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Happy Hollow and the first day of Kindergarten

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

On Sunday, we drove to San Jose with the Kim/Arena clan to spend a lovely day at an amuzement park zoo like thing.  It was a really sweet place – so easy with all the kids.  The kids went on rides, did some climbing, checked out animals and had the best time.  I’m going to post some fun shots and then a funny video.

112.jpg Carousel…just like the good old days.

23.jpgRonnie and KJ picked the boat.

33.jpg43.jpg Ella loves this swing!

52.jpg Riding the Danny the Dragon train.

61.jpg All four kids squished into one bug.  Ella volunteered to ride with KJ.  She really loves him.

71.jpg82.jpg The Frog Hopper!  Don’t forget to watch the video at the end of the post.

92.jpg Ella still loves riding in these silly little cars.

102.jpgAll the kids (including Ron) with Danny the dragon.

113.jpg This was part of the lemur exhibit.

131.jpg Ella found a sweet goat to brush in the shade.

141.jpg Ella’s latest artwork.

114.jpg Although it was a little difficult to wake Ella up this morning, she was so excited to go to school this morning and so excited to schlep her big back pack!

24.jpg Our kindergartener on the CDS school uard.

34.jpg44.jpg53.jpg Ella was so excited to go on the monkey bars this morning.  She can now finally go across with Brickelle and Emmi.

62.jpgElla getting ready to line up annd go into the big building.

72.jpg83.jpg Ella and her buddies Clark, Dillon and Torin.

Strike out Violence Day

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Another Strike Out Violence day has come and gone.  Another amazing event and everyone got some fun and meaning out of it.  Too bad the Giants couldn’t pull off a win!  Here are some photos from our day.  110.jpgHere we are waiting to go onto the field.  Beautiful family shot.

22.jpg Me and Ella before the ceremony.  We were right there when the Diamondbacks were taking batting practice!

32.jpg42.jpg7.jpg Ella with mommy on the field.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

51.jpg Sweet kiss caught on the jumbotron.

81.jpg Lou Seal and some of the Giants during the National Anthem.

91.jpg Ella and her favorite Giant.

101.jpg111.jpg Ella goofing around with Brickelle and Stella.

Kindergarten orientation

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Today we all went to CDS and had our kindergarten orientation.  First, the kids went into the classroom and had their orientation and then an hour later, the parents went into the classroom and we had our own orientation.  It’s going to be an amazing year for Ella.  Ella was really happy to see her friends and sooo happy to see Ms. Alicia.  Ella saw her right before we were leaving and went in for 2 big hugs.  I think Ella will be so happy knowing that Ms. Alicia will be just across the yard from her this year.  Here are a few pictures Sunny took of Ella on the kindergarten line today.

19.jpg Sweet beautiful Ella.

21.jpg31.jpg On the kindergarten line!  Ella and Emmi are very happy that they are in the same class.

41.jpg Here’s one that I took from the other side.  Ella is so sweet!

Having a job really puts a halt on this blog!

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I know I haven’t been my usually blogging self…hopefully things will settle down and I’ll be able to keep it up.  These are Ella’s last few days before kindergarten starts.  She seems like she is ready to go.  Here are some pictures of the past few days.  I’ll write captions under the photos.

1.jpg2.jpg On Tuesday night, we went to the Giants game.  Ella wore her Brian Wilson jersey that she got as a giveaway at a game a few weeks ago.  The Giants lost but we had a lot of fun.

3.jpgOn Wednesday, mommy stayed home with Ella and they had a very fun adventure.  Ella has been asking to go on this “Ride The Ducks” thing that goes on land and water.  Ella and mommy met the boat thing downtown and went on the duck ride!  Here is Ella in a taxi heading downtown. She loves riding in taxis.

4.jpg5.jpg Ella and mommy stopped at an art gallery while waiting for the boat.  Ella decided that she wanted to quack at the art.

6.jpg Ella playing a good tourist.

8.jpg9.jpg Here’s the Ride the Duck boat!

10.jpg Getting ready for the joruney.

11.jpg About to drive into the water.

12.jpg The captain.

13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpg Beautiful city views from the Bay.

17.jpg18.jpg Ella has been begging for roller skates.  Sunny found these skates that have 3 wheels on each skate.  Ella loves them but she is also so scared.  She doesn’t let go of us!