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Skating, heelys, ballet

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Ella has been totally into skating and heelying.  Below are some movie clips that grandma took and then one that I took of Ella on her Heelys and one from ballet today.  We miss you grandma!  We all got used to having you here.  So happy we’ll see you guys in April.  Ella has been doing great – she has a very easy transition back into school after 11 days being off.  Today Ella celebrated 100 days of school.  She was so happy to tell us about all the different things that she did in school to celebrate.  Ella’s favorite was making a necklace of 100 Cheerios.  She made it, wore it and then ate it.  Helen is having her baby today!  We can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the Kim/Arena clan.

115.jpg 25.jpgThe Heely kid!

35.jpg A little taekwondo on a Saturday afternoon.

45.jpg55.jpg65.jpg Sweet Ella at ballet today.  She’s still having a blast in class.

Ice Skating and Benihana

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.  Grandma is leaving tomorrow morning.  Mom- it was so great having you here and we’re so happy that you were able to spend such amazing time with Ella.  I know she loved every minute!  Grandma and Ella took another ice skating lesson today.  Grandma shot some great video footage but I am too tired to edit it together.  Tonight, we took Stella and Juliet to Benihana.  It was a lot of fun.  Ella loves hanging with her best buddies.  Helen is having her baby on the 29th.  We can’t wait to meet him!

114.jpg One of the things that Ella and grandma passed every day on their walks to Yerba Buena.

24.jpg Ella has been riding this carousel since she was about 1!

34.jpg Dorothy Hamill and PEggy Fleming.  How cute do they look?!

44.jpg Ella took this great shot of grandma on the ice.

54.jpg Very happy to hang out with each other.

64.jpg The gang – even crazy Ruthie, Stella’s American Girl doll friend.

74.jpg Seriously watching the chef.

84.jpg A lovely dessert of rainbow sherbet.

Adventures with grandma

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Ella and grandma have been having a blast this week.  They have taken 2 ice skating lessons, gone to the Academy, out to lunch, taken a few trains and just have loved being with each other.  Grandma has documented the week for me and I am putting them up here.   Hopefully Ella will take a few pictures of grandma tomorrow.  The movie at the end is 2 days of ice skating, a magic trick and penguins being fed.

110.jpg Ella day 2 in the middle of the ice.

23.jpgOur cousins were visiting this week and we got to see them for two dinners.  Here are Ella and Georgia at Scomas.  Ella and Georgia had so much fun together.

33.jpg Beautiful cousins – Bronwen, Georgia and Ella.

43.jpg Checking out the fish at the Academy.

53.jpg Eew…eels!

63.jpg73.jpg83.jpgFor the first time ever, butterflies landed on Ella at the Academy.  Grandma said that Ella was so gentle and patient.

94.jpg Hanging out after lunch.

102.jpg113.jpg Serious and goofy.  Lots of love.

Field trip, swimming, jamming, ice skating!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Once again I have fallen behind on the blog.  We all miss Towby so much!  The love and impact that Mr. Towby had on our lives is incredible.  Sunny and I got out of town on Friday and grandma and papa came to town to spend time with Ella.  Ella was so excited to be with them.  They had a fantastic weekend and Sunny and I had as good a weekend as expected.  Towby was in our hearts and on our minds.  We came back on on Sunday and got to spend some great time with papa before he went back on Monday.  Ella is off from school this week.  Grandma is here all week to be with Ella while Sunny and I are at work.  Ella is thrilled and I think grandma is too.  The photos I am putting in are from Ella’s field trip all the way through today when Ella and grandma took an ice skating lesson.  The video is from last Thursday when I took Ella to work with me.  The video is of Ella jamming with 2 of my 7th grade students.  Ella had a blast coming to work with me and the kids loved her.

12.jpg Ella on the morning of her field trip.  Ella was super lucky because mommy went on the field trip with her.

22.jpg32.jpg Ella and her buddies Zach and Sakura.  Mommy drove the three of them up to Muir Woods.

42.jpg Ella and her Muir Woods journal.

52.jpgElla and her class listening to the ranger.

62.jpg Peace and beauty.

72.jpg Ella writing in her journal.

82.jpg Fun in the tree cave.

93.jpg Ella and some of her classmates.

101.jpg112.jpg Writing down observations.

121.jpg Look at these majestic trees!

13.jpgThe Redwoods!

14.jpg Ella’s first swimming lesson in a long time.  Mommy said she was fantastic.

15.jpg Ella was rockin’ the drums at my work.

16.jpg Getting ready to hit the ice.

17.jpg18.jpg19.jpgElla and her ice skating lesson.  Grandma took the lesson too!  They are going back for another lesson tomorrow.  Hopefully Ella will grab the camera and take some shots of grandma.

20.jpg Love.

Goodbye sweet Towby

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Towby died this afternoon.  He was such an amazing little dog.  He was sweet, loving, gentle, funny, curious and of course neurotic.  We were so lucky that Towby was such a huge part of our lives.  Ella is dealing with Towby dying in her own way – pretty much the same way that she did with Bug.  No crying …just an acknowledgement that he is gone.  Towby – we are going to miss you so much.  We know it was your time and now we will begin to heal from the huge loss in our lives.  I hope Bug and Towby found each other again.

towby1.jpg Ella and Towby earlier today.

towby2.jpg Sweet beautiful Towby.

Friends, Heelys, climbing and Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Another weekend has gone by and Ella had tons of fun.  On Friday night, Stella, Juliet and KJ came over for movie night and so Helen and Ron could go to a restaurant and watch the Knicks play.  On Saturday, Ella did a lot of Heelying – she’s getting pretty good, and then we went to south park.  Check out the video below.  Saturday night, Ella got to sleep next door while Sunny and I went to a kindergarten cocktail party.  We all had fun.  On Sunday, we had brunch with some CDS friends and then I went for an MRI.  Results should be in within the next day or two.  Fingers crossed everything is cool.  Debby and Toby came over while Sunny took me to the MRI.  We chilled at home on Sunday night.  Monday was back to work and school.  Ella is still very excited about reader’s workshop and is super excited to go on a field trip tomorrow to Muir Woods.  Sunny is driving and supervising Ella and a few friends.  They are going to have an amazing time.  Grandma and papa are coming on Friday.  This is totally exciting!  We can’t wait.  Sunny and I are supposed to go to Vegas for the weekend but we’re not sure what we’re going to to because Towby the dog is pretty sick.  We’ll see, one day at a time.  We really love the little guy.  I don’t think he’s ready to go, but it’s just so sad.  Tonight we had a valentine’s day ice cream party with the Kim/Arenas.  Always fun.

11.jpg Ella’s self-portrait.

21.jpg31.jpg41.jpg Friday might movie night!


71.jpg81.jpg91.jpg South Park!

10.jpg111.jpg Valentines day at the kim/arenas.

Now for the movie…

Catching up (again)

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Ella had a fantastic weekend last weekend full of movie night, birthday parties, Taekwondo, and then a Superbowl party at Helen and Ron’s.  The weekend was great.  This week, something new was introduced in Ella’s classroom.  They call it “reader’s workshop”.  Basically, the teacher puts 5 books in each kid’s bin thing and then the kids get 10 minutes a day to read their books.  Ella was so excited about this.  I think the teachers eventually help the kids figure out their “just right book”.  We’re so happy that Ella is so excited about reading.  Ella also started reading music this week during her drum lesson.  Check the video below.  She’s playing so slowly because she is actually reading each beat.

1.jpg Ella outside of the bowling alley before one of the birthday parties over the weekend.

2.jpg3.jpg Ella was very serious about her bowling.

4.jpg Ella and Michael, Stella, Juliet and KJ’s new cousin.

5.jpg Ron and KJ celebrating the big win.

6.jpg Sweet Juliet and her cousin Michael.  Getting ready for a new baby brother on February 29th!

7.jpg8.jpg Our beautiful ballerina.

9.jpg Ella is amazing at jumping rope.  Check out the video.