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Opera at the ballpark and a class share

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

On Sunday, we took a walk over to the ballpark where they were showing a live broadcast of the SF Opera Turandot.  It was cool to watch the opera at the ballpark for us, but boring for Ella. Luckily, they had a lot of kids activities to do.  Ella got her face painted and made a beautiful paper lantern.  Then she went over to the little ball field and hit some balls.  I mean she really hit some balls!  Today was a big day at school for Ella.  Ella had a classroom share today.  Every day, for 5 weeks, each student presents something that they want the class to know about them.  Ella brought in her drum set and played the drums for her class.  We weren’t allowed to watch the share.  Ella was so confident about what she wanted to to.  She showed us the night before and she was like, “The drums can be complicated and challenging.  I have been playing the drums for 2 months and I find them easy.  Here are some of my beats.  I also like to do attention beats in case people aren’t listening.  I saw Luisa right after Ella’s share and she gave me a thumbs up and said that Ella was awesome.  Ella also was the first in her class to loose a tooth this school year.  She is the first on the tooth poster.  Every day when we pick her up, she tells us about how many times she got to see Ms. Alicia.  It really completes her day.

124.jpg Ella getting face painted.

214.jpg314.jpg Some serious lantern making,

511.jpg68.jpg Ella smacking the blals out of the little ballpart!

78.jpg Ella right before her big drumming share.  Ella looks so proud.

88.jpg\96.jpg MOre fun jumping rope!

Ella lost another tooth!

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

 It’s been another busy week and it ended with Ella losing her second tooth!  This week, Sunny and I went to back to school night at Ella’s school.  We spent about an hour in the classroom and wished that we could have stayed for much longer!  The kids are learning so much already.  We learned about the classroom agreements…”1. Respect and care for all people and things.  2. Be safe, try new things and have fun.  3. Be kind to yourself when things feel hard.”  The kids came up with these agreements.  The kids then came up with logical consequences then they are not cooperating and then an action of apology.  Here is a shot of the Consequences and action of apology.  67.jpgPretty cool stuff happening at school!

This weekend, we had Friday night movie night with Stella, Juliet, KJ, Helen and Ron.  We love these Friday nights hanging out with our next door family.  Today, we went to a little fair in our neighborhood and mommy met up with Chris and walked around with him telling people why they should vote for him for sheriff.  Ella had fun because there was a bouncy house there.  After the fair, Ella went to Taekwondo.  Towards the end of the class, Ella’s tooth fell out!

123.jpg Ella on the monkey bars at school.  She’s getting great at it but falls off at least once a day.

213.jpg313.jpg412.jpg Ella fooling around with her buddies before school.She was showing them all her loose tooth.

510.jpgThis was hanging in Ella’s classroom.  It tells about her hopes and dreams. Ella hopes to learn more math.

77.jpg Ella hanging out on her favorite Lou Seal statue.

87.jpg Jumping in the bouncy house.

95.jpg Kind of looks like mommy is asking Becca if she just farted.  Doesn’t look like Ella smelled anything.

105.jpg Ella and her Taekwondo instructor Steven right after Ella’s tooth fell out.  Notice the tooth between Ella’s fingers.

1112.jpg Beautiful ELla minus 2 teeth!

Ella is beautiful at the ballet!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Here are some photos and a video from Ella’s class today.  We switched from a late Thursday class to Tuesdays at 4:30.  She is now in a 6 – 7 year old class.  Her focus and concentration is incredible and she loves it.


Super busy Saturday…

Monday, September 19th, 2011

We woke up and took off running.   First, we went to a kick off rally for Chris Cunnie – the man we hope will be the newt Sheriff of San Francisco.  It was a great event.  After that, we went and got something to eat and then we went to a little music festival.  Ella’s favorite 7th Grade girl band was performing.  We saw Vons De Qua perform and Ella loved every minute of it.  We all did!  After the show, we went over to ACC to make a tile for Bug.  The ACC is having a fundraiser and you could make a tile and donate money.  Ella pretty much made Bug’s whole tile.  After that. Ella had Taekwondo and then I went and got my hair cut and that was about all we could handle.  Today we spent a lot of time outside, went to lunch at Maria’s and went swimming in the outdoor and indoor pools at the gym.  It was sa great weekend to spend with family.

121.jpg211.jpg Ella and Gracie (the younger sister of Tess, one of the band members),

311.jpg411.jpg The crowd begin to form for Vons De Qua.

59.jpg The band!

76.jpg Mommy and Ella working on the tile in memory of Bug.

86.jpg94.jpg104.jpg All done.  It will get glazed and fired in the kiln and it will then be a shiny green tile for the Bug!

1111.jpg Now off to Taekwando!

Kindergarten class work

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Today the 7th graders hosted assembly at CDS.  They are a fun and dynamic group of kids who had a lot of fun doing assembly.  Ella LOVED it and was sitting high up on her knees so she could see the whole thing.  She was laughing and smiling the whole time.  Ella also made an announcement this morning.  She told the school that she was going to see Vons Da Qua, a 7th grade girl band tomorrow.  Ella is one confident kid.  Today, Ella brought home a folder with a little bit of her class work in it.  I will post photos and give translations.

120.jpg Looks like Ella is trying to get this kid to do something.

210.jpg Waiting to go to assembly.

310.jpg410.jpg Check out Ella in the crowd with that amused look on her face.

58.jpg Elephant, antlers, egg and I’m not sure what the G word is.  They were cutting things out of magazines and Ella noticed that the Estee Lauder name started with an E!

66.jpg Ella was using the teacher’s old list as scrap paper and filled in her own names.  The top says, “Ella Keep”.  The rest are ages and names of her friends she was thinking about.  By Brickelle’s name you will see that it says 6 and then 3 circles.  Ella told us that the three circles are really 3 quarters because Brickelle is 6 and 3/4!  Next is 5 Luke.  After that is 18 Justin because Justin Bieber is 18 of course.  The next one is 6 Stella, then 5 Juliet.  By Ella’s name it is 5 and 3/4 and then the final one says 1 No Adults.  Love this stuff!

More fun in the morning and ballet class started again!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Grandma – to answer your question, helicopter is a game the kids play where they take a jump rope, spin around while dragging the jump rope on the ground, and the kids jump over the rope as it comes to them.  If the rope hits you, (I think a lot of the kids like to get hit) then you have to be the spinner.  Ella had ballet tonight.  This was her second week.  Ella did a fantastic job.  Here are the pics from today.

119.jpg Ella joking around with her friend Luke this morning.

29.jpg39.jpg Ella, Luke and Emmi having so much fun in the morning.

49.jpg Ella  just loves this bar.

57.jpg Monkey bar madness!

65.jpg75.jpg85.jpg93.jpg103.jpg1110.jpg Our beautiful ballerina.

Mornings before school starts

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

A big part of kindergarten is being able to play on the yard and structure before school starts.  Ella loves this time.  She gets to hang out with friends from kindergarten and first grade.  Ella has been into jumping rope, playing helicopter, the monkey bars and hanging on the bar.  Ella is still loving school.  She seems like she’s having a blast.  Ella also gets to see Ms. Alicia on the yard who she loves like family!  We are so happy that things are going so well for Ella.  Life is beautiful.

118.jpg28.jpg We can remember the time when the only way Ella could get on this bar was for us to lift her!  Can’t believe how tall she is getting.

38.jpg Ella is our little wonder woman!

48.jpg56.jpg Playing helicopter.

64.jpg Jumping rope this morning.  Check out Ella’s new sneakers.

74.jpg84.jpg Hanging on the monkey bars with Brickelle and Emmi.

Jumping Rope

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

When we all arrived on the yard this morning, Ella showed us a new skill she’s been working on.  Ella has started to learn to jump rope at school.  The rope that she likes is way too long for her and she refuses to wrap it around her hand, but she’s managing pretty well.  There is a video of Ella jumping rope at the end of this entry.  Ella also showed us how she hula hoops and she is doing great!  I guess Ella has her own way of learning things and she keeps doing it and doing it until she feels confident.  I love the way she learns.

117.jpg27.jpg Jumping rope in the morning.

37.jpg After assembly…waving and smiling at mommy.

47.jpgJumping rope in the afternoon.

55.jpg At Bi-Rite in the afternoon with her friends Tessa and Orly.

63.jpg Lighting the Shabbat candles with Juliet.  Mommy – I am so sorry I cut your head off!  I guess the camera on the phone is not as good as the real thing.

73.jpg Mommy and Stella cutting the challah.

Another successful day!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Ella had another great day today.  She said that she went to music, farm and garden and had Spanish.  Sounds like a super busy day!  Ella also had her first ballet class since June.  Mommy took her and said that Ella was so excited to be there and Ms. Laura was so happy to see Ella.  After ballet, mommy, Ella, Helen, Juliet and KJ had dinner at Nama.  I met them later at Blush.  Ella was just happy all day and night.

116.jpg26.jpg Ella swinging the morning away!

36.jpg46.jpg Lining up for school and giving Emmi some sweet love.

Day 2 of Kindergarten

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Ella had a terrific second day of school today.  Once we hit the school yard, she ran into her classroom, dropped off her backpack and sweatshirt, came running back out and started playing.  Mommy picked her up at 4:45 (Ella’s request because she wanted to stay and go to clay club).  Ella has been telling us things about her day in kindergarten.  Every morning, they do “focus study” which is a one minute meditation.  Ella says that she really likes it.  She also told us about something called “appreciation” where they go around the circle and say what they appreciate.  Ella told us that she said she appreciates her friends.  Another thing that she told us about was that her teacher, Ms. Luisa was telling the class that she used to live in NJ and that her family was there and she didn’t get to see them that much.  Ella said, “Ms. Luisa and I have a connection.  When you have a connection with someone, you do this hand sign”.  I asked Ella what the connection was.  She said, “I used to live in NJ too!”  I asked her when she lived there and she said, “When I was in your tummy”.  I told her that she actually lived in my tummy in SF but that she did have a connection with Luisa – that they both had family who lived in NJ.  Ella said that one of her other classmates also had the same connection.  This all sounds so wonderful.  Ella also told us yesterday that she had art (in the actual art room) and their assignment was to draw or paint something about them that was unique.  Ella told us that she drew a picture of Ella loosing a tooth and that’s what made her unique.  Great stuff!

115.jpg Hugs in the hallway from Stella and Juliet before school this morning!

25.jpg KJ started his first day of preschool today!  He’s going twice a week and Helen reported that he had a great day today!

35.jpg Ella and Emmi on the bar this morning.

45.jpg Lining up to go inside.  This is Ella’s teacher Ms. Luisa.

54.jpg One last shot before I leave the yard.