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Another wonderfully busy day

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Today was the big day of Stella’s annual gingerbread house making tea party birthday party.  Stella, Juliet and KJ came over at around 8:00 this morning so that Helen and Ron could make their place fabulous for the party.  We had a great time with the kids and they were so happy and excited for the party.  The party, of course was a great hit.  This was the first year that Ella did the gingerbread house all by herself and it looked terrific.  Ella had a great time and immediately hit it off with some of Stella’s new friends from school.  I played the piano for a little bit and we had a fun sing-along.  It was really a great party.  At around 3:00, Ella and I went and picked up Ella’s friend Emmi for a sleepover.  We came back here and they went straight to the instruments.  Emmi played the drums and Ella was singing.  We left a little while later to go to see Yogi Bear.  I thought it was ok – the kids seemed to really like it.  After the movie, we came back here, and the girls really went at it with the music.  Ella changed into her Hannah Montana dress and Emmi picked a Sleeping Beauty dress.  They were jamming to Hannah Montana.  I put a little video at the end of this entry.  We had dinner, read some books, the girls giggled and giggled and now the whole house is sleeping except me.  I hope everyone sleeps through the night.126.jpg212.jpg310.jpg410.jpg Good morning beautiful people!58.jpg The girls getting ready to go to Stella’s party.  Bed jumping is a very important part of getting ready.69.jpg78.jpg88.jpg The process and the product.  Beauty.97.jpg Juliet, Stella and Ron right before Stella blew out her candle.106.jpg So much love.1111.jpg127.jpg135.jpgELla and Emmi making beautiful music together.

So much going on!

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

It’s been a few days – seems like there have been so many things going on.  Friday was Ella’s last day of school until the new year.  On Friday morning, all to the parents were invited into the classroom to see “All About Me” a culminating project.  The kids sang some songs and then presented their portfolios to us.  I am going to take some pictures of Ella’s work and put it on the blog, but for now, I’ll just say that it was a great morning.  Ella was really proud to show us her work and she did a great job showing it to us.  I can’t believe how much Ella has grown up.  A little later on in the morning, the whole school had their Winter Performance.  This is always a sweet event where most of the parents cry because the kids are so cute.  The entire pre school performed “Free To Be You And Me” with a 7th grade soloist.  It was really cute – you’ll see it at the end of the blog.  Ella loved singing the song around the house and she was really excited for the performance but as you will see, she wasn’t so into it during the performance.  She said she loved it but I couldn’t tell!  She looked squished up and unfocused, but as long as she had a good time that’s cool.  On Friday night, Sunny and I helped work a faculty appreciation party at one of the parent’s house.  It was truly a beautiful evening and the teachers and administrators loved it.  Sunny and I did coat check and it was a big job!  Ella slept over at the Kim/Arenas.  Ella had a great time of course and then in the morning, we took the girls to our place.  They played really well all morning and into the afternoon.  They are really wonderful together.  At 1:00 I took Ella to a birthday party, Helen too Juliet to get a hamburger and Sunny hung out with Stella.  After the party, we picked up Sunny and then we went to TaeKnowdo.  Ella is getting it little by little ind it’s so great to watch.  With a little more time, Ella is going to be good!  After all of the activities, we came home.  Sunny and I went out to a holiday/birthday party which was great.  Got to spend some time with people we really love.  Now we’re home and getting some rest for Sunday.  First thing in the morning, we will be taking the kids from next door to our place and entertaining them until their place is ready for Stella’s 6th birthday party!!!  How exciting.  After Stella’s party, Ella’s friend Emmi is going to come over and we’re going to take then to see Yogi Bear and then Emmi will sleep over.  On Tuesday,  I am getting my tooth pulled so Ella is going to go to camp on Tues and Wed.  I’m gonna probably need some rest.125.jpg Ella presenting her portfolio to us.dsc03263.jpg Here are the 3 of us checking out Ella’s work.  Thanks for the pic Alicia.39.jpgAfter lunch having ice cream and chocolate sauce.49.jpg The morning after the sleepover.  Now back over at our place.57.jpg68.jpg77.jpg87.jpg96.jpg105.jpg Ella and her TaeKwonDo class.  What a great experience for Ella.Now for the Free ToBe You And Me movie.

Watching Ella grow up

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

It seems like Ella is going through a huge growth spurt both emotionally and physically.  Ella is much better at listening and having a conversation.  She’s very curious and asks appropriate questions.  When she is interested in something, she wants as much information as you can give her.  Physically, she has been eating a lot which is great, she is much more confident in sports and she loves jumping around.  Here are 6 pictures of Ella, all taken on December 14 starting from 2005.  What a difference.1a.jpg December 14, 20052a.jpg December 14, 20063a.jpg December 14, 20074a1.jpg December 14, 20085a.jpg December 14, 2008210.jpg And here we are today, December 14, 2010.  Ella is trying out her new Hannah Montana Rock Band guitar.  It’s gonna take her a little while to master it, but she is being patient and learning how to do it.  I love you beautiful Ella.

Goofy Ella

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

It was almost impossible to wake Ella up this morning.  I had to go through every character that I have in order to get her out of bed.  I also bribed her with her new gumball machine.  Anyway, once we were in the car and listening to Hannah Montana,  Ella was full of energy.  Once we got into the classroom, she was off to the races.  We walked through the gates with Brickelle this morning and I think this made her so excited that she couldn’t contain herself.  We also told Brickelle about Ella’s new guitar and it turns out that she has one too!  Ella was also excited to see Alicia.  She feels like Alicia understands her Hannah Montana obsession and she has fun with her about it.  I was worried that Ella was going to be a wreck today because of her cold and everything but it sounded like she was hyper and wide awake all day.  By the time I picked her up to go to ballet, Ella was full of life and fun and was very spunky.  You have to watch the ballet video to truly understand Ella’ s goofiness.  She had a great time.  The kids weren’t even irritated with her.  They just all played along.Here are some pictures from the class.  My ambien is working so I have no idea what I’m really writing.  Hope it makes sense.120.jpg Really paying attention huh?  Why is everyone else sitting up?29.jpgSo here the teacher was telling them that they were swimming angels and that they were supposed to swim through the bubbles. All of a sudden, Ella was like, “I am an alligarot fairy and I am going to eat all the bubbles…chomp, chomp, chomp!38.jpg Trying to focus.48.jpg56.jpg67.jpg76.jpgElla learning to spin without getting dizzy.86.jpg95.jpg ONe happy goofy dancer.

Ballerina birthday party

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Today was Brickelle’s birthday party.  She had it at a sweet ballet studio in Noe Valley.  Brickelle invited all of the girls in her class and Ella.  Ella had a blast at the party.  Of course she loved it because it was Brickelle’s party, but she really had fun with the other kids and she loved doing ballet!  You’ll see from the pictures that she pretty much smiled for the whole party.  Tonight we had dinner with Amy and Jenny.  Ella got 2 fantastic birthday/Chanukah gifts from them.  The first one was a Hannah Montana “guitar hero” type game which made Ella almost faint and then a 3 foot tall Hello Kitty bubblegum machine.  I’ll take pics with Ella and her stuff tomorrow…we got home just on time to get Ella to sleep before 9.  We had a fun night.119.jpg Upon arriving at the party, the girls were given fairy wings and tutus.28.jpg37.jpg Face painting!47.jpg Grand plie.55.jpg Happy ballerina.66.jpg75.jpg Ella and Brickelle leading the pack.85.jpg Dancing around Brickelle who was playing Sleeping Beauty.94.jpg The party girls!104.jpg Laughter.1110.jpg A new dance move.124.jpg Mommy and Brooklyn.134.jpg I don’t think Ella has ever been up so high.143.jpg Love and happiness.153.jpg Last dance.

Happy birthday dad/papa

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Happy birthday!  We love you.  We hope you have a beautiful day.  We can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.  We love you a lot.  Sorry that the video is a little noisy, Ella did it last night at the gym.  Happy Birthday Papa!!!!

Ella got her yellow belt!

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Ella woke up at around 5:30 this morning complaining that she was congested.  She was a little warm and she had about 100º fever.  We gave her some tylenol and we all went back to sleep.  We took it really easy today – Ella hung out in bed and watched a lot of Spongebob which made her really happy.   I bought the Biggest Loser Wii workout game yesterday so Sunny and I did our work outs at home today.    It’s actually a really good work out!  Ella made a card for Brickelle and was feeling much better.  We asked her if she felt well enough to go to the testing TaeKwonDo and she said that she really wanted to go.  Ella did a great job in class.  All of the kids advanced to the next level.  She was really happy to get her yellow belt with a white stripe.  The video at the end of this shows her instructor giving her the belt – he says that she paid attention better than some 9, 10, and 11 year olds.  She’s really into it and is so cute when she does her thing!  After class, we went over to Phyllis and Michaels to celebrate a late Chanukah with Michael’s grand daughter Zani.  She was supposed to come to our house on Monday night but communication was messed up and she never made it over.  We are officially calling the 11th night of Chanukah “Zanikah”.  Zani is 8 and she is really sweet with Ella.  Ella thinks she is the bomb.  It was a really fun night.  Ella was a trooper.  Tomorrow is Brickelle’s birthday party.  Ella is so excited.117.jpg Ella and Casi at assembly on Friday.27.jpg Getting ready to go over to our friend’s house on Friday night.36.jpg Making a birthday card for Brickelle.46.jpg The final product!54.jpg Working on her kicks.65.jpg Chillin’ at the end of class.74.jpg Ella and Kyle – the two white belts ab out to move up to the first yellow belt.84.jpg93.jpg Getting her yellow belt.103.jpg Showing respect.118.jpg THe belt!  It’s very stiff right now – I have to wash it a few times to get it to stay down.123.jpg Relaxing with Zani watching Toy Story 2.133.jpg142.jpg Zani reading a bllk to Ella.152.jpg Hannah, Zani, Naomi and Ella.

Our little mermaid

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Not too much to report from the day – I have a job interview on Monday and if it goes well and if everything is cool, I’ll talk about it.  Ella seemed to have a great day at school, Sunny had a good day at work so life is beautiful.  Ella and Sunny had dinner and stuff together and I got my Brazilian Blowout.  I just edited Ella’s swimming lesson.  It’s kind of long, but grandma – since you have some time on your hands. You can critique her style.  Sunny and I went downtown to see an art installation tonight.  One of the artists is the father of one of Ella’s old classmates.  It was cool work.  Sunny took this cool shot of the top of City Hall…116.jpgNow here is Ella’s swim lesson video.  Good night.

Last night of Chanukah

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Chanukah was very busy and fun and exciting this year.  Tonight was the last night and we went to Nama for dinner.   Ella was in a great mood and the 3 of us had a nice relaxing family dinner.115.jpg This was one of Ella’s Chanukah presents.  I thought Ella was going to either pass out or throw herself into the wall.  She was so happy and crazy.  26.jpg Now this is a masterpiece.  Alicia – I am waiting for my lessons.  What a beautiful job.35.jpg This is tobiko.45.jpg This is Ella about to eat an entire plate of tobiko.  Oy vey.  I can’t imagine eating one little egg.53.jpg64.jpg73.jpg83.jpg Ella is a professional menorah lighter.  She was totally into it this year.  ow she just has to learn the prayers.

More Chanukah fun

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Tonight we went over to Ella’s friend Eli’s house for Chanukah.  Eli and Ella were in preschool together last year and the year before.  Eli is now in kindergarten and his brother Harry is in 2nd grade.  We have continued a friendship with their family who we really love.  The kids had a lot of fun together and so did the adults.  Sunny made an amazing brisket and Liz made terrific latkes.  I think I am officially all brisket and latke’d out.  Maybe we’ll get some Japanese food for the last night of Chanukah tomorrow night.  Ella was dressed as an astronaut for most of the evening and so was Eli.114.jpg I took this of Ella after school today.  She really looks like a big kid!25.jpg Eli and Ella before Eli joined Ella on the spacecraft.34.jpg Ella, Eli and Harry.  They played incredibly well together.  Ella reassured me that it was a fake gun.44.jpg Coming down from the spacecraft.