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Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

This is going to be a short one…Ella loved being back at school.  After school she did a great job at Tree Frog Treks and then a beautiful job at ballet.  Here are some pics…movie will come soon.1a3.jpg1b.jpg Before ballet class.  Ella is sporting another stunning French braid done by Ms. Alicia.215.jpg315.jpg414.jpg513.jpg

San Diego

Monday, March 28th, 2011

We were in San Diego for the weekend to go see grandma and papa who were there for an ophthalmology conference.  Uncle Jesse and aunt Heather also drove up on Friday and stayed until Saturday.  We had a great time – it was wonderful to get to spend time with the family and to get away from the San Francisco rain.  I came down with some kind of sinus/fever thing and had to miss dinner on Friday night, but other than that, I was able to do everything else.  On Friday, we took Ella to the New Children’s Museum where she had a lot of fun and on Saturday we went to Sea World with Jesse, Heather and grandma.  We only were able to see papa at night since he was busy at meetings but Ella slept over in grandma and papa’s room on Friday and Saturday so she got some great quality time with them.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our great weekend.  Love you guys!  It was great seeing you.118.jpg Ella showing grandma and her friends Vicky and Nancy how to play Cut the Rope on the iPad.212.jpg Two flamingos out on a walk.313.jpg Heading to the museum.413.jpgElla is so sweet  – she tolerates my requests for pictures.512.jpg68.jpg78.jpg Riding around on the chariots at the children’s museum.88.jpg96.jpg Ella has had a lot of energy for physical activity lately.  At the museum she was able to do a little wall climbing and some rope climbing/swinging.104.jpg OUr wonder woman.119.jpg At Sea World.  I think I had a fever.124.jpg Ella is a terrific map reader.133.jpg143.jpg Ella got in a great hug before posing with the Sea World otter.152.jpg Jesse and Heather getting some work done while waiting for grandma and Ella to go on the tea cups.162.jpg16a.jpgI love this oil painting feature on the new camera!172.jpg181.jpg191.jpg Ella was so excited to go on some rides with grandma.  She was so excited for the tea cups.  Stand by for the tea cup movie in the next few days.213.jpg I think Burt and Ernie are just like us!  What makes a family?  LOVE makes a family.221.jpg231.jpg This walrus was so tuned into Ella.  It was really intense.241.jpg Right before Heather and Jesse hit to road back to LA.  Ella loves these guys a lot.251.jpg Another love affair.  This is at the Shamu show.261.jpg271.jpg281.jpg The 3 of us had a lot of fun climbing on this thing.291.jpg Mommy was very brave and went on the oscar the grouch eel ride with Ella.30.jpg This picture is from Saturday night at dinner.  It’s the only picture that I have of Ella and papa!  I missed Friday night’s dinner.314.jpg Here we are with our pedi-cab driver.  Ella was exhausted on Saturday night.321.jpg Our little traveler.331.jpg ANother incredible grocery list.  Translation:  Pomelo, American Cheese, cucumber, Izze, chocolate chips, apples.

Fun field trip

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Today, Ella’s class went to the Randall Museum on a field trip.  I was one of the parent drivers and it was a really fun trip for the kids.  Ella’s class is studying bees and the Randall Museum has a bee exhibit with an active bee hive.  The bees actually leave the hive, go collect pollen and nectar and bring it back to the hive.  The kids were able to see the queen bee which was really cool.  It was great to see the kids so enthusiastic about being up close and personal with the bee hive.  Ella loved it and tonight as she was going to sleep, she was telling 2 of her stuffed animals about the “observational drawing” that she did of the worker bees.  Ella is really paying attention this year.  It’s so great to see her learning so much and to see her totally into it.117.jpg Ella this morning before school.  It’s raining here AGAIN.1a2.jpg Another cool oil painting/photo.211.jpg Ella and Clark teaching Ms. Alicia all about bees.312.jpg Ella and Clark in front of a very large bee.412.jpg Clark and Ella busy doing their observational drawing.4a1.jpg Looks like it’s been a long day already!511.jpg Ella looking at Clark through the eyes of a bee.

Beautiful piano music

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Here is a little video of Ella playing some pieces that she’s working on.  The first one is “This Old Man” and the second one is the beginning of Ode To Joy hands together.  It’s pretty incredible that Ella can play hands together like this.  We’re just trying to take everything slowly so she really understands what she is doing and doesn’t burn out.  She’s doing an amazing job and continues to practice at least 5 times a week.

Back to our regular schedule

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Ella got right back into her routine this morning.  She seemed very excited to be at school, loved the Tree Frog Treks class…she met a giant tortoise and fed it some strawberries, and then had a super sweet ballet class.  I have pictures from ballet and a video from this weekend.  The video is of Ella swimming and playing in the water and the last part is of the lady making Ella’s silhouette.  It’s pretty funny.  At first she’s fine and then you can see Ella being totally uninterested in the whole thing!  OK – I’m tired.311.jpg411.jpg510.jpg67.jpg77.jpg87.jpg 95.jpgI love this one so much.  I have a feature on my new camera that does this.Now for the video…

A lot to catch up on

Monday, March 21st, 2011

We went out of town this weekend to Scottsdale to watch the Giants in 2 spring training games.  We left on Thursday.  On Wednesday night, before we left, Ella had another sleepover at Emmi’s house.  This time their other friend Emily slept over too.  Ella had a great time!  While we were away this weekend, someone asked Ella if she likes sleeping over friend’s houses.  Ella said that she loves it.  Then they asked her if she missed her moms when she was sleeping away from home and she said no.  I think it’s so great that Ella feels secure enough to really enjoy herself when she’s away from us and then be happy when she’s with us again.  We had a great weekend.  So much fun to be at 2 games.  The Giants lost on Friday and won on Saturday.  Ella hung out with her friend Jesse who’s mom is also on the Giants Community Fund board.  They hung out at spring training last year too.  Ella spent a lot of time in the pool this weekend.  It was a little cool for us, but Ella had a blast.  Videos to follow tomorrow…310.jpg410.jpg Here are 2 pictures that Emmi’s mom sent us during the play date/sleepover.59.jpg Ella right before we entered the Scottsdale Stadium.5a.jpg At the game!66.jpg This must have been around the 5th inning…that’s usually when Ella asks us for the iTouch.  Notice auntie Pie and Michael in the row!  They came down for spring training with us this year.76.jpg Ella and Jesse after the game.  We were heading to an event to raise money for the Junior Giants.86.jpg94.jpg Face painting!103.jpg Check out the SF that Ella wrote on her hand.  So cute.9a.jpg This wowan was doing silhouettes at the event.  She was amazing.  Did this all with only a scissor.  I have a film of it that I will post tomorrow.116.jpg Jesse and Ella sharing the iTouch while we were waiting for dinner.123.jpg Whack a shark!132.jpg On the way back from dinner, Ella saw this tree and really wanted to climb a little.13a.jpg Mommy and Ella with the big boot.  Mommy bought a pair of cowboy boots right after I took this picture.13b.jpg Hanging out in a very large bell.13c.jpg Ella being adorable.142.jpg In the hot tub with Jesse.151.jpg161.jpg I think Ella is ready to do some diving.  We need to get her to a pool where it is safe to dive.171.jpg Heading back to our hotel to get ready for dinner.  Like us, Ella loves this weather.

Daylight savings time

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

We were out late last night(Sunday)  having a lot of fun and Ella didn’t get to sleep until after 10:00.  Waking up Ella at 7:00 this morning was not pleasant, but there were no tears and no yelling so it was all good.  Turns out that Ella had an amazing day at school.  She loved it.  When I picked her up from Tree Frog Treks, she was so excited to tell me that she touched a hissing Madagascar cockroach.   She said that they built a bridge for the cockroaches to crawl on.  I was happy that I got there on time and not early.  Ballet was beautiful.  There is a part in the video where Ella fell.  She was totally fine and don’t be embarrassed  if you laugh.  I did!115.jpg I think Alicia outdid herself today.  What a gorgeous braid!  Ella couldn’t stop looking at it .210.jpg Getting ready for class.39.jpg A little stretching.49.jpg Before dinner.58.jpg Ella found her own ballet barre right here in our own building!Jesse and Heather’s dog Bob died today.  So sorry for such a huge loss.  He was a great little guy.  He will be missed.  We love you guys.

Bowling and Taekwondo

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Ella and Sunny spent the day together while I was busy taking some tests to try to get into grad school.  In the morning, Sunny and Ella met up with Becca, Ruthann, Jayden and Jayden’s grandparents for a bowling party to celebrate Jayden’s 4th birthday.  Ella and Sunny told me that they both had a great time bowling, had lunch at Mo’s and then played hard at Yerba Buena park. After the park, Sunny and Ella headed over to our gym for Ella’s Taekwondo class.  From the pictures and reports, it looked like Ella did an amazing job in class.  Sunny and I went out with 2 other moms from Ella’s school.  Today was a beautiful day for Sunny and Ella.  I am really happy that my exams are finished.  Tomorrow we are going over to have a jam session with another CDS family.  Love playing music with other people.114.jpg29.jpg Ella is getting more comfortable with bowling.  We just found out that there is going to be a bowling alley built right across the street from our house!  Can’t wait to get team bowling shirts.38.jpg48.jpg56.jpg75.jpg Ella  in action at Taekwondo.  Here kicks look incredible!85.jpg Our sweet and peaceful little meditator.

What a big and full Friday

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

It’s super late so my words will be few.  This morning, Ella and I went on a bike ride along the water – we were looking for tsunamis. Thank goodness, we didn’t find any.  We had a lot of fun being outside.  We met mommy back at the house and then we all headed over to the ballpark in Noe Valley.  Ella had her first T Ball practice of the year today.  There was a small turnout but it was perfect to get to know some kids who we didn’t know.  Ella had a blast and also mastered the monkey bars before practice.  Tonight we met the Kim/Arena clan at Los Jarritos to celebrate Ron’s birthday.  Everyone had a great time.  Julie, Justin and Kate also joined us.  After dinner, everyone came back here where Helen and I watched Monster Inc with the kids and Sunny, Kate and Ron stayed downstairs and had adult conversations.  It was a wonderful night.1a1.jpg On our ride this morning looking for tsunamis.110.jpg28.jpgmastering the monkey bars.37.jpg Running the bases.47.jpg Batting55.jpg Fielding.65.jpg A little more batting.74.jpg Costume change…time to go to dinner.84.jpg93.jpg The girls having dinner at their own table.  They did a great job without us!102.jpg102.jpg Bubble fun.113.jpg Sweet KJ>122.jpg Happy Birthday ROn!  Hope you had a beautful day.


Friday, March 11th, 2011

Here are a few pictures from tonight.  Ella just loves playing the piano.  She has been trying to figure some songs out that I have not taught her yet.  Stella taught Ella how to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Ella has really been trying to figure it out.  She has a great ear.  Ella doesn’t have school tomorrow so she asked if we could do her piano lesson early – tomorrow afternoon is Ella’s first T-Ball practice.  Sunny and I are both coaches.  19.jpg Ella added a few things to her dry erase picture.  The purple guy is a bear and the thing next to him is a honeycomb.  The thing next to the honeycomb is a bee hive.26.jpg36.jpg Ella playing away!46.jpg The gang was playing super hard in the hallway tonight…notice KJ’s sweet sweaty little head!