpg45.jpg46.jpg47.jpgMilo planned one amazing day for all of us!

48.jpg Milo’s cousin Vaughn and his new love affair with salami.  (Vaughn’s mom is a vegetarian).

49.jpg Happy Birthday beautiful Milo.

521.jpg53.jpg55.jpg Float night at the Leonia Swim Club.

56.jpg57.jpg Ella and Milo in front of St. John the Divine.  We were on our way to meet Sarah, Pato, Jennie, David and Tess in the park.  The park was a lot of fun and had 2 peacocks roaming around.  Ella loved it and took some great shots.

58.jpg59.jpg Ella was so happy about the peacocks.

60.jpg611.jpg62.jpg Ella took these 3 pictures!  She’s getting to be quite a little photographer.

63.jpg64.jpg Ella in the park with Tess…(notice Milo in the background kicking around the soccer ball).

65.jpg Here we are at the Liberty Science Center.  Milo tried out his first 3-D movie and made it through about 2 minutes.  Baby steps… the next several pictures are of our fun time at the Liberty Science Center.  I am on a blog deadline – have to wake up at 5:00 am and it’s now 11:00!

66.jpg67.jpg68.jpg69.jpg70.jpg711.jpg72.jpg73.jpg74.jpg75.jpg The outdoor section was a huge hit.  I have lots of video of Ella jumping that I will put in a little video when I get back to SF.

76.jpg Ella looking a little sneaky here.

77.jpg76a.jpg I love these 2 shots of Ella waiting on line for the diving board.  She was hanging with the big boys.

78.jpg Ella doing one of her amazing dives.  Again, there will be a lot of video with Ella diving.

80.jpg AJ and Milo the sweet pirate.

811.jpg82.jpg83.jpg Hip hop cousins.

84.jpg Ella and Papa at the River Palm.

85.jpg86.jpg87.jpg We are watching the greatest love affair happen.  Grandma, Papa, Ella and Milo.  The love is so beautiful and it makes me so happy to watch everyone grow up together.  We had such a fantastic time and we love you very much.

Rock Band Land, The Giants Game, Ice Skating.

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

This has been a very full 36 hours!  I am pretty tired so I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures.  We leave in the morning to head back east and we are very excited to see our beautiful family.  Mommy – we will miss you so much and we love you so much, but we’re so happy you are going to come to us in about 10 days.  First, the pictures from Rock Land Band Camp…

1a.jpg This is just a shot of Ella practicing her dribble.  She’s really been in to basketball lately.

2a.jpg This poster is something that Ella made to announce her concert.  She taped it onto our front door.

3a.jpg Ella shooting hoops in her sparkly dress.

4a.jpg5a.jpg6a.jpg7a.jpg8a.jpg9a.jpg10a.jpg We all had a rocking’ great time at the show.  The kids were so great and so happy.

11a.jpg Papa and Ella back in the building.

12a.jpg Papa has some bonding time with his fur grandson Panda.  Panda really loves papa.

3.jpg11.jpg21.jpg4.jpg We had a blast at the game, but the Giants didn’t have so much fun.  We’re still in first place.

5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg Ella had a blast at Marlowe’s skating party.  She flew on the ice.  Ella has a lot of confidence when she skates.  Too bad it’s such and expensive hobby.

Here’s a video of Ella skating…