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Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Today, Ella and I were driving from school to ballet.  Ella said that she had a great day and then told me that she had a boyfriend.  I asked her who her boyfriend is and she said, “Dillon”.  I asked her what gave her the idea that she had a boyfriend and she said, “Emmi”.  Then I said, “weren’t you chasing Dillon the other day on the playground?”  Ella said, “Yes.  I was trying to kiss him”.  I asked her if he wanted to be her boyfriend and she said, “yes, he does”.  I asked if anyone else had a boyfriend or a girlfriend and she said, “I have a girlfriend too”.  I asked her who it was and she said, “Brickelle”.  I’m so happy that Ella is having so much fun at school!  Ella was great in ballet today.  She was also really excited about Valentines Day.  Sunny and I got Ella chocolate, balloons and flowers.  Ella was so happy.  After a delicious dinner at home, Sunny melted chocolate and we all dipped fruit in the chocolate.  Ella was in heaven – I was a close second.112.jpgTiny dancer.212.jpg A lot of chocolate before dinner!310.jpg Ella loved her balloons.412.jpg Fruit and marshmallows (don’t worry grandma – we would lose the bananas if you were here.58.jpg68.jpg YUM!

Beautiful day at Golden Gate Park & a very exciting Sunday

Monday, February 14th, 2011

I’m going to make this short because I took my ambien.  Sunny and I had a beautiful day at Golden Gate Park with Ella.  We walked around Stowe Lake, fed some birds, ducks, geese, seagulls…we were trying to feed the koi but they never really came up.  We had a sweet day, it was nice to be in nature.  Ella had a great TaeKwondo class.  Tonight Naomi and Phyllis came here for dinner and to hang out with Ella. Sunny and I went out to celebrate Becca’s 40th birthday.  Happy Birthday ET!  We had a fun time being out.110.jpg Thanks Ella!210.jpg Beautiful flower blossoms.39.jpg411.jpgThrowing bread for the ducks, fish and seagulls67.jpgNotice Ella’s taekwondo footwear!77.jpg This morning, Ella took a bike ride along with dogdog around the ballpark.  We ended up on the slides and playing on the small field.  Ella can now go on the guzzler – the big slide at the ballpark.  She is “officially” 42 inches.  Ella loved the slide.84.jpgweeeeeeeeeee!  There are some great movies of Ella hitting and sliding at the end of this post.92.jpgThis afternoon, the Kim/Arena clan and me and Ella met Sunny and some of her staff at Alcatraz.  Sunny was there earlier giving a presentation to the Rangers.  If there was a vote tonight, Sunny would have been made president of Alcatraz  The rangers love her and they sell her book in the gift shop there!  We were treated to a special tour at night.  The kids did a great job but it wasn’t really a kids tour.  Ella was pretty mesmerized about the whole thing.  She followed the guide and was very curious about what was going on…at least in the beginning of the tour,101.jpg Ella and Juliet have a hot chocolate on the way over.111.jpg Mommy waiting us to arrive at Alcatraz!  What a beautiful sight.121.jpg Ella checking out one of the old cells – more like a torture chamber.131.jpg OUr ranger guide and Ella ready to go up to the top.141.jpg KJ did such a great job today.  It was really cold out there.151.jpg Friends forever.171.jpg I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.181.jpg I guess she didn’t take my advice.191.jpg The kids with their angry faces pretending that they were going to get locked up.20.jpg Yay!  They were freed.211.jpg Uh oh – busted again.221.jpgListening to the audio tour.

Bees, a bike ride and a piano lesson

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

As most of you have read, Ella’s class is studying bees this semester.  Today on the way home, I asked Ella if she learned anything wonderful today.  “Yes we did” said Ella.  “We learned that the drone bee gives the queen bee sperm and then she lays her eggs and then bees come out.  The queen bee can live for 7 years.  The drone just dies after he gives the sperm”.  Well there you have it.  The story of the drone and the queen bee told by a 5 year old.  It was beautiful out so when we came home, Ella went for a bike ride.  After the bike ride, Ella had her piano lesson.  Ella is doing so well.  She learned 2 songs today!  She has an amazing ear and she doesn’t really look up at her music which is beautiful in one way and not so great in another way.  I was like this too and my reading could be a lot better.  I’m thinking of teaching her how to read the notes on the staff and maybe that will get her interested in reading music.  Sunny and I went out tonight and Ella got to hang out next door.  We all had a great night.19.jpg Checking out the water.29.jpg Pure happiness.38.jpg See ya later.410.jpg Playing with the remote control helicopter.  Check out the video – mostly piano lesson and a little bit of helicopter flying.


Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Ella’s bond with Stella and Juliet is so deep.  Their relationship is a family relationship.  I love watching the 3 of them together and it’s an extra special moment when KJ is in the mix.  He’s just super cute and super sweet and loves being around his big sisters and Ella.  KJ is super comfortable around me and Sunny and that’s wonderful too.  We love our next door family!  Ella had a good day at school today – she has little struggles with one of her good friends.  Ella ignores her friend at times when she’s doing something that’s fun and her friend keeps calling and calling Ella and Ella ignores her.  When Ella’s friend ignores Ella or doesn’t want to play with her, Ella gets super sensitive and very sad.  I was trying to explain it to her tonight that they do the same thing to each other, but Ella didn’t seem to grasp the whole concept.  She’s going through a stage of “look at me” and it can be exhausting.  We’re trying to respond by saying, “I can’t right now, I’m doing something” or “in a minute” or “sorry Ella, you’re going to have to show me later”.  She doesn’t like getting these responses but it’s the only way that she’s going to learn to satisfy herself.  Today after school, I taught Juliet her piano lesson and Stella came over and hung out with Ella.  After the lesson, Juliet came over.  They played their little strange games that only they understand and then we all went out to dinner.  We went to the burger joint and everyone ate really well and had a lot of fun.18.jpg I took this the other morning before school.  Ella really wanted to do her math workbook.28.jpg We met up with Brickelle in front of school on Tuesday.  It was freezing out and Ella was getting shelter behind Brickelle.37.jpgPottery that Ella made at a birthday party 2 weeks ago.49.jpg Beautiful Ella dancing around and waiting for Stella to come over.57.jpg66.jpgPlaying some kind of fairy wizard of oz game.  Who knows!75.jpg83.jpg91.jpg All the beautiful kids.

No school today

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Ella had a day off today because it was a teacher work day.  We ran some errands, got Ella new ballet slippers and a new leotard tutu combo.  After that we ran some more errands and then Brickelle came over at 3:00 for her piano lesson.  I asked Ella if she would cooperate during Brickelle’s lesson and just hang out downstairs with us and do her own thing or go upstairs and watch TV.  She chose to hang out downstairs with us and she did a great job.  Brickelle also did a great job focusing on her lesson.  After the lesson, the girls played for a little while and then I took Ella to ballet.  Ella was terrific in class.  The kid who growls was there again – I think Ella kind of gets a kick out of her.  Tonight after dinner, Ella took some batting practice with Sunny in the hallway.  We’re getting her ready for T-ball which starts next month.17.jpg Ella and Brickelle in the stairwell after Brickelle’s piano lesson.27.jpg36.jpg48.jpg65.jpg Ballerina girl…you are so lovely.74.jpg82.jpg Using the force to hit the ball.  I don’t think Ella realizes that she closes her eyes when the ball comes.  These photos are a great learning tool!  Who knew?9.jpg Getting into the zone.10.jpg Game face.

Sunday at Pier 39

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Sometime in the middle of last week, Ella decided that on Sunday (today), we were going to go to the Aquarium by the Bay and then bungee jumping.  Today was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a great time.  Not much to say – the pictures and video pretty much say it all.  Actually, Ella got pretty mad at me today.  Ella loves jumping up and down on the bungee but she’s always a little afraid of flipping.  Today she decided that she wanted to flip, but she wanted to do it by herself…she didn’t want the guys to help her.  Ella was just too light to flip by herself so the guy wanted to help her.  I was encouraging  her to let the guy help her and he finally did.  Ella actually didn’t mind flipping but she was pissed that the guy did it.  She had a look on her face when she unhooked from the bungee thing and Sunny asked her what was going on.  Ella had a very mad look and Sunny asked her what she was mad about.  She looked straight at me and pointed to my face.  She was mad that I kept encouraging her to let the guy help her.  She said that she wanted to do it by herself.  I was happy that she could do that – that she could tell me that she was mad at me.  I told her that I was sorry.  She was cool with that.16.jpg Bubble girl!26.jpg Patiently waiting to touch the sharks and rays.35.jpg Check out the wet arm and hand.47.jpg Going for it – the shark hat kid next to Ella was annoying.55.jpg64.jpg Great form!  This was before the flip.  I didn’t catch the flip on video, but the video is really sweet.

Playing hard on Saturday

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Today was a busy day for all of us.  Sunny and I both volunteered at the Giants Fanfest and Ella spent the whole morning and most of the day with the Kim/Arenas.  Ella had a fabulous day with everyone and then Sunny took her to Taekwondo where Ella did an amazing job.  Tonight, the 3 of us just hung out here, had a great dinner, and had a beautiful night at home.15.jpg This was my Fanfest face today.  I was in charge of some of the players and I had to keep the fans in check.  Sunny came up and met me at my second post and took some pics.25.jpg I was in charge of these 3 guys in the morning…Rich Aurillia, Pat Burrell and Cody Ross.  In the afternoon, I just had Pat.  It was a fun day!  Sunny was working for the Community Fund.  They sold out their stuff within the first hour and 1/2!2a.jpg While we were at the ballpark, Ella was at a really fun park with her buddies.2b.jpg And after playing hard, everyone needs Jamba Juice.45.jpg54.jpg34.jpg Our little Taekwondo kid!  Ella learned a really cool side kick today.63.jpg Ella took this picture of these little things she created the other day.

A fantastic Friday

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Ella had a great day today.  At assembly today, the 8th grade buddies for Ella’s class performed.  They usually sit with their buddies during assembly.  I looked over at Ella’s class to find her and there she was, sitting between Ms. Gladys and Ms. Alicia.  She had such a huge smile on her face.  I was wondering why she was sitting there, but she told me she wanted to.  I think that she may have been talking a lot because she was so hyper and happy in the morning.  After school, Ella and I went to Bi-Rite with Brickelle and her family. The girls had so much fun together.  Tonight, we had Friday night movie night over here.  Yesterday Stella requested that we watch Pinocchio.  We all watched Pinocchio while Helen and Ron went out and did some grocery shopping.  Maybe next time they will actually get to go out and have dinner or something!  Of course Friday night movie night was a blast and KJ hung in there and had so much fun with all of us.14.jpg Gladys, Ella and Alicia singing happy birthday at assembly today.24.jpg I love these two together!33.jpg Ella and Brickelle after school.  That stuffed animal thing is part of Brickelle’s class.  Each kid gets the chance to take it home for the weekend.  Akilah said that the first thing she was going to do with that thing was put it in the washing machine!44.jpg Sharing ice cream with the thing.  By the way – Ella decided that she was going to wear a tank top to school on Thursday night.  She wore a tank top and a sweater but Alicia said that once assembly was over, she took off the sweater and just wore her tank top all day.  I guess Ella can’t wait for the summer.53.jpg The upside down hug.62.jpg73.jpg Friday night movie night!

Loving life

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Ella has been waking up on her own this week.  She has been so happy and is excited to go to school.  She comes home from school in a great mood!  Ella is just a lover of life.  Alicia confirmed that all the stories I wrote were true.  Ella is soaking up everything!  Not much to report on today but I have some pictures to post.13.jpg Pure happiness at 8:00 in the morning!23.jpg32.jpg Another one of Alicia’s amazing hairdos.  Ella loves getting her hair done by Alicia.43.jpg52.jpg Dance party in the 4th floor hallway!61.jpg KJ is a real little charmer.72.jpg81.jpg Popsicle sisters!

Constantly learning…

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

On Tuesday, Ella yelled out, “Oh no – I just saw my shadow.  That means 6 more weeks of winter!”  I told her that I thought that applied to a groundhog, not Ella!  Then we asked her where she heard about groundhog day.  She said that Alicia taught the class about it.  This morning (Wednesday) Ella woke up at 6:30 on her own (I usually have to wake her up at 7:00) and she said that she was very excited to find out if the groundhog saw his shadow or not.   Tonight Ella told us that when Alicia told the class that he didn’t see his shadow, she got very excited and jumped up and down on her knees.  I don’t know how much of this is true, but I think it’s great that she’s paying attention and is retaining so much information.  Ella also told me about a part of a movie about bees that she saw today.  She said, “Did you know that bees only live for 1 month?  That’s sad.  A month is very short.”  I told her that she had every right to be sad and then I told her that maybe in the bee world, a month felt like 100 years for us.   Ella hung out with Stella today while I gave Juliet her piano lesson and then Juliet joined them.  Ella loves Wednesday afternoons.12.jpg22.jpg Today before I went over to Juliet’s, Ella came running into my room, curtsied and said, “Your majesty”.  She is one funny kid!31.jpg Buddies watching Madeline.42.jpg Ella loves practicing!