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What a day…what a night

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I am going to keep my comments short – I took my ambien already and want to make sense.  I stared the day up with Ella’s pre school class.  The Leaping Lizards took their first field trip to a pumpkin patch.  The kids went through a hay maze, picked out pumpkins and went on a hay ride.  It was a really successful trip and the kids had a blast.  Later on in the afternoon we got together with Alicia, Ginny (a third grade CDS teacher), & Mary (our friend who works at CDS) and we all got ready to go to the ballgame.  THe game was fantastic and the Giants won-right down to the last out in the 9th inning.  This baseball season has been so exciting.  Here are the pics.120.jpg Ella and Brickelle this morning having their moring hug.219.jpg317.jpg412.jpg512.jpg69.jpg77.jpg Here are a few great shots from the Pumpkin Patch trip.  These kids are so cute!84.jpg Here we are at the ballgame.94.jpg And the Giants win!104.jpg Oy vey – I can’t believe the Giants did it!  Hopefully we will clinch tomorrow.  Good night.

Giants Fever!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

What an incredibly exciting day.  We were all excited to go to the game.  Ella went to school from 8:30 – 11:00 and she was very excited too.  So excited that she was a little rude to some of the kids and was speaking in a snotty way.  Ms. Alicia took care of this all while at the same time realizing how excited Ella was to leave school and go to a playoff game.  Ella brought the Leaping Lizards Love the Giants sign and she proudly waved it during the game.  The Giants won the game and it was amazing.  Ella did a great job.  She made it all the way to the 5th inning before using the iTouch.  I think that’s pretty good.  After the game Stella and Juliet came over for a while and then we ate dinner, Ella took a shower and then we helped her get to sleep.  Tomorrow is the first field trip for Ella’s class.  We are going to a Pumpkin Patch.  Ella is very excited about this too.  Hope she’s not a jerk tomorrow.119.jpg Ella playing with cinnamon smelling playdough this morning at school.218.jpg Holding up the Leaping Lizard sign that Alicia and the kids made.316.jpg New angler fish that Ella and I drew for this series.  As long as the angler fish stays, the team will win.411.jpg A beautiful day at the ballpark.511.jpg Rob Nen, JT Snow and Barry Bonds coming to throw out the first pitch.  It was exciting to have Barry back on the field.76.jpgElla waving her sign representing the Leaping Lizards.83.jpg I think this is a great family shot.  We were all so happy.93.jpgElla and my iTouch.103.jpg Sunny, Becca and Carl.  Three happy people.1110.jpg Sunny and Delia who joined us this afternoon.122.jpg Ella wearing her rally rag at the end of the game.132.jpg Ella and mommy at the end of a great game.

Monday, monday…so busy for Ella

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Ella’s Mondays are intense and yet she comes out of it all loving life.  She started at school which she loves.  She worked on a poster for the Giants in class today.  After school she had tree frog trecks and she met a lizard and made butter.  After that, I took her to ballet where she was so focused.  I stayed for the beginning of the class and got some different footage.  Ella just loves the class and listens to the teacher and does her best.  After ballet she took a quick shower, ate dinner and then we had yogurt with the Kim/Arena clan.  Tomorrow is game 3 of the playoffs…we are taking Ella out of school early to go to the game.  Hope the Giants kick butt!img950503.jpg Ella and some of her classmates working on a poster for the Giants.118.jpg Ella and Juliet heading over to Blush.217.jpg315.jpg410.jpg59.jpg Fun at Blush.  Ella had a Hawaiian shave ice, the girls had yogurt.  KJ fell down the other day and scraped his nose but he’s still so handsome.Here are 2 movies.  The first is Ella and Brickelle dancing to the Nutcracker on Sunday morning and the second one is from today’s ballet class.

What a wild weekend

Monday, October 18th, 2010

We had an early wake up from the girls…Brickelle woke up at 6:00 but rested for about another hour and 1/2 and then once Ella woke up, they were chatting away.  Brickelle stayed until around 11:00.  Ella and Brickelle had a fantastic time and it was a really successful first sleepover.  Right as Brickelle was leaving, Stella, Juliet and KJ came over.  Ella hated to see Brickelle go but LOVED seeing the Kim/Arena kids come!  They hung out for a few hours which was fun and great as usual and then we had to take off because Ella had a birthday party to go to in Marin.  It was a princess birthday party and Ella had a lot of fun until the end when she was so exhausted and ready to go.  After the party, we came back into the city, came home, Ella put on her Giants hoodie and we headed over to Mijita to have dinner and watch the game.  The Giants lost tonight but that’s ok.  Right now we are even in the series.  We are taking Ella to the game on Tuesday.  What a full and beautiful weekend.116.jpg Brickelle and Ella just finishing up breakfast this morning.216.jpg One of the many outfit combinations that the girls had on.  THey were dancing to the Nutcracker (video will be posted tomorrow – I’m too tired now).314.jpg Stella, Ella and Juliet – the 3 musketeers.49.jpg58.jpg The princess birthday party this afternoon.68.jpg One happy little princess.75.jpg QUick change and we’re ready to cheer on the Giants.82.jpg Let’s go Giants!92.jpg Sunny and John at Mijita.nnJohn is getting ready for a crazy week at the restaurants.102.jpg117.jpg Ella and Hannah and Max who joined us at Mijita.

Soccer, taekwondo, Giants WIN!, sleepover with Brickelle

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

What a fun filled day.  We all started the day going to Golden Gate Park for Ella’s Black Widow soccer game.  The girls are getting much better.  There is still a little under 5 year old drama, hurt feelings and sensitivity but for the most part, they did a great job.  Ella scored her very own first goal which she thought was da bomb.  After the game, we drove straight to taekwondo where Ella had the most incredible focus.  Hard to believe that she can stay that focused for 90 minutes.  After that class, Ella and I came  home and Sunny was getting ready to watch the ballgame over here with some friends.  A little while after that, Brickelle, Brooklyn, Brooke and Akilah came over.  Ella and Brickelle are having a sleepover tonight.  All of the adults hung out and watched the game and then the Bixlers left.  After that the girls had dinner and then changed into their costumes and watched a lot of episodes of Hannah Montana,  After all that fun, THE GIANTS WON!  INCREDIBLE!  What a great night all around.  I’m very tired so no more words.115.jpg Happy at socer but a little cold.215.jpg Trying to get in there.313.jpg Getting into it.48.jpg Run Ella run!57.jpg Thinking about something.67.jpgHaving fun with the girls.74.jpg Pure beauty.81.jpg Brickelle has arrived!91.jpg Brooklyn with the wig.101.jpgHannah Montana and Annie Fancy Nancy having so much fun.


Saturday, October 16th, 2010

AJ – we love you.  Hope you have a beautiful day.  Can’t wait to see you – hopefully soon.  Ella made a very sweet very funny video for you for your birthday.  Hope you enjoy it.  Love you so much!114.jpg Ella and her buddy Casi this morning.312.jpg Ella reading at Borders tonight.  Borders is closing for good tomorrow.  It’s the end of an era.  Ella learned to walk in this store and listened to many many story times!  Bye Borders.  Thanks for hanging out for a while.

Just Ella…

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Ella is really growing up.  She’s becoming more and more curious, fun, emotional, and for the most part, a pleasure to be around.  I say for the most part because she has developed this annoying habit where when she doesn’t get her way she says, “You’re the worstest mama (or mommy) in the world”.  On one hand, she’s trying to express her feelings, but on the other hand, what she is saying has nothing to do with feelings.  We are trying to help her find emotion words like, “I am angry” or “I feel sad” or anything but the worstest.   Anyway, that’s pretty much the most annoying thing at the moment.  It’s just part of getting control and stuff.  Now the beautiful stuff, Ella loves life, loves school, loves hanging out with other kids, loves hanging out with us.  She is so enthusiastic about everything and she is becoming her own beautiful person.113.jpg Ella yesterday when I gave her a high bun.214.jpg On the way to school this moring.311.jpg On the way to the soccer practice with a beautiful Ms. Alicia hairdo.47.jpg Chillin’ at practice.56.jpg Action shot.65.jpg Playing in the park after practice.73.jpg Beautiful leap.

Talking about school

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The first year that Ella started school, when we asked her what she did, she would say either nothing or, “I played”.  The second year, we got a little more out of her but not so much.  This year, when she’s in the mood, we can’t get her to stop.  Here is a great example from tonight.  We were coming home from dinner and she started talking about this pumpkin in her classroom.  Today the kids guessed how much it weighed.  Ella said that she thought it weighed around 37 pounds.  I don’t think it weighs that much…Ella weighs 38 pounds and I picked up the pumpkin with one hand but that’s not the point.  After she said how much she thought it weighed she went into this monologue…”When I pick up the pumpkin, I have to be sitting down because if I pick it up when I’m standing up, I could drop it and then it could split in half.  We have a lot of things that we have to do with the pumpkin.  We are going to cut the top off and then feel inside and it will be squishy and stringy and then we will get the seeds out.  After we get the seeds out, we are going to count them.  After we count them we can cook them and eat them.  You see – there are so many things to do with the pumpkin before we carve it at the end of October.”  It was so great – she was so animated and happy and proud and it was wonderful.   After school today Ella had her swimming lesson.  She is doing really well – check out the video.112.jpg Ella super happy to go to school today.213.jpg Nothing like seeing Brickelle after a long weekend.

The Zoo and a Giant win

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Today we went to the SF Zoo with  Stella, Juliet & KJ.  The girls had a great time together.  They were also totally into using the map.  They were actually “reading” the maps – the zoo does it in a really cool way where they show a silhouette of the animal on the map so they were figuring out their next moves by looking at the animals on the map.  After about 4 hours at the zoo, we came home to watch the Giants win!!!!  Stella, Juliet and Ella stayed in our room and watched Monsters Inc while we watched the game with our friends and their 3 dogs.  It was hard to breathe during most of the game but that 9th inning was so exciting and we went crazy.   Ella is indulging us and was shaking around her pom poms and having a great time with us.110.jpg211.jpg310.jpg Just a few wildlife shots…notice the egg in the flamingo pics.  We watched this flamingo fight with someone to keep it away from her egg, she inspected the egg and then she rubbed herself all over the egg and finally sat on it.  I just love the giraffe shot because it looks so sweet.46.jpg Ella scratcing her ear.55.jpg Riding on the mother lion statue.64.jpg Walking with their maps.72.jpg The peacock…Ella’s favorite.8a.jpgI took this in November of 2007…3 years later…8.jpg9.jpg Ella and the girls and then KJ and his sisters.  10.jpg Ella loves these goats.111.jpg KJ making a new friend.121.jpg131.jpg Ella was really loving this sweet young goat.141.jpg Stella meditating with the ducks.152.jpg The girls chillin.161.jpg Having fun with Juliet’s dress.171.jpg Juliet and Ella hanging like bats.18a.jpg This was taken in November of 2007…181.jpg Here they are 3 years later!191.jpg Going down a funny slide.20.jpg One last time trying to get a peacock.212.jpg Ella after the big Giants win!

Never give up

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Today was mostly spent either getting ready for the Giants game or watching the Giants game.  We had a really fun video chat in the early afternoon with grandma, papa, AJ and Milo.  Ella loved seeing everyone (so did we) but she really loved it when Milo kept walking in and out of the room where the computer is.  She kept going, “Oh – there he is again!  Hi Milo” and then he would leave and she would say, “Bye Milo – grandma – I know he is going to come back” and then he would come back and she would say, “there he is!”.  It was a really sweet game.  The Giants game was intense – I think we all stopped breathing for a little while but in the end, they came through and won!!!!  We had a few friends over and Ella didn’t really want to watch the game so we let her hang out in our room and watch movies.  She watched the Hannah Montana movies and then some other shows.  Stella and Juliet came over to deliver a gift to Ella – bath salts that they put together at Pier 39.  It was a beautiful rainbow of bath salts.  Ella really wanted them to stay but they had to go to see their grandparents.  We are going to the SF Zoo with them tomorrow since there is no school.  After the game, we decided to take Ella to Pier 39 so she could do some bungee jumping and then we had dinner at the Crab House.  It was an exhausting day (thanks to the Giants).  I hope we win tomorrow so we can advance to the next round and relax for a few days.dscn0055.JPG Ron took this the other night when Ella spent Friday night with them and we were at the game.  They didn’t have a sleepover, but Ella fell asleep over there and Juliet slept in the bed with her.  Ella loved it!  What a sweet shot.210.jpg Ella was doing some Giants cheers before the game started.39.jpg Big smile after bungee jumping.45.jpg54.jpg63.jpg Ella ate an entire order of clams and did it all by herself.  She even took the “feet” off the clams herself.71.jpg This is Ella on a “phone call” with Brickelle.  Today, she started pretending that she was getting phone calls.  So far, she has spoken to Stella, Juliet and Brickelle.