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Friday and Saturday

Monday, January 31st, 2011

A warning – I have taken my Ambien so it may look a little like last night’s which I did edit a little today when I wasn’t sleep typing.  On Friday night, we went to an event put on by the CDS Middle School.  They did a series of short plays.  Ella loved being there hanging with the older girls.  She didn’t seem like she was getting too much in the way.  She loved watching them on stage.  I’m sure most of it  went right over her head, but she still loved it.  On Saturday, I went to a workshop at SFSU and Ella and mommy hung out.  At 3:00, Ella went to TaeKwonDo and SUnny and I worked out  A little later, Juliet and KJ came over for dinner and a movie.  Stella was at a sleepover.  Ron and Helen were out earlier in the evening and then came home at about 8:30 and then we swapped kids.  ELla and Juliet had a sleepover and then they got to have some good buddy time together.  They spent a good part of the day with each other today and then when Stella come home, they all played.  There was a lot of love this weekend.124.jpg220.jpg319.jpg417.jpg Fun at Taeknowdo.516.jpg614.jpg89.jpg So much fun with bubbles and movies.Here is a video of Ella’s latest piano lesson.           She played Old MacDonald and Control Freak (one of AJ’s songs).

Leaping Lizard Friday Assembly

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

The Leaping Lizards did a great job on Friday.  They were all adorable, they looked so sweet, they worked really hard and it paid off.  Alicia – you picked the perfect thing to do.  It was short and adorable.  As a few parents who are not in our class commented…it was almost TOO much cuteness.  The video is of Ella and the job that she had.  Her friend Emmi hogged the mic, but instead of Ella pouting or crying, she hung in there and just let it all happen.  When her friend Clark came up to the mic late and tried to talk to Ella, notice Ella’s hand gestures.  Priceless.  So much more to report from the weekend but I’m so tired so I’ll just leave it at the assembly.  Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend.123.jpg Ella walking out with her buddy Cassi.219.jpgElla probably finding mommy in the audience.318.jpgElla and Emmi causing trouble.416.jpg Ella seems to think that something is funny.Here’s a video of the announcement and song.

Happy days

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Today I spent some time in Ella’s classroom filming the kids as they were talking about what they knew about bees.  Ella said, “ I know about bees that they could only make honey if they collect nectar from the flowers.”  I was wondering if she meant pollen but we looked it up at home and bees do collect nectar and use it for food.  Ella is great in the classroom.  She’s interested in just about everything and she works really well alone as well as with her friends.  After school today we hung around with Brickelle and her family, having fun on the street in front of the school.  Ella saw lots of friends leaving the school and she was talking away with all of them.  What a difference 2 1/2 years makes.  When we came home, mommy was home so we all took a walk outside – Ella was on her bike and we were walking Towby.  We made a few stops – went to the little park and then came home.  Sunny had to go to a celebration for Leadership SF, so Ella and I had a date at Nama.  On the way out, we bumped into the Kim/Arena clan in the hallway and they all did a few laps and Ella had an amazing appetite for dinner.  Ella and I had a really sweet dinner.  She fell asleep at about 8:15 which is super early for her.  Tomorrow morning is the Leaping Lizard hosted assembly.  Be prepared for a lot of video.122.jpg Ella cruising down the cove.  Yes – it was another beautiful day today.218.jpg Playing with some kids on the merry go round.317.jpg415.jpg Listening to Stella singing “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”515.jpg Ella is mastering the chop sticks with one hand.613.jpg Ella took this one of us.  Check out how well her nose is finally healing!


Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Ella has been having a great week.  The Leaping Lizards are practicing hard for their assembly that they are hosting on Friday.  I’m sure I will catch it all on video.  The kids are doing a song about bees.  It should be really cute.  Ella is excited about her part in the assembly.  Can’t wait to see it!  I am posting a video from the other night where Ella and I were improvising on the piano.  I think some parts sound beautiful.  Ella is not afraid to explore.  That is even more beautiful.  My beautiful east coast family – I hope you guys are all safe and staying warm.

Sweet beautiful ballet recital

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Today was Ella’s ballet recital.  It was a small recital – just for parents/caregivers/friends/ family.  Ella was very excited about it.  She also had a fantastic day at school.  Alicia was out for the whole week last week and Gladys was out for 2 days.  Today Alicia and Gladys were back and all was good in Ella’s world.  She was wearing a Hannah Montana brand shirt that Aunt Heather had given to her, and Ella couldn’t wait to show it to Alicia.  Ella gets so goofy with Hannah Montana.  Maybe one day she’ll be able to really explain it.  After school, Ella started Tree Frog Treks again and met a bearded dragon named Pablo.  After the recital, we went to Pier 39 and had dinner at the Crab House.  It was delicious and Ella remained excited and happy throughout the meal.  We all need to hold onto the love and sweetness in life.  There are too many crazy things going on around us all.  Love and peace is where it’s at.120.jpg Ella right before ballet class.217.jpg Getting a pep talk from Laura the ballet teacher.316.jpg Stretching…414.jpg Getting excited.514.jpg Listening to directions.612.jpg78.jpg Ella is leading the marching line.88.jpg95.jpg The scenic shots!  Heading over to the crab house.104.jpg Gorgeous sunset.

Another beautiful day

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Today was another gorgeous day here.  Ella and I went over to the ballpark to go on the slide and play in the little ballpark.  Ella hit the ball so well!  Time really makes a difference.  I did some pitching to her and she was able to really hit the ball!  Sunny met us over there and then we had lunch at the Crossroads Cafe.  All day, Ella kept saying, “I need to go to Stella’s knitting club”.  I guess Stella told Ella that she was having a knitting club today.  We checked it out with Helen and she said that they were having company today so there was no “knitting club” but Stella has been trying to do finger knitting lately so it wasn’t so far fetched that she would have told Ella that there was a knitting club at her place – it sounds like she wants one.  Ella kept wanting to see Stella and Juliet this evening but they were out.  Ella left a note on their door but I guess they got home too late to come over.  I hope they have their knitting club sometime this week.119.jpg Walking over to the slide.216.jpg They are slowly turning the field back to a baseball field.  There was a football game there a few weeks ago.  We’re ready for baseball.315.jpg Totally tall enough for this slide and about 1/2 inch to go for the big slide.413.jpg Miss Thing at the Crossroads Cafe.513.jpg The face of a child who just had some delicious hot fudge on her ice cream.611.jpg More practicing on her own.

Beautiful day

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Sorry to my East coast friends and family who are freezing over there.  It has been beautiful here.  We started the day taking a nice walk along the water and ended up at the Java House.  Ella was running and playing and having lots of fun.  Becca joined us for lunch and we just hung out in the sun.  In the afternoon, Ella had a birthday party to do to at a place called Terra Mia.  The kids got to paint different pieces of pottery.  Ella painted a bud vase and this round little disc.  She had a great time with some of her friends from school.  Tonight, we had Saturday night movie night with Ron, KJ, Stella and Juliet.  Helen went out to the movies.  The kids loved their weekend movie nights together.  We watched the Incredibles.118.jpg I snuck up on these guys and took this shot from the little field in front of the restaurant.215.jpg314.jpg Ella has been really into running and seeing how far she can jump.412.jpg Talking with her buddy Harry at the party.511.jpg Ella and Luke – the birthday boy.610.jpgElla with Luke and his big brother Leo.  Ella has a lot of fun with these guys – especially around baseball.77.jpg Ella practicing the piano without being bothered by us.87.jpg The whole gang.  Ella decided that it was a fancy night for her.94.jpg The three musketeers.

Where do I begin?

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

What a full beautiful day today was.  It started in the morning at CDS where the school had an all school MLK Day assembly.  Ella’s class presented something with their 8th grade buddies.  They were talking about Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  Each kid drew a picture and told the teacher what their dream was and the teacher wrote it down.  At the assembly, the kids were supposed to tell their dreams into the microphone.  Most of the kids in Ella’s class were really shy and did not want to talk into the microphone.  5 out of around 22 kids spoke into the mic.  Ella was one of them.  She couldn’t wait!  I only put the end of the assembly in a little clip at the end.  After school, I gave Ella a piano lesson.  She was fantastic.  I think Ella can actually be good if she works.  There is a piano lesson video at the end too.  After her lesson, we took Towby for a walk along the water and we saw a whole bunch of seals.  It was so sweet.  I captured a tiny bit on video.  I mixed that video in with the MLK one.  Tonight, the Kim/ Area clan came over for Friday night movie night.  We watched Ratatouille.  The kids were wonderful.  Today was really a great day.  Ella’s nose is getting better.  We think her impetigo came back a little bit but it’s on it’s way off her face.  She must be very sensitive.117.jpg Ella and Cassi this morning after the assembly.214.jpgElla playing the piano.313.jpg411.jpg Ella walking Towby around the ballpark.510.jpg Looking for sea lions.69.jpgGetting a little cooler out at sunset.76.jpg Making the brownies.86.jpg Friday night movie night gang.

It’s been a few days…

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I haven’t written in a few days.  Ella has been great.  Nothing new to report.  There is a big MLK assembly tomorrow at school and Ella’s class is participating with their 8th grade buddies.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a video and some pics.  We did a video chat with grandma tonight and she is making a remarkable recovery!  Grandma drove for the first time today.  Ella loved hearing that news.116.jpg A little sleepy – Ella and Ann heading to the elevator to go to school.  Check out the cool sweatshirt.213.jpg312.jpg Ella drawing in her new cool book that AJ sent today.

The Zoo and Ballet

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

The zoo was a lot of fun.  Each child had a sketch book and they were drawing the animals that they saw.  All the kids were really focused.  We all had a great time together.  After the zoo, I took Ella to ballet where she continued to do a fantastic job.  I still can’t believe how many activities Ella can stand!  I am super tired so enjoy the pictures and the ballet video.115.jpg212.jpg THe girls and their sketchbooks.311.jpg410.jpg Lion love.68.jpg Best buddies.59.jpg I love this shot of the girls and the meerkat.75.jpg Ella really wanted to sit on this turtle.85.jpg Buddies at the petting zoo.93.jpg103.jpg Our prima ballerina.