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Let’s go Giants, let’s go Ella

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

It’s been a very exciting 2 days of baseball at home.  The Giants had their home season opener on Friday.  Sunny and I went to the game and Ella had a sleepover at her friend Emily’s house.  It worked out perfectly for us because Emily’s mom picked Ella up from school and took her to their house.  The game went 12 innings and wasn’t over until 6:00 (it started at 1:35).  The game was great – fantastic win in the 12th inning.  Ella had a fantastic time at the sleepover and we picked her up this morning.  While in Noe Valley, we bumped into another one of her classmates and we had brunch with Dillon and his family.  Ella seemed really tired by the end of brunch and we asked her if she wanted to go to Taekwondo and she said “Yes!”  Although she was exhausted, she was fantastic in Taekwondo.  Check out the video.  Ella did 5 tornado kicks in a row!  Tonight, we stayed home and watched the game…another really exciting one down to the last moment.  We are taking Ella to the game tomorrow.  I hope it’s as exciting as the past 2 games have been.  If not as exciting, I’ll take an easy win.18.jpg Sunny and me at the game on Friday.27.jpg Instead of “fear the beard” I say shave the beard!35.jpg Ella having fun before class today.45.jpg Ella and her cool kicks.55.jpg Concentrating so hard.

Art and dance therapy

Friday, April 8th, 2011

After swimming today, Ella had her special afternoon with Stella and Juliet.  We switched their piano lessons to this afternoon so first Ella played with Juliet while I taught Stella and then she played with Stella while I was teaching Juliet.  When Juliet’s lesson was over she went upstairs to play with the girls.  All of a sudden, Stella came downstairs and said, “Lauren, we need the talking stick”.  Whenever the girls have a conflict, they all sit down with the talking stick (rainbow lip gloss) and then they take turns talking and listening.  The only person who can talk is the one with the stick.  Basically, Stella was mad at Ella because Ella drew on the picture that Stella was making.  Stella is an amazing artist and I think that Ella was trying to draw the way Stella does.  Stella didn’t like it and she has every right not to like it.  The mediation that I did with them was to tell Stella that it was fair that she didn’t want Ella to draw on her drawing but that Ella didn’t know that she didn’t like it so she apologized to Ella for getting mad without Ella knowing.  I also had Ella apologize to Stella for writing on her artwork.  They now have an understanding and know that neither one of them like it when someone else draws on their art work.  After the talking stick meeting, they hugged it out and everything was cool.  After dinner, the girls, Helen and KJ came over and we did the Wii dance game.  Everyone had a lot of fun.1a1.jpg This is Ella’s art therapy after the confrontation.  The first face is the one that Stella drew and Ella did the rest.  It basically says, “Bad Stella – That is Juliet – This is me – Good Juliet.”  The one of Ella is crying,  She handed this to me and said, “I just expressed myself, now I feel better”.17.jpg26.jpg34.jpg44.jpg54.jpg63.jpg Dance Party!Here is another dance video.  Helen has the moves.


Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Ella is loving life – thinking about things more – asking many questions.  Last night, Ella was going to the bathroom right before bed.  We started talking and she said, “Did you know that there are homeless people that sleep somewhere where there isn’t a bathroom?”  I asked her where she learned about that and she said, “Ms. Ngoc” (one of Ella’s teachers).  Ella then told me that there were a lot of homeless people in San Francisco and even more in NY.  We talked about homelessness for a little while – I told her that some people become homeless because they have problems and sometimes lose their jobs or just don’t have enough money to pay to live in a home.  We talked about people helping other people and then we started talking about shelters.  Ella said, “a shelter will keep you safe”.  I said that a shelter is a place that people can go temporarily in order to get back on their feet and get protection.  We started talking about the earthquake in Haiti and I was telling her that a lot of people lost their homes there because of the earthquake.  We talked about people living in tents as shelter and other buildings that were not destroyed.  We talked about donating money to help people get food or clothes and things that they need to live.  All of a sudden Ella looks at me and says, “I have an idea.  What if people were in Haiti living in tents and walking around on the street and an earthquake came and knocked big buildings over and they fell on the tents and the people.  I told her that I wasn’t sure what would happen but I was happy to hear that they did earthquake drills at school.  I had Ella tell me what they were taught to do at school during an earthquake drill and she said to curl up in a ball, protect their necks, and go under a table.  I told her that that sounded like a great thing to do.  It’s sad when innocence starts to fade away and reality enters the conscious.  Ella ended the conversation by changing the subject which was fine with me.  I hope Ella will keep on being curious and asking questions.16.jpg Ella blowing bubbles for Towby.25.jpg Ella decided to be Belle this afternoon.33.jpg And the love fest continues.  Ella and Juliet had freshly painted nails and were heading upstairs to play.

Ella’s special weekend with Juliet

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

On Sunday morning, Juliet and Ron came to the door and asked if Ella would like to join them at Pier 39 for some bungee jumping.  Stella and KJ were still not feeling well so they were hanging with Helen.  Ella couldn’t wait to get out of our front door.  Of course, Ella had an amazing day with Juliet and Ron.  Sunny and I took advantage of Ella being out with her buddy and had a wonderful early afternoon walking to the Ferry Building, having lunch and hanging out at the Java House.  Ron took some fantastic pictures of the girls and I am about to post them.  Ella had a great day at school today, lots of fun at Tree Frog Treks and she did really well in ballet.13.jpg Ella and Juliet about to begin their wild adventure.24.jpg All you need is love.32.jpg Having a blast on the spinning thing in the carousel.43.jpg53.jpg62.jpg Bungee jumping!71.jpg Touching a turtle at the aquarium.81.jpg Taking the train home.9.jpg Walking down the Embarcadero.10.jpg The spaceship.111.jpg Warming up in ballet.121.jpg Incredible flexibility.131.jpg listening to the ballet story.14.jpg Beautiful ballerina after class.15.jpg Ella had a great piano lesson tonight.

What a fun day for Ella!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Ella had a fun filled, activity filled day today.  The Asteroids had their first T-ball game today and the team did a great job.  Ella was really involved in the game – different than last year.  She fielded and hit and didn’t pick any flowers (at least not when the game was going on).  After the game, we came back here, had lunch and then we took Ella to Taekwondo.  Ella is learning a lot in class and little by little, she is starting to be able to do her forms.  Forms or “Hyungs” in Korean, are a series of defending and attacking movements performed against imaginary opponents in a set pattern. After class, we came home and we were supposed to have Stella, Juliet and KJ over.  KJ and Stella weren’t feeling well so Helen and Ron decided that they weren’t going to go out. When Ella heard this, she became very upset.  Then she came up with a plan – why not have Juliet come over and hang out the way they were supposed to.  Ella’s plan worked out, and she had a fantastic night with Juliet.  They had pizza for dinner, dressed up, watched Tangled and then ended the night playing one of the Wii dance games.  Don’t miss the video at the end… pure entertainment – especially Ella and Sunny’s dance competition at the end.  I am starting to feel a lot better and now Ella has a little cold.  I hope everyone feels better soon.  Today was a really great day and night.1a.jpg Getting ready to go play some ball.12.jpg Running the bases during practice.23.jpg Cheering on the team from second base.42.jpg Ella and Rosie waiting to get up to bat.52.jpg Ella and her friend Dillon.61.jpg Our little lefty.7.jpg Ella and Juliet all dressed up.  They said they were rehearrsing for a show that they were going to put on for us but then decided that the show wasn’t ready.7a.jpg One big love fest.8.jpg Helen and KJ came over to get Juliet and KJ got right into the dancing.  KJ has some moves!  Enjoy the Taekwondo/dance video.

T-ball season is beginning

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Ella has her first t-ball game tomorrow.  The kids had a great practice today and got their uniforms.  It’s a good thing that the kids can’t really read yet.  Asteroids is spelled wrong on their shirts. Check it out in the next to last pic of Ella.  Tonight, Helen, Stella, Juliet, Ella and I went to see HOP.  Ella thought it was really funny.  I thought it was cute but dumb…not so sure what Juliet and Stella thought.  They said it wasn’t one of their favorites.  We are taking the Kim/Arena kids tomorrow night for Saturday night movie night.  We are going to watch Tangled that just came out on DVD.  The video at the end is of Ella getting better at the monkey bars.11.jpg Ella running to third.21.jpg Watching the batter from first base.31.jpg Ella was very serious about playing 3rd.  She didn’t want to take her eye off the batter.41.jpg Ella getting her uniform.51.jpg Beautiful Ella – proud member of the “Asteriods”.6.jpg Ella and her friend Rosie climbing the fence.

Sunny for at least a few days

Friday, April 1st, 2011

I am still struggling with this cold thing and wish I felt better but I bet I’ll be all good by next week.  These past few days have been really beautiful.    Ella actually wore a sundress to school on Wednesday and was sprayed by the hose today at school!  Ella has been having a great week…nothing monumental to report.  She told us some great stuff about Cesar Chavez tonight – I’m going to have to do a video interview with Ella and hopefully she’ll be able to do a repeat performance.1.jpg Ella going to school on Tuesday morning.  It was hat day at school.2.jpg The sidewalk is like a huge hopscotch board.3.jpg Kid’s table!4.jpg Ella playing with Max the cat.  We were watching our neighbor’s cat for a few days.5.jpg Ella today after school – we ran over to Bi-Rite before Ella went swimming.