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Let’s Go Giants

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Ella has been having a great week…so have the Giants.  I haven’t taken any pictures in the past few days, but we have been busy at the ballpark.  Tonight we went with some friends of ours from Ella’s school who have amazing season tickets.  We had a great time with our friends and a fantastic time watching the Giants make their way to a possible post season!  We really need this.  More baseball=a very happy Sunny. Ella watched Bolt.  In the movie Bolt, the voice of Penny, Bolt’s owner is Miley Cyrus.  This excited Ella to no end.  I am tired.  Goodnight.

Another successful Monday

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I don’t know how Ella does it, but she made it through her busy day and from what I saw, she loved every minute of it.  Ella said that she had a great day at school and she loved Tree Frog Treks. Today they met a tortoise named Flowers.  She loved touching it and learning about it.  She taught us that the difference between turtles and tortoises is that tortoises don’t swim and turtles do. After Tree Frog Treks, I picked up Ella and took her to ballet where she did a great job.  I left for a little while, but Ella told me that they used the ballet barre today.  One of the moms told me that Ella did a fantastic job following directions.  I took some video but there is no way that I can make a movie now.  After dinner, we went to Blush with Stella, Juliet, KJ, Helen and Ron.  We’re just trying to do one day at a time with them and enjoy the ease of living next to each other.  This morning Ella told us that she had a nightmare.  We asked her what her nightmare was and she said that Hannah Montana moved from California to New York and that she never went back to her home in California.  You don’t need to be Carl Jung to read into this one!  We just talked about her feelings and that she had every right to feel whatever it was that she felt.  She said that she really wanted them to come back and not stay where they were.138.jpg232.jpg After school shots.  Check out Ms. Alicia’s magic on Ella’s hair.  OK – time for me to have my first French braiding lesson.  Ella looked so beautiful in ballet with her hair-do.326.jpg Ballet on Bay Street.423.jpg Eating Blush and watching the Food Network…3 zombies!613.jpg KJ happy watching the football game.  He is growing up so quickly!517.jpg Ella getting some free samples of rainbow sprinkles.Hey mom and dad – if you’re around tonight (Tues) let’s do a video chat.

Beautiful Sunday

Monday, September 27th, 2010

The weather has been amazing – real summer weather.  Today we started out at the ballpark – there was no game so we were able to play around on the coke slide and Ella did some great batting on the little field.  After the ballpark, we had lunch at the Java House.  After the Java House, Sunny and Ella went to Pier 39 to the Aquarium and all that stuff and I went and got a haircut.  Sunny said that she and Ella had a great day together.  Ella bungee jumped and couldn’t stop giggling.  She’s still not into doing any flips, but I bet the first time she does one, she’ll never want to stop.  Tomorrow is Ella’s busiest day of the week – first school, then Tree Frog Treks and then ballet.  She went to sleep pretty early for Ella tonight – around 8:30.137.jpg Pretty cool action shot.230.jpgA sweet ballet move after coming down the slide.325.jpg I wish I could figure out how to super impose a background.422.jpg Ella tood this shot of the shark and the ray.516.jpg There was once a time when Ella was terrified to touch the rays – now she doesn’t want to leave!612.jpg What did that starfish ever do to Ella?  Why is she giving it the finger?  Actually, Ella prefers to point with her middle finger.  One day we may have to let her know that this is not the best idea.

Very first soccer game

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Ella played in her very first soccer game today.  It was a really hot day today and after about the first 15 minutes of game play, most of the team turned into wet noodles.  Ella did a really great job. The team that the girls played were really prepared to play soccer – our girls were not really prepared to play a real game.  The whole thing was a great learning experience for everyone.  I had Ella go in at the end to substitute for a kid who looked like she was going to fall over and Ella got really mad at me.  Every time I cheered her on or told her to go after the ball, she put her fingers in her ears.  She said that she didn’t like soccer because the other team kept scoring goals and her team hardly got any.  Ella scored 2 goals – one for her team and one for the other team.  Hopefully she’ll give it another try.  After the soccer game, we came home and relaxed for about 2 hours, then we headed off to Half Moon Bay where one of Ella’s friends from school had a swimming birthday party.  Ella had a blast at the party…it was a pool party and she went down this really big slide.  At first she wanted me to catch her at the bottom but by the end she said, “I can do it on my own” and she did!  Ella fell asleep in the car on the way home but we had one last stop to make.  We stopped over to see Stella and Juliet at Justin and Julie’s new place.  Things were great until there was a “sharing” issue and Ella couldn’t handle not being shared with.  She said that she just wanted to go home which is rare for Ella.  I think she’s just processing the whole thing about the girls not going to be next door.  We’re just going to ride the wave with her.135.jpg On the way to the soccer field.229.jpg Looks like Ella is going to kick the other team’s ass…324.jpg C’mon girls – let’s get em.421.jpg It’s hot out here!515.jpg611.jpg712.jpg Action shots.88.jpg Forming a Black Widow wall.97.jpg Coach Mommy!105.jpg Ella doing her “throw in”.1112.jpg Taking a little break.1210.jpg I think she was pretty much done at this point.136.jpg Still hanging in there.143.jpg Still working hard!153.jpg Mid to post meltdown.  Ella was telling mommy that she was mad at me.

The start of a busy weekend

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Today was a great day for Ella and then she and Brickelle had an evening play date.  Ella was so excited about it.  This is the first time that they have really hung out since earlier in the summer.  Sunny made clams, we had a chicken from Costco, rice pilaf and broccoli.  This was the first time that Brickelle ever had clams and she loved them.  After dinner, the girls got dressed up.  Brickelle put on a Belle dress and Ella put on her Hannah Montana costume.  They wore Hannah Montana and Annie wigs and posed for pictures.  They had so much fun.  After the posing and dressing and stuff, they settled down and watched the Hannah Montana movie.  I think Ella had a great night.  Last night we found out that Stella, Juliet, KJ, Helen and Ron are re-locating to Noe Valley for 8 months.  It’s only about 12 minutes from us, but our lives are going to change.  It’s not going to be so easy to just go next door and hang out.  I am very sad about this.  Ella hasn’t really verbalized her feelings, but tonight when we heard them come home at around 9:30, Ella ran out into the hallway to greet them.  She noticed that Juliet was crying.  She walked up to her and said, “Are you crying because you’re leaving me?”  Talk about subconscious thinking or maybe it’s conscious.  Anyway, we’re all going to be very sad.  Now we have to actually make plans with our “family” next door!134.jpg228.jpg323.jpg This is from Thursday.  Ella had some pretty hot braids that Ms. Alicia made  for her.  Maybe Ms. Alicia will give me some lessons on doing this to Ella’s hair.  What do you think Alicia?  I’ll teach you iMovie, you teach me braids.420.jpg Brickelle ate her very first clam tonight and loved it.514.jpg And the fun begins.610.jpg711.jpg87.jpg96.jpg No – they weren’t having any fun at all.104.jpg 2 happy girls watching the Hannah Montana movie.

The team shirts have arrived!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

The Black Widows are officially a team with some pretty hot shirts.  The kids had their second practice today after school.  Ella loves being on the team.  She’s actually pretty good.  Ella does a great job following directions and she is a good dribbler and shooter during drills.  The problem is, once they do practice games, Ella hangs back and cheers people on.  She’s so sweet and so enthusiastic, but she rarely gets in the mix.  Maybe it’s a good thing because it’s usually a bunch of kids just kicking whatever they can kick.  Their first game is Saturday – I can’t wait to see what happens.130.jpg Ella getting her morning hug from Brickelle.  Brickelle is in Kindergarten this year so the girls are in separate buildings.  Lately, Ella has been asking to see Brickelle before school starts.  When we arrive at school, we look for Brickelle on the structure or on the yard and then Ella and Brickelle hug and go on with their day.  We couldn’t find Brickelle the other morning and Ella was pretty upset.  Ms. Alicia helped Ella find Brickelle later on during the day.  It’s really beautiful the way the girls love each other.227.jpg Ella and her friend Maya before soccer practice.322.jpg419.jpg Front and back of Ella’s jersey.513.jpg Thinking…69.jpg Water break.77.jpg Pretty sweet…Ella is on the end all the way to the left.86.jpg Learning the “throw in” move.

Almost got her with the wig on

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

When I came home, Ella and Sunny were in the living room and Ella was singing one of the Hannah Montana songs.  I snuck into the hallway to watch Ella and she had the blonde wig on!  The second she saw me, she flung it off.  I guess she doesn’t want me to see her with the wig.  She’s to intense about Hannah Montana.  I did get two shots of Ella looking adorable in her costume.129.jpg226.jpg I WILL get her with the wig one of these days.


Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

There’s really not much more to say.  Ella is just a happy kid.128.jpg225.jpg

An incredible Monday

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Sunday was a really busy and exciting day for Ella.  This morning when I tried to wake her up, it felt like I was trying to wake up a teenager.  She just wouldn’t wake up!  I finally got her out of bed and downstairs for breakfast.  She seemed so tired.  I spent some time with the Leaping Lizards this morning and also one morning last week.  It was so great to see the class in action and get a glimpse into Ella’s every day school life.  Ella really loves school and does different things every day.  Sometimes she hangs out with the other kids, and other times, she really keeps herself busy doing projects or just checking things out.  Today at school she seemed a little bit out of it.  I didn’t really think she was going to make it for the rest of the day without collapsing.  After school, Ella started her first class with Tree Frog Treks.  These people come in with live animals  – mostly reptiles and the kids get to touch them, feed them, learn about them and learn about other living things.  Sometimes they go out and dig for worms and bugs and they also do art and science projects.  Ella LOVED her first class.  She got to hold a lizard and pet it and watch it eat.  She also told me that at the end, she got to touch a dead squirrel.  I asked her if it was real and dead and stuffed and she said, “No, real, dead and flat”.  After Tree Frog Treks, Ella had ballet.  Of course Ms. Alicia gave Ella a beautiful hairstyle for ballet.  It looked incredible.  This was the first 5 and older class that I had observed – Sunny took Ella last week.  I took Ella there and then went and hung out at Starbucks for 1/2 hour and then caught the last 15 minutes of the class.  Ella was wonderful and her class did the sweetest thing at the end.  I caught it on video and the video will be at the end of this entry.  Watch the whole thing – the best part is the last 30 seconds or so.127.jpg So excited to go to ballet class.224.jpg Another Alicia masterpiece.320.jpg A little starbucks after class.418.jpg512.jpg68.jpg This is Luca – the lizard that Ella made in Tree Frog Treks.Here’s the video…

Strike Out Violence Day

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Today was another beautiful and moving day at the ballpark.  It was the 13th annual Strike Out Violence Day where survivors of domestic violence are honored and stand shoulder to shoulder with people who have stopped their violence and are giving back to their community.  Ella was on the field with Sunny and 2 of Ella’s classmates participated in the ceremony.  Once the ceremony was over, we went up to our seats and Ella found Stella and Juliet and was in total heaven.  After the game, which the Giants won, Ella ran the bases.  It was a really beautiful day.125.jpg223.jpg Ella with her buddies Luke and Leo.319.jpg This was a big day for mommy who got this day started 13 years ago!417.jpg Ella copping a lean on mommy.76.jpg85.jpg Ella and mommy on the field during the ceremony.95.jpg Finding Stella right before we got to our seats.511.jpg Juliet, Stella and cotton candy = heaven.67.jpg Beautiful KJ and Ella.103.jpg Juliet and Ella heading over to run the bases.1111.jpg126.jpg133.jpg142.jpg152.jpg161.jpg Running the bases!171.jpg Looks like Ella is getting a little tired.181.jpg Remedy to fatigue…a Sees lollipop!