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Some more photos and movies.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

First the photos – Ella in the pool in Tucson, mommy reading to Ella’s class, and Ella at ballet.  The movies…the crazy pool at HoJo – the 300 gallon tank that got dumped on my head and Ella’s class singing happy birthday to her in English, Español and Chinese.  Too tired to say any more.117.jpg210.jpg Very happy child in the pool.38.jpgTaking a little rest.410.jpg Borrowing my shirt because Ella doesn’t like to walk around in a wet bathing suit.510.jpg Mommy reading to Ella’s class on her birthday.610.jpg76.jpg86.jpg98.jpg104.jpg Sweet beautiful Ella doing her thing.butterflies-tb-nov-003.JPGbutterflies-tb-nov-004.JPGbutterflies-tb-nov-005.JPGThis is fron Ella’s Tree Frog Treks class,  They brought in a python.

More birthday weekend…

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I am going to continue our vacation pics, but I want to talk about Ella’s day today.  Sunny and I went to Ella’s classroom this afternoon and brought in cupcakes for the class – chocolate with chocolate of course.  Ella stood in the center of the circle time rug and her class sang “Happy Birthday” in English, Spanish and Chinese!  I have a video of it which I will post in the next few days.  After school, Ella had Tree Frog Treks where she met a turtle and played with a worm.  Ella had ballet after that and she was beautiful.  She did a fantastic job.  I will post pics and videos this week.  The video at the end is from a feature at California Adventure Park called Turtle Talk With Crush.  It was dark in the theater, but you can hear Ella’s voice over the microphone.  Crush picked her from the audience to ask a question.  She was thrilled.  Now for more photos.461.jpg We stayed at a Howard Johnsons  for one night at Disney.  Ella loved that there were bunk beds in her room (we got a kid’s suite).  Tomorrow, I will download the photos and movies from the pool at this place.  It was a perfect place to stay with kids.47.jpg Ella really wanted to pose with Mickey!48.jpg THe birthday pin.49.jpg Very excited to be on Soarin’ again!50.jpg At Turtle Talk with Crush.511.jpgBest spot to be to see a parade!531.jpg541.jpg We really thought Ella was going to pass out when she met Tiana.  Check out Ella’s high shoulders.551.jpg Jesse telling Ella all about Jack and Malefacent.56.jpg Ella showing off her new Hannah Montana sweatshirt that Heather gave her.  She almost ran into traffic when Heather gave it to her.57.jpg Playing games while waiting on line for Small World.58.jpg Ella looking like a little thug on It’s A Small WOrld.  It was really beautiful.59.jpg60.jpg Beautiful holiday lights.611.jpg Having a blast with Jesse and Heather.621.jpg On the Nemo submarine.  Ella took our hands and gripped them so tightly.  Half way through the adventure, she let go!631.jpg641.jpg651.jpg67.jpg On the Autopia ride…Heather let Ella drive and Ella did such a great job that she earned a driver’s license!66.jpg Mommy loved Autopia too!68.jpg Waking up at Heather and Jesse’s house.  Ella loved her message and she colored it in.721.jpg69.jpg70.jpg711.jpgHanging out with Inca, Shirley, Bob and Snake.What an amazing trip.  We loved seeing the family in Tucson and LA!  Thanks so much for making Ella’s 5th birthday so special.

Fantastic birthday weekend for Ella

Monday, November 15th, 2010

We all had a great time on our family vacation for Ella’s fifth birthday.  I am going to keep this narrative to a minimum because I have about 72 pictures to put on the blog tonight and some more for tomorrow.  We started out in Tucson  – the weather was not as warm as you would imagine Tucson would be.  Of course Ella wanted to go swimming and she was the birthday girl, so I went into one of the pools with Ella and then Sunny went into another pool with Ella.  It was pretty cold.  We had dinner on Wednesday night with Cindy and 2 old college friends of mine.  We had a sweet dinner at the hotel.  On Thursday morning, Danny and Clara arrived.  Ella and Clara had such a blast together.  They got together and just picked up from the last time they saw each other in May.  They love each other and played really well together.  We all went out to lunch and then the girls went swimming.  The adults watched them very carefully.  After swimming, we headed over to Cindy’s house where the kids made a gingerbread house and played with moon dough.  Cindy and Bob cooked a great birthday dinner and then we had chocolate (of course) cake to celebrate Ella’s birthday.  The next morning, we hung out with the family for a little while and then we left for the airport to fly to LA.  Jesse picked us up and we went to Disneyland!  The photos tell the rest of the story…115.jpg THis is a photo I took on our first night in Tucson.  I loved the way the moon looked between the tree branches.  I think this is my only art shot.26.jpg Ella looking too adorable in mommy’s hat.36.jpg46.jpg This cactus was huge!  We were on a nature walk.55.jpg65.jpg75.jpg This labyrinth was on the nature walk.  The 3 of us walked the labyrinth and made wishes when we got to the middle.85.jpg Mommy and Ella identifying the different types of cactus.97.jpg Our big 5 year old on the phone with grandma who is wisher her a happy birthday.103.jpg116.jpg132.jpg Cousin love at lunch.123.jpg Ella’s first birthday cake.142.jpg152.jpg Fun at the pool.162.jpg172.jpg181.jpg Cousin and birthday fun at aunt Cindy’s house.  THe girls did a great job on their gingerbread house.191.jpgElla buying a book at the airport all by herself.20.jpg We’re at Disney!  This was a really cool thing where Crush, the turtle from Nemo talks to the audience.  Tomorrow, I will post a video of Ella’s experience here the next day.  It was super cool.211.jpg Ella and Jesse checking out dinosaur bones.221.jpg231.jpg241.jpg251.jpg261.jpg27.jpg We took Ella to lunch at Ariel’s Grotto where she got to meet all of the princesses.  We thought she was going to have a heart attack.   The only dud princess was Aurora…the rest of them were really sweet.  Ella was overwhelmed.28.jpgElla eating a white chocolate shell for dessert.29.jpg30.jpg Photo op with Woody!311.jpg Action shot!  Skipping to the Bug’s Life rides.321.jpg331.jpg341.jpg351.jpg361.jpg37.jpg These were all taken on the different Bug’s Life rides.  Sunny had the best time on the the bumper cars hands down!39.jpg40.jpg411.jpg On the Toy Story ride.  This was so much fun!421.jpg Mommy and Ella went on the Dumbo ride together.441.jpg Ella and Jesse went on the carousel.  Ella rode “Jingles”, Mary Poppins’ horse.451.jpg Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – beautiful holiday lights.I am actually going to stop here.  This ends day 1 at Disneyland.  The one thing that I didn’t take a picture of on day 1 was a really monumental thing for Ella.  There is a ride called Soarin’ over California which is an amazing experience where you are sitting a seat (which is a part of a row of seats) and the seats are suspended in the air and then you are a part of this incredible IMAX experience.  You are basically flying on a hang glider and literally soaring over California.  It’s an intense experience.  It happens to be my favorite ride and Sunny’s favorite ride.  We wanted to go on it but we didn’t want Ella to get freaked out.  We also didn’t know if she was tall enough to go on the ride.  Well…Ella was tall enough (just over 40″) and she decided that she wanted to go on the ride even though she said that she felt nervous.  She went on the ride and she LOVED it.  We even went on again the next day.Goodnight – expect much much more tomorrow.

Ella is turning 5 on Thursday!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Ella told everyone who would listen that she is going to be 5 on Thursday.  We are going away for a few days to Tucson and then Disneyland to celebrate Ella’s birthday.  I’m not sure if I’m going to get to blog so here are Ella’s past 4 birthdays and the actual day of her birth.  We love you so much Ella.  You are an incredible human being.ella_day_1-3-151.jpeg This was taken about 2 hours after Ella was born.007_16.jpeg Celebrating Ella’s first birthday in Las Vegas.dsc_0176.jpeg Ella’s second birthday at My Gym.dsc_0088.jpeg We had so much fun at My Gym for Ella’s second birthday that we decided to do it again for her third.  She looks exhausted.p1100594.jpeg We celebrated Ella’s 4th birthday at Disneyland and we loved it so much that we’re going back!

Everything is beautiful at the ballet…

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

including Ella.  The class was great today.  Ella loves the class.  Ella is also so excited about turning 5 on Thursday.  We head to Tucson on Wednesday morning and then LA on Friday.  It should be a really fun long weekend.  Here are some shots from the ballet class and a ballet video.114.jpg25.jpg35.jpg45.jpg I took these on a natural setting on the camera.  They are pretty beautiful.

Soccer, taekwondo and Hannah Montana (sort of)

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I was too tired to post last night…not much to report.  Ella had a soccer game yesterday and the team did a great job.  They played the Little Giants again – they were the first team that the Black Widows played and this time it was different.  Our team was playing like a real team and they were having fun!  It was great to watch.  After soccer Ella went to Taekwondo.  I think she was a little tired – she was spaced out but she had fun.  Today was a rainy day in San Francisco.  Ella watched some TV in the morning and then did some arts and crafts projects.  Stella and Juliet came over in the early afternoon and stayed for a few hours.  The girls had a blast together.  Here are a lot of photos from yesterday and 2 very special ones at the end from today.112.jpg24.jpg34.jpg44.jpg54.jpg64.jpg74.jpg84.jpg96.jpg102.jpg113.jpg This photo is of must of the team.  We were missing 3 kids.122.jpg131.jpg141.jpg151.jpg These are mostly action shots from the end of the class when Ella was fooling around with the other kids and those giant balls.161.jpg171.jpg I don’t know what to say except that this is amazing.

The end of the week

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

The week started with the Giants winning the World Series on Monday and tonight, we all said goodbye to Javier Lopez – the amazing Giants pitcher who lived in our building for the season. Javier signed some balls for us and some of Ella’s classmates and took a picture with Ella.  Tonight Stella and Juliet came over and the girls watched Toy Story 3.  I think they were much more brave and daring at the movie theatre because they had me fast forward over certain parts.  They all had a great night tonight.  Tomorrow Ella has a soccer game and Taekwondo.111.jpg Ella heading down the hall on her way to school this morning.  Notice how clean Ann the hippo is…yesterday, Alicia took Ann out of Ella’s cubby and put her in the washing machine and dryer and had her back all clean before Ella’s nap!  Now I feel great about throwing Ann in the washing machine.  I thought her head was going to fall off or something.  Thanks for taking the risk Alicia!23.jpg Ella and Brickelle’s morning hug.33.jpg There’s Bug – front and center on the Dio de los Muertos alter in the Leaping Lizard classroom.  I really miss her.43.jpg Ella at the assembly with Casi.53.jpg Casi was singing a song at the assembly.  Ella really seemed to enjoy it!63.jpg Ella chatting away with Casi.73.jpg Ella and Javier.  Check out the size difference.  He is kneeling!  Look at the ball in Ella’s hand and imagine him pitching it.  Incredible.83.jpg The three Musketeers having Friday night movie night.95.jpg Juliet and Ella getting cozy at the end of the movie.74401_1606790166125_1127301984_1653214_4131471_n.jpg Here is a shot that someone sent to me of me and Ella in the parade.

Ella’s last official soccer practice

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Today was Ella’s last soccer practice for the season.  This Saturday is supposed to be the last game of the season but it has been extended 2 weeks because of rain.  Anyway, Ella had a lot of fun at practice today.  She played hard both in soccer and with her friends.  Towards the end of the practice one of Ella’s friends decided that she was hot so she took off her shirt.  Ella thought this was a great idea so she did it too and then put her red soccer vest back on.  Ella has a fun sense of adventure.  Tonight when we were having dinner, we bumped into Javier Lopez, one of the pitchers for the Giants.  He lives in our building and we got to know him a little bit during the season.  Tonight Ella told him all about Toy Story 3 and that we are going to watch it tomorrow night for Friday night movie night.  She was really cracking him up.  Here are some pictures from the soccer practice.110.jpg22.jpg32.jpg42.jpg52.jpg62.jpg72.jpg82.jpg92.jpg101.jpg

Huge parade for the Giants!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Today was the parade to celebrate the Giants World Series victory!  Sunny was part of the parade.  She was on this Bay Quacker car/boat with the Giants Community Fund.  The fund only allowed board members on the float.  Sunny really wanted to be with me and Ella but I told her that she should go with the Community Fund.  This was a once in a lifetime thing!  Ella and I were supposed to hook up with a bunch of her buddies from school right where the parade started.  We ended up waiting for a train for 1/2 hour and then I carried her through crowds of people to get to where her friends were.  I could not find anyone but then got a text from Sunny about where their location was.  The parade hadn’t started yet so they were in a holding pattern.  We found Sunny and the board.  All of a sudden the board members were telling us to climb over the barricade and get onto the Quacker thing.  Being the rule follower that I am, I was pretty nervous about jumping the barricade but I did and we had the best time being a part of the parade watching the crowds as we headed down Montgomery Street.  It was estimated that there were 1,000,000 people on the streets today watching the parade.  It was incredible.  After we got to City Hall, we made our way to pretty great seats to see the ceremony.  It was a beautiful, awesome and exhausting day.  Ella was amazing.  She really cooperated and had a great time.19.jpg Ella and Sunny on the QUacker.21.jpg Sunny and Ella checking out the crowds.31.jpg Here we are on the Quacker.41.jpg Look at all the people!51.jpg So happy the 3 of us ended up together!61.jpg Chewing a big wad of bubble gum and having so much fun at the ceremony.71.jpg Best seat in the house.81.jpg Exhausted and chillin’ – waiting for a table at Max’s.1crowd.jpg2crowd.jpgcrowd3.jpg4crowd.jpg5crowd.jpg6crowd.jpg7crowd.jpg Here are some pretty cool crowd shots.  I have never seen so many people gathered to celebrate and appreciate!8crowd.jpg City Hall add decked out for the Giants.9crowd.jpg Our manager and the trophy.11team.jpg Our team of “outcasts and misfits”.12team.jpg 13team.jpgWilson, Lincecum and Cain.14team.jpg Aubrey Huff and the Rally Thong.15team.jpg Final celebration.91.jpg We ended the very long day and night at Blush.

Catching Up

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Incredible!  The Giants won the World Series.  I was in LA when they won game 5 and I was on the phone with Ella and Sunny.  Ella was so excited and to quote Ella, “Mommy was screaming her head off!!”  I wish that I could have been with my girls, but being on the phone was a beautiful thing too.  Ella had a great Halloween.  After going through the neighborhood and collecting lots of candy, we went to the neighborhood Halloween party.  Ella had fun with some old friends and then we headed over to Noe Valley to spend Halloween with the Kim/Arena clan.  Ella loved trick or treating with her buddies.  We bumped into a lot of CDS families on 24th Street and that was a lot of fun too.  On Monday, Sunny and Ella dressed in their Giants jerseys for work/school.  I saw a picture (so will you) and they really looked so cute.  I got home tonight, and we are going to go to the Giant’s parade tomorrow.  Ella is skipping school (with Ms. Alicia’s blessing) – thank you Alicia!  I am super tired, so now I will post my pictures.1a.jpg1.jpg Ella and her neighborhood buddies Jack and Ava last year and this year.2.jpg Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, Annie and Madeline.3.jpg Ella showing her buddies the locket that finished off her Annie costume.4.jpg Sunny getting a huge hug from KJ.5.jpg6.jpg Serious trick or treating.7.jpg KJ thought his lion head was annoying but look at how cute he is!8.jpg The Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow.9.jpg These guys are just so cute!  What a fun Halloween.10.jpg Helen and Ron crossing the street with the clan.11.jpg 121.jpg13.jpgAnother glow stick dance party!14.jpg Our doggie Towby Ross.15.jpg Ella getting ready for school of Monday.16.jpg Ella on a new “chair” in her classroom holding a picture of Bug that she place on the Dias de los Muertos alter in her classroom.17.jpg Ella and a bearded dragon from Tree From Trecks.18.jpg Ella s haring the dragon with mommy.  I think Ella is a little more brave than mommy.