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Another full and wonderful day…(actually two wonderful days!)

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Today, Ella went to school and Jamie, Milo and I went on an adventure to the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  Milo had so much fun there.  His favorite activity was climbing on and “driving” a ship.  Milo was having so much fun because every time he wanted to drive, the wheel was available.  Then came a sticky situation…a little girl was steering the wheel and Milo was not having it.  He pushed her out of the way and  grabbed the wheel.  She sat up and went back the wheel like nobody’s business.  This went on for about 10 seconds too long and.  They were screaming and crying and needed parental intervention.  AJ got Milo right out of the situation.  He was very  upset and took a while to calm down.  He finally did and let us know that he felt better.  He said that he was sad and that he wanted to be the captain.  We tried it again after lunch and he was very successful.  After the Bay Area Discovery Museum, we picked up Ella from school.  Then off we went to Pier 39 to the aquarium and then both kids went bungee jumping!  Ella went super high and Milo was so brave for his first time.  For the most part, he had a huge smile then every once in a while, he got this look like…”what the hell am I doing” and then it went back to joy.  After our Pier 39 adventure, we came home and Helen and the kids came over for a pizza party.  Milo had a lot of fun with all the kids.  On Friday (today, I was too tired to do the blog last night), Milo and AJ joined me and mommy at Ella’s school for the assembly.  It was so great to have them at Ella’s school.  AJ and Milo got to meet a lot of our friends.  After assembly, mommy went to work and AJ, Milo and I went to a park near Ella’s school and met KJ, Helen and Isaac.  Milo and KJ played really well together and they had a lot of fun.  We went home for a few minutes and then we took Milo for a little ride downtown on Muni.  Milo was saying that he wanted to go on a train – on Muni during this week and today was a great day for it.  We took the train, had some lunch, did a little shopping and then turned around and went home to get the car so we could pick up Ella from school.  We picked up Ella and then headed over to Ella’s baseball practice.  Milo and Ella played in the park for a little while and then Ella went over to practice.  Ella was amazing in baseball.  She got 3 hits, played first base, threw the ball where it needed to go and was just fantastic.  After baseball we had dinner and then we ended the evening over at the Kim/Arena household.  The kids watched Winnie the Pooh.  Milo laughed out loud.  It has been so wonderful having AJ and Milo here.  We are going to miss them so much!  We love you guys.

19.jpg28.jpg A very happy Milo at the wheel of the ship.

38.jpg Getting a quick hug from mommy before going back to the wheel.

48.jpgElla took this shot of Milo on the way to Pier 39.

58.jpg Ella leading the way over the troll bridge.

67.jpg Beauties.

7a.jpg Ella was under the bubble and this amazing octopus swam by.  She wasn’t freaked out at all.

77.jpg Ella and Milo in the tunnel.  I love these two together.

84.jpg Waiting patiently (and beautifully) for a ray to swim by.

93.jpg102.jpg Ella really caught some air!

113.jpg122.jpg Sweet Milo and the bungee.

132.jpg141.jpg151.jpg Love, love, love.

161.jpg AJ meeting Isaac for the first time.

171.jpg181.jpg191.jpg Milo hanging with the 4th Floor gang.

20.jpg231.jpg Milo and KJ had a blast.

211.jpg Milo and I somehow got ourselves stuck in this net.

221.jpg Milo really liked this thing that spun around.

25a.jpg AJ and Milo riding the Muni.

25b.jpgThis weekend, it was Ella’s turn to take hom Trilby, the class stuffed animal.  We’re so happy that Milo was here to take a picture with Trilby.

242.jpg Ella on the monkey bars with Trilby.

251.jpg Milo rockin’ the monkey bars.

261.jpg271.jpg Ella our baseball superstar.

281.jpg Ella and one of her buddies Torin with Trilby.

29.jpg Fourth floor family shot with Trilby.

30.jpg Watching Winnie the Pooh.

Milo’s first day in SF

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Milo woke up at 4:45 this morning.  When Jamie told him that he needed to go back to sleep he excitedly said, “I’m in California!”  He was so excited and had trouble going back to sleep. Ella is a pretty deep sleeper and slept until mommy woke her up for school at 7:00.  Ella went to school today, mommy went to work, and AJ, Milo and I had lunch at Crossroads and then went to the Randall Museum.  Milo had a lot of fun running and jumping around outside and then checking out the place inside.  At around 5:00, we met mommy and Ella at the pool.  The shallow part of the pool is 2 1/2 feet deep so Milo was able to walk around on his own.  He had the biggest smile on his face.  Ella joined us for some play time in the pool after her swimming lesson.  They had a blast.  I have a few great pictures on my underwater camera (took them before the lifeguard scolded me) but I have to figure out a way to get them off the camera.  I didn’t have a disc in and can’t find the plug anywhere.  After swimming, we had a delicious dinner at Koh Samui and the Monkey.  Ella read Milo a bedtime story again tonight.  They are truly beautiful together.

18.jpg Milo loved this tree and the stones around it.

27.jpg Beautiful smiles.

37.jpg Laying down on the whale bench.

47.jpg Milo is really into jumping.

57.jpg Leaving the gym after swimming.

66.jpg Sharing sticky rice, mango ice cream and mangos.

76.jpg Sharing love!

Milo and AJ have arrived!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

AJ and Milo arrived safely in SF this afternoon.  I picked them up from the airport and then took them straight to Ella’s school to pick her up.  Milo has changed so much since Anguilla.  He is speaking so beautifully and clearly.  It was so amazing to see Jamie and Milo.  Ella saw them and ran out of her afternoon class.  It was impossible to get her to stop smiling.  Ella and Milo had a great afternoon together.  They played, Ella read Milo some books and then we had a great dinner.  Tonight, Ella brushed Milo’s hair after the bath, brushed his teeth and read him part of his story.  She gave up her bed for Milo and she is sleeping next to him on an air mattress.  We’re all going to have a great few days together.

17.jpg AJ and Milo picking up Ella from school.

26.jpg Happiness.

36.jpg Dinner time.

56.jpg As Ella was  brushing Milo’s hair, she said, “this is so addictive”.  I asked her if she knew what addictive meant and she said, “yeah – like something you’re hooked on”.

65.jpg75.jpg Milo requested that Ella brush his teeth.

46.jpg Finally, a bedtime story.

Ballet, T-ball and a new belt

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

en super busy.  T-ball has started up again.  This year, Ella is doing coach pitch.  Sunny and I are coaches again.  So far we have had one practice and unfortunately, our game was cancelled because of the rain.  Stella and Juliet slept over last night and the girls had so much fun – especially in the morning when they were so happy to wake up with each other.  This afternoon, Ella moved up in Taekwondo and got her yellow belt with a black stripe.  Tonight, Sunny and I went out to a school fundraiser and Ella had a beautiful night over at Becca’s with Tucker, Digby, and of course Becca!  They watched a Dolphin’s Tale.  I am very tired right now but want to get these pics out.  16.jpg Ella’s amazing Gran Jete.

25.jpg Art Shot.

35.jpg Beautiful Ballerina.

45.jpg Running laps at t-ball practice.

55.jpg Ella got in trouble for talking in Taekwondo.  She had to drop and do 10 pushups.

64.jpg74.jpg83.jpg The new belt!


Class pictures.

112.jpg My beauties.

121.jpg131.jpgElla with Tucker and Digby.

Ella came to work with me today

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I am super tired but wanted to post this.  Ella came to work with me today.  She had a blast.  She especially loved the 6th grade class.  She played drums with them, sang a few songs and interacted with them on such a mature level.  The kids love Ella.  After work, we met Ella’s friend Marlowe and her mom at Lucy Strike for some afternoon bowling.  After bowling, we met mommy ar the burger joint for dinner.  it was a really full day.

15.jpg Ella and some of my 6th graders.

24.jpg Here they are singing “Beautiful”

34.jpg44.jpg Ella and the 6th s Grade group.  They were terrific.

54.jpg At Lucky Strike with Marlowe.

63.jpg73.jpg Ella is quite the little bowler!

82.jpgThe Burger JOint with Marlowe.

Crazy weekend

Monday, March 19th, 2012

 We started our weekend about to get a puppy and ended the weekend getting a small orange Prius.   It was time to give up the city car and we needed a second one.  It’s pretty cool!  This weekend, Ella Stella, Juliet and KJ friday night movie night and then the girls slept over.  It gets easier for them every week.  On Saturday, Ella had taekwondo, and then a birthday party and then she went and slept at Stella and Juliet’s.  Rumor has it, they had a blast.  Sunny and I spent some lovely time together and had dinner at Lucky Strike.  We didn’t bowl. but we had a lot of fun!  Today, Ella spent a big part of the day with helen and Ron (thanks you so much) while Sunny and I bought a second car.  Time to say goodbye to the city car.  After the car, Ella a had a playmate with her buddy Hannah from ballet.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Moki’s with Kate.  The end.

14.jpg23.jpg Ella an Friday in the rain.  She loved her puddles.  Check out how deep the water was?!

33.jpg A very serious part of the sleep over.

43.jpg53.jpg53.jpg62.jpgSO much fun at Taekwondo.

72.jpg81.jpg91.jpg10.jpgFun fun fun at Pump it up!

111.jpg We bought a new car today…an orange Prius.  It will be great second car.


Another milestone…food poisoning!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

We spent the weekend in Scottsdale watching our Giants during spring training.  It was a great weekend.  Mommy did her work with the Giants Community Fund selling mystery baseballs and Ella and I hung out in the mornings swimming and then met mommy over at the game.  The Giants won both games we were at and we got to see Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez make their Spring Training debuts.  On Saturday night, Ella woke up at around midnight with stomach pains.  By 1:00 am she was throwing up.  It was pretty much finished by 7:00 am and Ella handled it all like a champion!  She was just really sweet and wasn’t scared.  One of the other people at dinner also had an evening of throwing up which leads us to believe that it was food poisoning.  We were supposed to leave Arizona on Sunday but changed our flight to Monday morning so that Ella would have time to recover.  Now back at home, Ella feels all better.  She spent the day with a babysitter and went Heelying, out to lunch, played games, and went to Lucky Strike for some afternoon bowling!

13.jpgGetting ready for the ballgame in her orange sundress.

22.jpg Ella and her friend Jesse helping with the Mystery Balls.

32.jpg Buster!

42.jpg Freddy!

52.jpg Pablo!

61.jpg Buster up at bat.

71.jpg Beautiful Ella.

8.jpg Ella showing Jesse the helicopter twirl into the pool.

9.jpg A little gaming before dinner.

An active week already!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

I took Ella ice skating on Monday after school.  She did a great job – no holding onto the side.  She went about 10  feet away from the wall and started skating.  She had a blast. Today, Ella had ballet.  She had a lot of fun there too.  After ballet, we met our friends Liz and Eli for dinner at the Burger Joint.  After the Burger Joint, we stopped over to say hi to Isaac and his family.  He is so cute and little.  We are going to spring training on Thursday night and we can’t wait to get out of SF for the weekend.

12.jpg21.jpg Ella is pretty serious on the ice.

31.jpg41.jpg I was fooling around with the fun features on the camera.

51.jpg6.jpg more fun with the camera.

7.jpg I snuck this picture of Eli and Ella at the Burger Joint.

I just tried to upload 2 movies of Ella ice skating but it’s not working and I’m tired.

Huge milestone – riding a bicycle without training wheels

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

We have been talking about this for a while and were planning on sending Ella to a place that gives private lessons, but today was a beautiful day outside and we decided to take the training wheels off Ella’s bicycle and see what happened.  Ella was incredible.  We were hardly holding her in the beginning and after about 10 minutes, she was off to the races all by herself.  I think it was exciting and scary for Ella and she did such a great job.  The video shows Ella about 30 minutes into taking the plunge.  Now we’re going to get some great exercise running along side of Ella!

11.jpg Ella ready to take the challenge!

Meeting Isaac

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

After school/work, we went to the hospital to meet the new man in our lives – Helen and Ron’s new son Isaac.  He is a beautiful, sweet, alert and hungry boy.  He tolerated all of us (including Ella) holding him, and his siblings are so amazing with him.  Thank you Helen and Ron for giving Ella another amazing “sibling”.  After some great time at the hospital, we took the girls to dinner and then they came back to our place for Friday night movie night.  The girls loved watching Ariel’s Beginning – part 1 of the Little Mermaid that went straight to video.

1.jpg Sunny’s first time holding Isaac.

2.jpg3.jpg Ella’s first time holding Isaac.  She did a great job.

4.jpg The fourth floor gang.

5.jpgFriday night movie night…business as usual.