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Saturday at the aquarium

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Today we all went to the Aquarium by the Bay and met up with Brickelle and her family.  We had a great time.  Ella was super happy to see Brickelle.  Milo really loved the aquarium.  All of the kids (plus Michael and Brooke) were really into touching/watching the rays, skates and sharks in the touching pool.  After the aquarium, our family went over to the Crab House for lunch and had a delicious meal.  Ella went to TaeKwonDo this afternoon and Michael, AJ and Milo went to visit Michael’s grandma who lives in SF.  For dinner, Ella, AJ, Michael, Milo, Grandma and Papa went over to Amici’s and Sunny and I went out to meet our friend from out of town.  Reports from AJ said that dinner was a blast and that Ella watched Despicable Me with Grandma and Papa for the 5th time!  I can’t believe everyone is going home tomorrow.  It has been such a great week and so wonderful to be with you guys.  We love you so much!126.jpg Ella and Brickelle sporting their aquarium hats.220.jpg319.jpg Under the octopus bubble.  Looks like there is a fish sitting on their heads!420.jpg The whole gang going down the first tunnel.  Check out Papa’s reflection.516.jpgMilo was totally into the tunnels.616.jpg A very happy papa in his penguin cave.713.jpgGirls just wanna have fun.810.jpg Checking out the sea life.98.jpg Will Milo touch a ray???106.jpg No way – he would rather touch his mommy’s hands.1112.jpg Ella and Brickelle touched the rays 12 times!127.jpg Brooklyn and grandma checking out the bees.135.jpg Ella is so happy to be surrounded by so many people who she deeply loves and who love her.  Life is beautiful.

What a beautiful day in the neighborhoodhood.

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

My dad came in Thursday night at 2:30 am.  We were all so happy that he made it safely.  We decided that since it was sunny out, (although it was very cold) we would all go to the Yerba Buena park.  We started at the carousel where Milo had his first carousel ride and then Ella played hard in the park.  Ella went down a huge fast slide, went down a firefighter’s pole many times (hurting her knee only once) and then she just ran and climbed everywhere.  We had lunch at Mo’s Grill and then headed home.  Grandma and Ella watched Toy Story 3 while Michael and Milo napped and AJ and I went downtown to do some shopping.  I finally got the new iPhone and will see if I love it by the end of the week.  Tonight Sunny made chicken and crab and cous cous and we all had a great time at home with a lot of love and laughter.  After dinner there was a fire drill in our building and we all had to evacuate.  We got to hang with Helen, Ron, Julie and Justin for a while. The girls tried to comfort each other about the noise – it was really sweet.  Here are some amazing shots from the park.124.jpgBeautiful Ella.219.jpg Ella loves Milo so much and has been such an amazing cousin/sister!318.jpg An old pro.419.jpg AJ is smiling here because the carousel didn’t start yet…once it got going I thought we were going to need a motion sickness bag!515.jpg Second ride for grandma, Ella Michael and Milo.  By the end of the ride, Milo was sleeping.615.jpg Come on everybody!  Let’s go to the playground.712.jpg89.jpg97.jpg105.jpg Ella did a lot of climbing and sliding.  At one point, she almost had the whole park to herself!1111.jpg125.jpgPapa was at the bottom of the little slide making sure everyone made it down ok!134.jpg Michael and Milo watching the kids on the big slide.143.jpg Sweetness.153.jpg Beautiful people on a cold and beautiful day.162.jpg173.jpg Milo watching Ella play music.183.jpg Love and happiness.

Layin’ low.

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Today, we stayed around the house for most of the day.  Milo needed some rest and is really battling this cold so we decided that we didn’t have to take any field trips today.  We spent a great part of the morning playing down stairs.  Ella and Milo were playing with Legos and every time Ella began to build something, Milo would knock it over.  Ella was getting frustrated but instead of taking it out on Milo, she went over to her dry erase board easel thing and drew the following…120.jpg This is Ella’s way of expressing her feelings.  There was a picture of Milo with a circle around it and a line through it and then there was a drawing of a leggo and all around it it said, “NO, NO, No, No:  I thought that was great way to get Ella to get her feelings off her chest!  It was also really funny.We had lunch at Crossroads Cafe which was a big success.  Ella had her usual bagel and some fruit and Milo had a bowl of mushroom barley soup.  By the end of lunch, Milo literally almost fell asleep in the soup!    After lunch, we came back here and Ella went over to see Stella and Juliet.  She has been dying to see them – they were out of town during the beginning part of the week.  The girls had a great time as always.  After that, We took Milo into the hall to play with the bubble machine.  Milo kept trying to eat the bubbles off the ground like a dog.  It was hysterical.218.jpg317.jpg418.jpg Bubble fun for everyone!After the bubbles, Ella had a swimming lesson.  She was amazing.  I didn’t take any pictures, but you have to trust me. Ella’s backstroke is like she’s flying across the water.  Her freestyle has improved a billion percent and she’s really swimming like a swimmer…whatever that means.514.jpg Here’s the gang on our way to Nama.614.jpg Ella beat grandma at Tic Tac Toe about 8 times.711.jpg Ella and grandma having a wonderful night together.88.jpgMilo is so happy.  He’s watching every move that Ella makes.96.jpg Milo and AJ dancing the night away.104.jpgWhat a bunch of gooofy people!  Love is everything.1110.jpg Ella and Milo dancing.  123.jpgElla took this lovely picture of Michael and Milo.133.jpg Finally home from all that dancing and eating,   Ella had a job…to feed Hanna’s fish Blue.  Ella did a great job

An adventure to the Academy

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Milo’s cold is in full force but it’s not stopping him from having a lot of fun and some sweet adventures.  We went to the Academy of Sciences today.  Ella loves this place and knew exactly what she wanted to do.  Ella and I ran around and did what she loves…touching the starfish and urchins and shells, and then we went to the Angler Fish exhibit.  Ella is fearless there.  We met up with AJ, grandma and Milo and looked at some pretty beautiful fish, sea horses, jellyfish, lizards, frogs and plenty more.  We had lunch there and headed back here where AJ and Milo napped, Grandma and Ella watched TV, and I meditated and took care of our crazy dog Towby.  We ended the night at Amici’s where we met Ellen for dinner.  Dinner was filled with lots of laughs.  Ella is having a blast.  Here are some pictures from today.119.jpg Ella very excited about touching this shell.217.jpg Cousins checking out the fish.316.jpg Milo and AJ walking towards the sharks and rays.417.jpgElla and Milo getting a closer look at the sharks and rays.513.jpg Sweet shot of a lot of love.613.jpg710.jpg Sweet parent/child moments.87.jpg Grandma and Ella busy at work doing a word search at the restaurant tonight.95.jpg Mommy and Ella on their way home from diner.  Ella said, “It’s Alcatraz cold!”  Luckily Ella got a great ride from mommy

First full day of fun!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Today was a really fun and full day.  We started in the morning at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  Ella and Milo had a great time.  It was a clear sunny day – a little cold, but beautiful.  We came back here at around 1:00 so Milo could nap and then we took the red wagon to the little park behind the ballpark.  At this point, the kids were pretty much doing their own thing.  Milo was mastering climbing the wall and making friends with kids his age, and Ella was climbing all the way to the top of the red structure in the middle and being spun on the merry go round.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Nama.  It’s so wonderful having you guys here!117.jpg216.jpg Ella and Milo playing around in the tot area.314.jpg Happy beautiful boy.416.jpg512.jpg Sweet Ella dressed up like a skunk.612.jpg Sweet cousins.79.jpg A little hike.86.jpg Two beautiful people.94.jpgMilo getting ready to write a love poem.103.jpg118.jpg Ella the ultimate explorer.122.jpg The last thing Ella wanted to do here – ring the big bell.132.jpg142.jpg On the way to our local park.152.jpgElla is on top of the world.161.jpg Happy while spinning.172.jpg Milo working on walking the wall.182.jpg Ella and her buddy Lou Seal.

Hooray! Grandma, AJ and Milo safely arrived today!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Ella was so excited when she was going to sleep yesterday morning because she knew that she was going to wake up and then  a few hours later, Ella would be with some of her favorite peeps.  So cute to see Milo come off the plane and immediately see Ella in give her one of those heart melting smiles.  We spent most of the day hanging around, letting Milo check the place out and for all of us  to reconnect and enjoy our beautiful time together.   Ella and Milo are the cutest together.  They are going to have a bast this week.  Ella is having a sleepover with grandma for the next 2 nights and Ella can’ be happier.  I’m sure my mom is having a blast too.  We love having everyone here.  The guys will join us on Thursday.  Tomorrow we will go do something fun.  Here are a few pics from today.116.jpg Ella practicing her letters before breakfast the other morning.215.jpg So excited to see grandma, AJ and Milo.313.jpg Holding hands in the back seat of the car.  True love.415.jpg It warms my heart to see these two playing together.511.jpgMy very serious piano stuent.611.jpg Chocolate with Grandma = pure heaven on so many levels.

Rain rain go away!

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

I know I shouldn’t complain…it’s not 18 degrees here and it’s not snowing, but it’s cold and rainy and I would like to take a nice walk!  We started our weekend off by going to the movies.  We saw Gnomeo and Juliet today.  Ella loved it.  She thought it was a great movie and tonight when we had some guests over, she explained the movie to them so well!  She said that there was a boy and a girl and they loved each other but their families did not like each other.  In the end, they all learned to love each other.  Beautiful Ella!  Grandma, AJ and Milo are coming on Monday and then papa and uncle Michael are joining us on Thursday.  Ella was squealing with excitement and anticipation tonight.  We are all so excited to have the east coaters here.  Here is the movie from last night…Ella playing the piano and then playing the trumpet.

Music, friends and a shopping list

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

After school today, Ella had her piano lesson with me.  She did a great job.  She really seems to love the piano.  I’ll make a video tomorrow – I’m too tired now.  Ella started learning “Ode To Joy” today.  Her focus continues to amaze me.  After her piano lesson, Ella decided to take out her trumpet.  She had a really strong sound coming out of the trumpet.  Maybe uncle Michael will give Ella a little lesson when he’s here later on in the week.  Stella, Juliet and KJ came over tonight for Friday night movie night.  They watched Despicable Me again!  They all had a great time and at the end, the girls were all dancing this crazy dance, smacking themselves in the butt and cracking up!  It was too crazy to capture it on film.  At the end of the blog, I am putting in a few pictures of a shopping list that Ella made.  Sunny and I told Ella, earlier in the week, that we were not going to tell her how to spell words anymore.  We told her that she should just write down how the words sound to her.  We also told her that in kindergarten, they have the kids sound things out and write them down the way they think they are spelled.  We told her that she can start practicing now and then things would be so easy for her.  Tonight, for the first time, Ella did the words all by herself.  It was so great to see!114.jpgThis is a picture from the other night – Ella has been into wearing her princess dresses lately.214.jpg Wednesday evening – a fun game of Candyland.312.jpgElla was looking up the planets in her dictionary.414.jpg510.jpg Tonight’s piano lesson.610.jpgMove over Chet Baker!102.jpg Having fun before the movie.  Check out Ella’s off the shoulder look.  Stella came over with her Belle dress on and Ella really wanted to put on hers.  Stella and Ella went upstairs and so that Ella could change.  She yelled from upstairs that her dress was in the closet and she couldn’t reach it.  I told her to have Stella help – Stella is much taller that Ella.  About 5 minutes later, Stella came downstairs and said, “Presenting Ella” and Ella came downstairs looking like Belle.  Later, we asked Ella how they reached the dress and she said, “We took the step stool from my bathroom and carried it into the closet” (That thing is really heavy).  She then said, “We carried it together, ya know, teamwork”.  So great!115.jpg The whole gang watching Despicable Me.78.jpg85.jpg93.jpg OK – here is the translation: Oranges, toothpaste, no idea what the first one is on the second page, butterscotch pudding, olives, bananas, watermelon, cucumber, pasta, butter, dogs, fish and apples. Great job Ella!

Ballet in the pool

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Ella was doing a lot of water ballet and some old school swimming.  I loved editing the video and watching Ella thrive in the pool.  For my visitors next week…don’t forget your bathing suits!  Not too much to say.  I’m heading towards that sleepy place.  Can’t wait for everyone to be here next week.  I love you guys.

Sweet Ella

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Ella had a great day at school and tonight Stella, Juliet and KJ came over for dinner so they had a special night together.  Sunny made a great dinner and then for dessert, we had a repeat of last night…melted chocolate and strawberries.  All of us enjoyed this decadent dessert.  Tonight was a fun night.113.jpg After Ella’s bath, she chose this outfit to greet her dinner guests.213.jpg311.jpg Taking turns on the piano.413.jpg59.jpg69.jpg Yummy chocolate!  It was a hit.