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Great week

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Ella had a great week.  I didn’t really take a lot of pictures this week which is why there has been a lack of blogging.  This weekend is going to be really busy with birthday parties and bug exhibits so there will be a lot of stuff to see over the weekend.  In the meantime, here are a few shots from the week.127.jpg Ella and Juliet from Wednesday night before we all had dinner together.  Ella and I also had dinner with the Kim/Arena girls + KJ on Thursday night.  It was a lucky week for Ella!219.jpg Ella taking Towby for a walk on Thursday afternoon.315.jpg Ella’s class getting ready for the bee expert who came in and taught the class about bees.  Ella said that she loved it and really learned a lot from the bee expert.413.jpg Ella and one of her classmates learning about salt marshes from one of Ella’s favorite people Tess at the school’s sustainability fair.514.jpg Warming up at T-ball practice today.  Ella must be telling mommy a joke.611.jpg Ella owns these monkey bars now.77.jpg We’re feeding Max the cat again this weekend.

Special day after school

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Ella had a great day at school but after school was where all the action was.  First, I picked up Brickelle and Ella from school, took them back here, gave Brickelle her lesson and then I took Ella and Brickelle to Blush.  They were playing with these little toys and brought them everywhere with them.  They had a lot of fun.  Tonight, Ella hung out with Stella and Juliet and of course Helen and KJ.  We all went back to Blush so Ella got her Blush for the week today!126.jpg Did you find Ella’s little animal?218.jpg Their little friends are coming with them to Blush.314.jpgElla Stella and Juliet hopscotching to Blush.412.jpg Frozen yogurt time.  Ella needs a suntan.513.jpg Making a choo choo train on the way home.

First day back from break

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Ella did her full day of school, Tree Frog Treks and Ballet today.  When I picked her up, she looked really happy and said she had a great day.  Ella is a great traveler and such a great person.  It was raining this morning so Ella wore a new pair of rainboots that I got for her a while back that now fit her.  She really likes them.  Kind of made the rainy day fun.120.jpg Sweet Ella before ballet class.217.jpg Action shot in ballet class.313.jpg Ms. Laura told the girls to dance like they were angry.  This is Ella’s angry dancing face.411.jpg Ms. Alicia’s beautiful braid.512.jpg610.jpg After class, taking a little walk around the neighborhood.

The week has flown by!

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

I can’t believe the week is over already.  It has been wonderful being able to see our family and friends.  Today we hung out with Jordin, Kevin and Twyla.  Twyla is a beautiful, cute, sweet baby.   We had a great time hanging out.  This afternoon, Ella spent some more beautiful time with grandma and papa and then their friend Wendy came over.  Grandma, Ella and Wendy played Zingo and the Ladybug game.  Ella kicked their butts in both of the games.  We ate dinner at home and then after dinner, Ella, Mommy and Wendy played Go Fish.  Ms. Ella won again!!  We are going home in the morning. Thank you grandma and papa for another fantastic week.  Love you guys!119.jpg Sweet Twyla copping a lean.216.jpg Ella in a tender moment with Twyla.   312.jpg Twyla and her daddy. 410.jpg Both girls being wonderful about letting me take another picture.   511.jpg Twyla and her mommy.69.jpg Ella has been going wild with the camera lately which is a beautiful thing for her creativity.  It is also a bit annoying when I have 40 shots to download of carpets and toys and Ella’s fingers.  This one is a pretty cool one though.  This is a shot of KK’s bling. 76.jpg Not sure how Kevin could take it with all these women in the house today!86.jpg Mommy and Ella trying to catch the raindrops.94.jpg Beautiful Ella.104.jpg Grandma, Ella and Wendy playing Zingo. 1110.jpg Taking a break from gaming to take a beautiful picture.125.jpg Go Fish! 135.jpg Our sweet card shark.

April trip continued…

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

On Thursday, mommy, Ella, grandma and I went into NY to meet KK for lunch at Isabella’s. We were planning on going to the Museum of Natural History to see a new dinosaur exhibit after lunch, but Ella was more interested in going to a little park across the street.  Ella played at 2 parks and then we went to Harry’s shoes where Ella got some new shoes.  On Thursday night, Sunny and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in NY with AJ and Michael and our friends Priscilla and Chris.  We had a great night out.  Grandma, papa and Ella also had their own great night out.  They went to see Rio!  They all reported that the movie was great.  I can’t wait to see it when we get back to SF.  Ella had a fantastic night with grandma and papa.  Today, we went to Monsey NY to visit mommy’s brother, Uncle Jerry and see 2 out of his 4 kids (who are beautiful young adults).  We spent a really sweet afternoon with Aliza and Elisheva, Jerry, Barbara and Elisheva’s 2 kids Uri and Simmon.  Ella had a lot of fun meeting and re-meeting her cousins, uncle and aunt.  After we visited for a while, we went to a little carnival in Monsey.  It was one of those roadside yucky carnivals with dangerous rides, but Ella really liked it.  She went on a mini rollercoaster for the first time by herself and did a few other things.  We were definitely the only 2 mom family there.  We came home and AJ and Milo were here.  Milo was taking a nap and Ella was really looking forward to him waking up.  As soon as Ella heard a peep in his room, she ran upstairs with AJ and greeted Milo.  Grandma’s friend Adrianne came over with her grandson Zach and all the kids played.  Ella and Milo took a bath together after dinner (not posting any pics) and now we are having Friday night movie night, watching Tangled.  It has been wonderful being here.  Tomorrow we are going to NY to see Jordin, Kevin and Twyla.117.jpg I forgot to mention, on Thursday morning, grandma’s friend Doris came over with her grandchildren.  Ella had a lot of fun playing with Stella, Gibson and Hudson.214.jpg311.jpg Playing in the park after lunch. 510.jpg This is what happens when you give Ella the camera to play with. 68.jpg Milo playing with his little train set on Thursday night while we were waiting for Iya to get there. 75.jpg Happy Anniversary beautiful Sunny.  I love you.85.jpg It was also Michael’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Michael!  It was great to hang out. 93.jpg Priscilla and Chris – thanks for sharing a special night with us.103.jpg The 3 of us getting ready to head to Monsey to see our Schwartz family.118.jpg The beautiful Schwartz women plus 2 sweet boys.124.jpg Thanks for taking this picture Uncle Jerry!   134.jpg Mommy and Uncle Jerry – little sis and big bro.143.jpg Here we are at the carnival.152.jpg Ella getting ready to ride on the rollercoaster. 162.jpg Riding on a motorcycle thing. 172.jpg AJ and Ella…sweet love. 182.jpg Papa and Ella having some fun with Milo. 215.jpg Grandma reading to Zach. 221.jpg Pure love and joy.

Passover 2011

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

We arrived in NJ late on Sunday night – it was actually Monday morning.  Our original flight was cancelled so at 4:00 on Sunday morning, we had to book a new flight on a different airline for later in the day.  Ella was absolutely fantastic the whole day and night. Ella was so excited to get here.  She ran off the plane into grandma and papa’s arms.  On Monday, we took it easy… we went to the park and then had a sedar at night.  It was a small and really sweet sedar.  Ella was also so excited to spend time with Milo.  She is so great with him…super patient and so full of love.  On Tuesday morning, Ella went into NY with grandma, AJ, Milo and Michael.  Ella went to Milo’s music class with grandma and AJ.  Ella told us that she had a great time and the adults reported that it was really sweet.  Sunny and I stayed here and relaxed.  On Tuesday night we had a much larger sedar with a lot more kids.  Ella had a blast.  She had so much fun with her cousins.  Today, Sunny and I went and had massages and Ella went to get her nails done with grandma.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Hungry Hippo and hanging out.  Tonight, Sunny and I went to NY and had dinner with Nikki B.  Ella, grandma and papa had a special night together here.  Tomorrow night we are going out with friends again and Ella gets to get see Rio with grandma and papa.  It has been so wonderful being here.  We love being with the family.115.jpg212.jpg Ella showing papa some of her tricks on the monkey bars.310.jpg Ella has mastered the monkey bars at Fireman’s Park.  49.jpg Ella is getting super strong.59.jpg67.jpg Placing flowers in the Vicky Ann sculpture.74.jpg Ella was telling grandma all aboug the movie Hop.84.jpg Grandma, Ella papa love before the sedar.  92.jpg Mommy looking on as Ella studies the Haggadah. 102.jpg Cousins!116.jpg123.jpg 133.jpgFun at Music Together with AJ, Milo and grandma.  Thanks for taking pictures grandma!142.jpg Ella has been really helpful.  Here she is beginning to set the kids table. 151.jpg I was drawing some pictures for Ella and Milo.  They look so serious because they were trying to figure out what I was drawing. 171.jpg Ella loves playing on the baby grand.191.jpgAJ and Milo enjoying their soup. 181.jpg Cousin Cliff with his sweet sons Jack and Sam.20.jpg213.jpg Ella had a blast with cousins Bronwen and Georgia.

Busy Ella

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

What an incredible day for Ella!  First of all, Ella went to bed after 10:00 on Friday night.  At 7:00 this morning I felt a little tap on my hand and I little voice saying, “I’m awake”.  I wasn’t!  We had our second T-Ball game today at 11:00.  The team was great and Ella was terrific.  After the game we had some lunch and then Ella went to TaeKwonDo.  Tonight, we went over to our friends Ellen and Nan’s  house to celebrate our friend Tina’s 60th birthday.  Ella was incredible!  She hung out, made great conversation and played the keyboard for everyone.  We all had a wonderful time.  Tomorrow morning, we wake up and head to NY.  Ella told us today that she was so excited that she was going to stay up all night because she wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep because she was so excited.  Can’t wait to see you guys!113.jpg Getting ready for game 2.211.jpg Ella trying to hit by coach pitching.39.jpg Most of the “good” news bears.48.jpg Chillin’ on second base.58.jpg Cool Ella in the outfield.  Too bad the doesn’t fee like wearing her mitt properly.66.jpg What a beautiful surprise.  Brickelle was playing a game in the same area that we were playing!  Ella was so happy to see Brickelle.73.jpg Running down the big hill.83.jpg Great action shot.91.jpg Meditation at the end of class.101.jpg Ella has been writing pages of these little books.  Here are some of the entries.  We did not help her at all.  Ella read them to us.  This one says, “This is the monster trying to destroy the castle.”114.jpg “This is the flowers growing”.122.jpg“This is a person at the beach.”132.jpg “A person walking in the grass”.141.jpg “This is the rainbow with the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow”.

Where did the week go?

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

The week flew by…Ella had a fantastic week.  Ella is officially on spring break now.  We are heading to NJ on Sunday.  Ella is super excited.  We can’t wait to get there too!  Here are some pictures from this week.112.jpg Ella and Brickelle doing an art project.1a2.jpg Playing a very intense game of Zingo.210.jpg38.jpg Blush with best buddies!47.jpg Ella and her 8th grade buddy Casi.57.jpg65.jpgBefore T-ball practice today, Ella practiced on the monkey bars.72.jpg Thinking hard about her throwing techinques.82.jpg Special love for Towby.

Helping others

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

This morning, Sunny was telling Ella that she wasn’t going to be home for dinner because she was volunteering at the ballgame to raise money for a Giants fan who was badly hurt at a Dodger game.   Sunny basically told her that there were some really badly behaving people who hurt this man for no reason at all.  She also explained that the Giants were raising money to help out his family with medical and life expenses.  I asked Ella if she wanted to donate some of her piggy bank money to help out the guy’s kids and she thought long and hard about it.  “OK, I will” said Ella.  I asked her if she thought $10 would be a good amount and she thought it was.  She came upstairs with me, took a $10 bill our of her piggy bank thing and gave it to Sunny.  Sunny told her that she was doing a “mitzvah”, a blessing.  I think Ella felt good about it.  Ella was in a great mood when I picked her up from school today.  They broke open an old honey comb at school today and found a bunch of dead bees in all different stages of “life” if you want to call it that.  She was really excited about everything that they found.  Ella also loved meeting a Ball Python at Tree Frog Treks.  Ballet was also great.110.jpg I think Ella’s shirt is right…Girls WILL save the world.29.jpg Paying close attention.37.jpg Getting ready for a special dance move.

Ella’s first game of the season and a great piano lesson

Monday, April 11th, 2011

The three of us went to the game today with our friend Mary.  It was pretty cold out and although we have amazing seats, we were in the shade and cold!  The Giants lost but that’s ok.  We need to lose games in order to win more.  Ella had a lot of fun.  We bumped into one of her soccer teammates and they sat together.  After the game, we came back here and I gave Ella a piano lesson.  She has finished her first piece with both hands.  She kind of amazes me with her focus and concentration.  We’ll see where it all goes.  After dinner, Stella, Juilet, KJ and Helen came by to say hi.  The girls all played well together…no need for the talking stick.19.jpgThe cutest Giants fan in the world.28.jpg Mother and daughter walking to the ballgame.36.jpg I have no idea why Ella is giving me the finger.46.jpg Family love at a baseball game.56.jpg Nothing like the warmth of a Giants blanket.