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Can’t believe a week has gone by!

Friday, December 31st, 2010

We have had such an amazing week with grandma and papa.  It feels like it just flew by.  We have one more full day and night tomorrow (today and tonight).  Today, mommy went to work, Ella went with grandma to get her hair washed and blown out, and papa and I went to Patagonia to do some shopping.  We all met up at Amicis for lunch and then we took a nice walk and Ella had a great bike ride.  Tonight we had a really nice dinner at Momo’s – not a usual place that we go to but it was really good! Ella’s nose is getting better.  The oral antibiotics are starting to work.  We’re going to have dinner here for New Year’s Eve and of course since New Year’s Eve means nothing to Ella, she wants to have Friday night movie night with grandma and papa.  Ella wants to see Spirited Away.  We saw it a few weeks ago and it was pretty intense, but she really wants grandma and papa to see it (better than seeing Despicable Me for the 3rd time this week!).  Grandma is doing really well with her shoulder. Tonight she was even able to cut her chicken with both hands.  This is a very exciting milestone.  Keep working hard grandma!  You’ll be flapping both of your wings in no time.146.jpg222.jpg Grandma and Ella checking out the transition that is being made from a baseball field to a football field!  It’s always a little strange to see.317.jpg Go Ella go!515.jpg I love this shot – mommy was pushing Ella and this other little girl on the merry go round thing.615.jpg Grandma and Ella heading home.713.jpg Love and happiness, beautiful people and beautiful scenery.813.jpg Great shot.  Thanks papa!911.jpg Looks like Ella is about to jump right into a pool.

Hanging out downtown

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Today we decided to go to the Jewish Museum downtown to see the Curious George exhibit.  We didn’t check the museum schedule and got to the museum to find out that it was closed.  Ella was totally fine that it was closed – later on during the day she told us that she told grandma and papa in the morning that she wanted to go to the Jewish Museum on Thursday and that she was right – we can’t go Wednesday because it’s closed…so we have to go on Thursday.  Ella threw some coins in the water outside of the museum and ran on the water steps with papa.  We decided that we would go to SFMOMA since it was right there.  Ella was pretty interested in some of the stuff and not so interested in others.  At least she knows what she likes.  After the museum we had lunch at Nordstrom where she inhaled her mac and cheese.  Sunny and I went out on a hot date tonight and saw the Little Fockers (didn’t really plan to see that but that’s what we ended up seeing) and Ella had a date with grandma and papa which I know made the 3 of them really happy!145.jpg Another great grandma Ella papa shot walking down Mission Street.  It was a little colder out today.220.jpg Playing around with papa on the water steps.316.jpg Making one of many wishes.416.jpg Taking those steps like a champion.514.jpg Here are Ella and grandma at the SFMOMA.  Grandma was introducing Ella to some of her friends.614.jpg Ella LOVED this cake – we had a little mid day snack at the sculpture garden cafe.712.jpg Ella was mesmerized by this piece.  She sat there for quite a while watching it change.812.jpg910.jpg A beautiful gold beaded curtain that Ella loved running through.1010.jpg Ella added some more stuff to her dream.1212.jpg We did a video chat with AJ, Michael and Milo this morning.  It was great seeing you guys…we love you!  Michael and AJ got this costume for Ella for Chanukah but it was at our house.  They were going to give it to her while they were here but since they couldn’t make it, they had me present it to Ella during the iChat.  Ella loves it.

Our trip to the aquarium

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Today we made our trip to the aquarium at Pier 39.  Ella never gets tired of this place and wants to go every time grandma and papa are here.  After the aquarium, we went to the crab house and had a great lunch.  Ella ate clams, crab shrimp and fried artichokes.  We had a really fun day.  Later in the afternoon, Sunny and I took Ella to the doctor because she has some kind of infection in her nose.  She was so stressed out about going to the doctor that she fell asleep in the car.  Once we were in the office, we read her a whole bunch of books and she got less stressed out.  There was this one book that we read together called “Do Not Open This Book”.  Ella was really into when the doctor came in.  Ella did a great job.  She cooperated with the doctor, let him take a culture of her nose infection and kept begging me to finish the book.  She’s on antibiotics and her infection should be clearing up in the next 2 days.  I have been editing the pictures when you can see the one gross nostril.  Ella has been great about not touching it.  She probably got it from picking her nose so any parents out there reading this…DO NOT LET YOU KIDS PICK THEIR NOSE!  Ella learned the hard way.  The 5 of us had dinner at the Public House.  There is so much rain here that we almost needed to take a boat across the street.140.jpg Grandma, Ella and some beautiful jellyfish.219.jpg Here are the 3 beautiful pepople in the tunnel under the bay.315.jpg415.jpg Ella has become and expert at touching the skates, rays and sharks.  I remember a time when she would not touch them for anything!513.jpg Back at home with our fish sitting job.  Ella has been very responsible.

Great day with Jesse and Heather

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

We all spent the day with Jesse and Heather today.  They have been in town from LA for the past few days visiting family in the Bay Area and we got them today.  We had a really sweet day hanging out, walking to the Ferry Building, having tea and then hanging out back here watching parts of Fantasia and having dinner.  Jamie, Michael and Milo are staying in NY – no possible way to get here.  We explained the blizzard to Ella and showed her pictures of NYC snowed in that AJ sent us… Ella’s response was, “Oh my God!”  She’s been saying that a lot lately.139.jpg In the beginning of our walk, Ella was cold so Sunny bundled her up with her scarf.218.jpg Uncle Jesse giving Ella a little ride.314.jpg Happy kid.414.jpg Ella found a ladybug on our walk.512.jpg I think they were doing some kind of chanting.613.jpg Aunt Heather and mommy helping Ella to fly.711.jpg811.jpg Papa helping Ella to fly.99.jpg109.jpg Ella did a lot of jumping today.1113.jpg What a perfect postcard picture.1211.jpg Learning to drink out of the special tea cups.1310.jpg144.jpg Ella did her job well – she fed the fish at dinner time.

All snowed in…

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Jamie, Michael and Milo were supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  They are stuck in the NYC blizzard.  It really sucks because were were all looking forward to spending some beautiful time together.  It they can’t make it out by Wednesday, we’re gonna take a raincheck for February.  If you guys are reading this, we love you very much and can’t wait until we get to all be with each other.  Let’s do a video chat tomorrow.  Life in SF has been really sweet.  The weather here has held up pretty well and today we went to see the Nutcracker.  It was a beautiful production but I have to admit that I get pretty bored by the middle of the second act.  Ella of course loved it and grandma brought our binoculars with her so that Ella could see up close.  Ella loved using the binoculars and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  After the Nutcracker, we came home and Stella and Juliet came over.  The girls played games and had a lot of fun.  Tonight Ella watched Bedtime Stories with grandma and papa.  Grandma thought it was one of the most inane movies she had ever seen.  I would take it over Gulliver’s Travels any day.138.jpg Ella and papa doing a crossword puzzle together.217.jpg Getting ready to leave for the Nutcracker.313.jpg Beautiful shot in front of the ballet.413.jpg Ella using the binoculars.511.jpgWe bumped into one of Ella’s classmates, Ellison at the Nutcracker.  Ella got along really well with Ellison’s cousin.  They had a great conversation about movies.612.jpgMommy and Ella by City Hall.710.jpg810.jpg Playing old school games Kerplunk and Candy Land.98.jpg108.jpg We are fish sitting our neighbor Hannah’s fish this week.  Ella is taking her job very seriously.

If you wanna go and take a ride with me…

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

This morning we were on our way out to Dim Sum and we bumped into the Kim/Arena clan in the garage.  Justin and Julie gave Juliet an Escalade for Christmas!  The car drives 5 mph and Juliet is an amazing little driver.  When we walked into the garage, Juliet was backing the car up.  She saw Ella, got out of the car, opened the passenger door and said, “Come on, hop in Ella”.  Ella got in and off they went (the garage door was closed so they didn’t have too far to go).  The video at the end is a short clip of their joy ride.  Of course Ella wants to drive it and maybe she will be able to in the next week or so, but for now, Juliet is in the driver’s seat – literally.  The 5 of us went to Yank Sing for brunch and it was wonderful.  Later on in the afternoon, we went to the movies to see Gulliver’s Travels.  It was pretty stupid but Ella did laugh out loud a few times.  I’m just happy that we decided to see the regular version and saved some money on an unnecessary 3-D movie.  Tonight we had a delicious dinner at home and just relaxed and enjoyed each other.  At around 8, we went over to Stella and Juliet’s house to exchange Christmas gifts.  The girls were so beautiful together…they were self sufficient, no fighting, and the adults were actually able to have meaningful conversations.  The day and night were fantastic.  Tomorrow we go to see the Nutcracker.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas or some great Chinese food and saw some good movies.137.jpg Juliet taking Ella for a spin.216.jpg Ella and mommy having fun while grandma is just happy.312.jpg Grandma and Ella in front of the Christmas tree at Yank Sing.412.jpgGrandma, Ella and papa at the movies.510.jpgHelen and KJ, who really wanted to use his screwdriver on something.611.jpg The girls on their cool ride.

Grandma and papa are here!

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Ella woke up early this morning, woke me up and asked me when grandma and papa were going to land.  It was around 7:00 am so I told her that they would be landing in like 7 hours.  This is how the rest of our day was…when are they landing?  How many hours?  I can’t wait!  How many hours?  We finally left for the airport and 40 minutes later, grandma and papa were in the car and Ella was the happiest kid in the world.  Grandma looks terrific!  She’s doing really well with her shoulder recovery.  Papa is fantastic also, you would never know that he had surgery in November from side galloping.  We all hung out in the afternoon and Ella watched Despicable Me with grandma and papa.  Tonight we had dinner at Nama and had a great time.  Just as I was tucking Ella in tonight, she looked at me and said in such an excited and loving voice…”I can’t believe that they are actually here!”  Beautiful.  Nothing like pure love.  I want to to wish everyone who celebrates, a beautiful Christmas.  I hope you are all with the people who you love.  I know we are.130.jpg Here they are!215.jpg Tonight, I went to see what Ella had drawn earlier today on her dry erase board.  It’s behind a concrete pole, so it’s like her own private studio.  I took a look at it and asked Ella what it was…she said that the red person was Ella, sleeping and the rest was a dream.  The face in the first cloud was Brickelle and then there was the rainbow and at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold of course.  She said that was her best dream.  I love the way her drawing told this happy story.

Fun on the Embarcadero

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Ella woke up with no fever this morning.  She still has a little cold but she was fever free all day – tonight, it came back a little so I guess she’s fighting an infection.  Ella and I went to Crossroads and had breakfast, then we hopped on the train and went to the Hyatt on the Embarcadero.  We checked out the lights and some very large nutcrackers and other stuff.  We also watched the people ice skating.  We came home, Ella made Stella a card for her birthday (Stella’s actual birthday is today) and then Ella tied a beautiful bow on Stella’s gift.  Brickelle taught Ella how to tie a bow last month and Ella has pretty much mastered it.  The video at the end is of Ella tying a bow.  Tonight, we went next door to celebrate Stella’s birthday with the whole family.  The kids broke up a piñata and we had delicious ice cream cake.  All of a sudden, Ella began to fade fast so we took her home and straight to bed.  Grandma and papa are coming in the afternoon.  We can’t wait to see them!129.jpg Riding the train down the Embarcadero.214.jpg311.jpg59.jpg610.jpg Ella and the huge decorations.411.jpg Check out these beautiful lights.79.jpg A little “fall” scene in San Francisco.89.jpg107.jpg1112.jpg Piñata time!1210.jpg Ella found her way into this beautiful family shot.136.jpg I think this is one of the first times that we have all been photographed together!  Juliet doesn’t look too happy here but she was just acting…

Sent home from camp with a fever

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Today I got a call at around 12:00 that Ella had a fever (between 101 and 102) and that I needed to come and get her.  When I got her, she was warm, her eyes were glassy and she just wanted to get home to bed.  Ella was very sleepy but cooperated and took some tylenol.  Her fever came back at around 7:00 so we gave her more tylenol.  She is sleeping soundly right now and I just checked on her and she has no fever.  When Ella woke up this morning she said, “Only 2 days ’til grandma and papa!  She is so excited to see you guys.  We can’t wait to see you guys and hang out.  We love you.  More on Ella’s health tomorrow.  My tooth is doing alright.  A few more days of meds and I’ll be great.  Goodnight.

Funny Ella

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I had a tooth pulled today and prepped for an implant so we sent Ella to CDS camp.  She is going to go tomorrow also and then she is officially on waking up in the morning vacation.  The other night I forgot to write this really funny story.  When Emmi was sleeping over, we were joking around with them before they went to bed. The girls were laughing and having a fun time.  When Emmi and Ella were just about to fall asleep, Emmi said, “Ella – your mom and dad are kooky.”  Ella then turned to Emmi and said, “I don’t have a dad!  He’s not even dead.  I just don’t have a dad.  Do you understand me?”  That made them both laugh even more.   Ella told us that story the next morning.  Tonight, we were having dinner and Ella was stalling and stalling and finally Sunny said, “Fine, if you don’t eat your dinner, I am going to eat your rice krispie treat.”  First, Ella was like, “NOOOOO”.  Then Sunny said, “I was just saying that to get you to eat your dinner.”  Ella turned around and said, “Well that’s obvious.”  She sort of repeated the story in the video below.  Ella also gave a fact that she learned at camp today.  Well I hope she got her numbers wrong…her regular teacher Alicia is not teaching at the camp – the teachers for camp are not the lead teachers.  Ella was very sure about her new fact – you’ll see it on the video.  The last thing on the video is Ella singing a part of a song “Daydream”.  I think the second graders performed this song during the winter performance. Ella has picked up bits and pieces of the songs that were performed during the concert.  She has an amazing memory for music.128.jpg Beautiful Ella.213.jpg Building 3-D shapes with Bendaroos.