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Ballet, life with Panda and a little baseball

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Before I forget, Happy Birthday Nikki B!  We love you.  We’re so happy you’re so happy.  Today, Sunny brought Panda to pick up Ella at school.  Ella was in heaven and all of her friends got to meet him.  Panda was super sweet with the kids.  Sunny took some great pictures.  We are going to have a busy weekend of sports…Ella has a game tomorrow morning, we are going to see the Giants on Saturday night and then I have a softball game on Sunday.  Test studying is going well…I really hope I pass the first time around!

115.jpg214.jpg Sweet Ella at ballet this past week.

313.jpg Ella and Panda this morning before school.

44.jpg This morning there was a sustainability fair at Ella’s school.  Her class and the other kindergarten class were on a mission to save the parks.  They had us write postcards to Governor Brown saying, “Please save the parks.  Keep them clean and green”.  Ella was super proud of the work they did.  We were proud too.

54.jpg64.jpg Ella and her friend Macy hard at work.

72.jpg Ella getting mommy a pen.

8a.jpg8b.jpg8c.jpg8d.jpg Panda picking up Ella from school.  All of her friends rushed to say hi to him.  He was terrific.  Stayed right on Ella’s lap!

93.jpg Warming up before baseball.

Ella and Panda

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Ella and Panda are quite the pair.  Ella is being so responsible with him.  Every day when we get home from school/work, she takes him for a walk.  Of course either Sunny or I am with them, but Ella is the one who does the walking with Panda.  Every morning, Sunny takes Panda for a walk, they come back at around 6:30 and he races up the stairs and jumps into Ella’s bed.  It’s so much easier for me having Panda wake up Ella.  He puts her in the best mood!  She does need to catch up on her sleep though.  Life continues to be busy and crazy.  I think both Sunny and I will feel less stress by the end of May.  Not too much longer to go.  Here are 2 pictures of Ella and Panda from today’s walk.

114.jpg They bumped into the Quacker boat mascot.  Panda was not freaked out at all!

213.jpg 2 beauties strolling down King Street.

Baseball and Panda

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Today was Ella’s first baseball game.  If you call it T-ball, Ella will correct you because nobody on the team hits off a T.  The whole team is hitting off the coach and today, the coach was me.  Ella did a great job!  She got hits, played first base and also was the catcher during one inning.  She is totally into it and we love it.  We decided to keep Gabe who Ella has re-named Panda.  He is such a sweet little guy and Ella is totally in love with him.  He has a great personality and is really mellow.  On Friday night, we had all the kids over for movie night and Panda was wonderful.

112.jpg A little tree pose before the game.

212.jpg 312.jpg43.jpg53.jpg63.jpg82.jpg

92.jpg122.jpg Sweet Mr. Panda.

101.jpg113.jpg Ella is totally into walking and taking care of Panda.

Too much to do, too little time, I’ll do the best I can!

Friday, April 20th, 2012

The next two weeks are going to be a little stressful for me.  I have a big test to get my Music Teacher credential on May 5.  After that, I’ll be good.  I will do my best to pass the test.  Ella has been in camp at CDS all week – her school is on Spring Break.  So far, they went on a mural tour, went to AT&T Park and got a tour of the ballpark. went to the Bi-Rite store (the creamery was closed when she was there so she didn’t get any ice cream), and today they went to the SPCA and met a lot of animals.  Speaking of animals, we may be adopting a new dog.  He is a 5 year old chihuahua named Gabe.  He was found wandering the streets.  He is sweet and gentle and kind and needs love.  He jumped into Ella’s lap the first time he saw her.  We’re going to to take him for the weekend and see how it goes.  Ella totally loves him.  Tomorrow Ella goes to a tea house to have some tea and stuff.  Here are some pictures from this week and last weekend.  We went to opening night at the ballpark – the Giants won and we saw some great fireworks afterwards.  Ella’s bike riding is amazing and all she wants to do is go ice skating!  Oy vey.

110.jpg Ella going up the VIrgin AMerica tunnel at the ballpark.

210.jpg Beautiful Ella at the game with cool light up gloves.

310.jpg3a.jpg This was after ballet on Tuesday.  Hannah’s mom Meghan and I could not stop laughing and didn’t have the heart to tell Hannah about her little situation.  I don’t even think Ella noticed!

42.jpg Ella made this cool hula hoop house today before camp started.

52.jpgBeautiful Ella after camp.

62.jpg Ella and Gabe.  Let’s see how this weekend goes…

Catching up…

Friday, April 13th, 2012

We went to NJ for Passover and had a wonderful 4 days with family and friends.    It was a really sweet visit.  We loved being with the family.  Ella and Milo continued their love fest from the week before.  I have a lot of pictures to post.  Thank you for a great Passover grandma and papa.  We love you guys.

14.jpg 21.jpg31.jpgThe “kid’s table” on the first night of Passover.

41.jpg51.jpg Ella was thoroughly entertained by Milo and his Cat In the Hat antics.

61.jpg Ella studying the haggadah.  Every year she gets  more and more into it.

71.jpg81.jpg Bronwen found the afikomen this year.  Here are the beautiful cousins after the afikomen was found.

91.jpgSweet conversation after dinner with Wendy, Vicky, mommy and David.

10a.jpg10b.jpg 10c.jpgOn Saturday morning, we had a great visit from Jordin, Twyla and KK.  Loved listening to these 3 beauties on the piano.

111.jpg Everyone on their way up to Fireman’s park.  Ella was way ahead of the gang.  I remember the days when it took Ella 20 minutes to walk 2 blocks!

121.jpg131.jpg 141.jpgThe kids had a blast at the park.

15.jpg Walking back to the house.  Look how tall Ella is getting!

16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg25.jpg Second night of the seder.  Lots of love at the seder table.

211.jpg Ella and Sam looking for the afikomen…22.jpgElla found it!

23.jpg Nikki B had a lot of fun doing some are with Ella and Jack.

24.jpg Ellal drawing a picture for Jack.

26.jpgGrandma and papa love at the end of the night.

27.jpg Ella reading a good night book to Milo.

28.jpg Trip into NY to go to the Museum of Natural History.

29.jpgElla and grandma ready for an adventure.

30.jpg Ella groovin on the dinosaur bones.

311.jpg Mommy, Ella and grandma having fun with the dinosaur exhibit.

32.jpg33.jpg A huge mind blowing whale and an even bigger sequoia trunk!

34.jpg35.jpg36.jpg Fun times coming home from Gobo.

37.jpg We bumped into my old friend Gred and his family at Wood Park.  His son Loden looks exactly like Greg did when he was a sweet young boy.

38.jpgGrandma and Milo strolling through the park.

39.jpgJust one more goodnight story!

Weekend with Trilby

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

AJ and Milo left Saturday morning.  We will see them at the end of the week in NY so we won’t have too much time to miss them!  Ella has taken Trilby all over the place this weekend.  These were all planned happenings before we knew that Trilby would be with us but it was fun to bring him along…

1.jpg When the sun came out on Saturday afternoon, Ella took Trilby for a spin around the ballpark.

2.jpg We stopped for a moment to have a seat on Lou Seal.

3.jpg Nothing like a sweet pose with Willie Mays.

4.jpg5.jpg O fcourse, we took Trilby to Taekwondo.  Notice the happy picture and then the serious picture.  Even Trilby looks serious in the second one!

6.jpg My favorite blue wall.

7.jpg8.jpg On Saturday night, mommy and I took Ella to the sing-along Wizard of Oz.  We met up with our friends from Ella’s school, Gracie and Tess.  Ella adores these girls.  Ella sat on Sunny’s lap during the movie and Sunny said that she could feel Ella’s heart pumping so hard during some parts.  Good thing she was on her mommy’s lap.

9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg On Sunday afternoon, Ella went to her friend Hannah’s bowling birthday party.  Ella had a great time.

12.jpg Tonight, we were heading over to a club to watch Ella’s favorite 7th grade band perform and we bumped into Emmi and her family so we went and grabbed some dinner before the show.

13.jpg After the show, Ella, Trilby and Emmi took a picture with Vons de Qua – the 7th grade girl band.  Ella loved this so much!