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Friday, August 20th, 2010

Tonight, we were meeting Becca, Ruthann and Jaeden for dinner.  Ruthann asked us if we could bring some of Ella’s costumes to dinner because Jaeden had to get dressed up for his last day of camp.  We brought her monkey, skunk and dragon costumes to Amicis and at the end of dinner, Ella and Jaeden decided that they were going to put the costumes on.  There was a little girl in the restaurant who was watching the whole thing and she really wanted to play too, so we gave her the skunk costume.  Ella is getting better at sharing, but she’s not the greatest.  At first, she looked at the little girl and mumbled something like, “Why are you wearing that?  We don’t even know you.”  I shot her a look and she said, “You can wear that.”  The kids were really cute in the restaurant and the people eating were sweet and so tolerant.  We ended up giving the skunk to the little girl and Ella told Jaeden that he could keep the other two forever.  They are getting too small on Ella, but it showed maturity on her part and we told her that she did a great job.  We have this red cape and red mask at home that we have been waiting to give to Ella – for a moment just like this when she not only shared, but gave away something that she really liked.  She loved the cape and mask and turned herself into Word Girl.  Check out the video at the end.137.jpg On the way to dinner before the costume party started.225.jpg315.jpg412.jpg Big costume party at Amici’s.  Notice the little skunk stranger who joined the parade.511.jpg Word Girl!

Camp this week

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Ella has been going to camp this week.  On Sunday night, she decided that she didn’t want to go to camp and wanted to stay home with me.  It’s that time of year where we all have to switch gears and get out of the summer and back into the school year.  Once Ella gets to camp, she’s perfectly happy, but she also pretends that she doesn’t want me to leave the classroom.  I kiss her, hug her, and leave when it’s time to go.  Her teacher says that it takes her about .5 seconds to recover once I am gone.  On Monday we took Ella to see Despicable Me.  It was actually pretty cute and Ella laughed out loud at a few of the scenes.  Ella had a great swimming lesson (video attached) on Tuesday and she seems to like her new teacher.  Ella is having some trouble falling asleep on her own  these days – its all about change in routine and we have to get her back into the school routine so she gets enough sleep at night!314.jpg Ella at Despicable Me in 3-D.136.jpg Heading off to camp.224.jpgA scooter ride to meet Becca and Ellen for dinner.

Another pump it up party

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Today I took Ella to Pump It Up for a classmate’s birthday party.  Ella hadn’t seen some of her buddies for a while and it seemed like she had a great time.  Ella went on every bouncy thing there and had a lot of fun.  We spent some time together on my favorite wall with small squares of velcro.  You’re supposed to run up and put a flag on one of the little squares and then also be able to get it down.  I tried and tried and could not get the flag that I wanted!  After the birthday party, Sunny and Ella took a scooter ride all the way down the channel.  They ended up on the sandy volleyball court and Ella had fun playing in the sand.  Tonight, when Ella was going to sleep, she told me that she didn’t want to go to camp tomorrow.  I asked her why and she said that she wanted to stay with me.  I told her that it’s true, we have had a lot of fun this summer and had some great times, but she had to remember that she has so much fun at camp and school.  Ella is going through a transition and we’ll just have to ride it with her.  Hopefully the drop off will be ok tomorrow.130.jpg On the way to Jun-Yen’s party at pump it up.223.jpg THis is the wall that kills me.  Ella has fun putting the flags on the bottom row and taking them off, but she gets really angry when other kids take them off.  I told her that it’s all part of the game.313.jpg411.jpg510.jpg Ella and her buddies working the wall.  Brickelle had a cool method of climbing up the side sideways.  Sam was really sweet and shared his flags with Ella.610.jpg Here I go trying to get the blue flag…710.jpg Oh – so close…but I never got it.88.jpg Ella and some of her classmates.98.jpg Having a drink after a hard hour of working out.106.jpg Brickelle, Bella and Ella.  They will all be in different classes next year, but I’m sure they will stay buddies.

Full day and night with a surprise in the middle

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

This morning, we met our friend Erik for brunch at Sears for some great pancakes and stuff.  This evening, we met Debby, Toby and Rachel for a delicious dinner at Liberty Cafe.  It was great to see them – it had been a long time.  The pleasant surprise is that Sunny took Ella to observe a Taekwondo class at our gym.  I stayed home because I had stuff to do around the house.  About 10 minutes after the class started, Sunny texted me a photo of Ella bowing with the rest of the class.  The teacher invited her in and she was totally into it.  I took the train down and observed her in the rest of the class.  First of all, she’s the youngest, and she’s the smallest, but I have to say, this kid has focus.  She knew nothing about the taekwondo in the beginning of the class.  In an hour and 1/2, she really learned a lot and worked hard.  She was so cute.  The teacher invited her back so it looks like Ella will be doing taekwondo every Saturday from 3 – 4:30.  Sounds like a nice time for me to play squash.Here are a few pictures and then a video from today.129.jpg220.jpg312.jpg410.jpg Ella busy in class.Now here’s the video…notice the improvement in just one hour.

The sun is out but the Giants lost

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Today was a sunny beautiful day – not so hot, but at least it was Sunny.  I went into work for a little while to check in and see if I had a job and then Ella and I took her scooter around our neighborhood.  First we went to tall mountain and then we went around the track.  Ella had a lot of fun on Tall Mountain, jumping down it, climbing down it, and rolling down it.  Ella took the camera and started taking shots or birds and stuff.  She took some great shots.  Tonight, Ella went to Stella, Juliet and KJ’s for dinner and a movie and Sunny and I went to the ballgame with Alicia and her husband Allen.  We had a lot of fun.  It was great to just hang out and talk and watch the game.  The Giants didn’t have such a great time, however.  We need to win the next 2 games this weekend.128.jpg Ella riding her scooter down Berry Street.219.jpg310.jpg49.jpg Rolling and jumping.59.jpg69.jpg Ella’s nature shots.79.jpg Me and the wonderful Ms. Alicia.87.jpg Sunny and her new boyfriend Allen – Alicia’s husband.97.jpg Alicia and her favorite parents.

The Giants and E.T.

Friday, August 13th, 2010

On Wednesday night, Sunny and I went on a date to the baseball game.  The Giants were playing the Cubs and a friend gave us some very special tickets.  We were literally sitting about 6 feet from the on-deck circle.  It was a magical night and the Giants won.  Today, Sunny, Ella our friend Mary and I went to a Giants vs. Cubs day game.  Again – what an exciting game and the Giants came out as winners.  Ella was great during the game and went over to the Coca Cola slide with Sunny.Tonight, the 3 of us had dinner at home and then watched E.T.  I don’t know how Ella even learned about this movie, but she has been talking about it for about a month so Sunny got it while we were back east.  We had a talk with Ella about the movie and that there was going to be a part where it seemed as if E.T. was dead and that it could be sad but he didn’t really die so the end was happy.  We told her that if she wanted to turn it off at any point, we would happily do it.  We all watched the movie and checked in with Ella during the movie.  She had a lot of questions…mostly “where is E.T.?”  “Is that Elliot?”  “What are those people doing to E.T.?”  “What does examine mean?”  and it went on and on.  She was so interested in the movie.  At the end, E.T. is all better and his ship is waiting for him and he looks at Elliot and says “come” and Elliot is crying and says “stay” and Ella said, “You mean E.T. is going to stay?” and she was so happy.  Then E.T. left.  All of a sudden, the movie was over and Ella started weeping.  It almost didn’t sound real – but we looked at her and she was crying.  We asked her what was wrong and she just kept crying.  It was about 10:10 so we thought she was tired but she said that she wasn’t.  Finally, I said, “Can you please tell us why you are crying?  We want to know so that we can help you.  Can you spell what is wrong?”  She looked at me and made a sign language “L”.  Ok – so I went through all these L words and they were all wrong of course.  I asked her for another letter… Ella said, “E and another E” so now we had LEE.  We were scrambling to figure it out and I said, “Leave – you didn’t want E.T. to leave?”  She said, “Yes!  Why did he have to leave?”  We all had a conversation about #1, it being a movie and #2, that in the movie, E.T. couldn’t  survive on earth so he had to go back to his own planet.  Nothing was really good enough for Ella but she did stop crying.  She put the E.T. box right by her bed.  She is a sensitive little creature.  It was both beautiful and painful to watch.127.jpg218.jpg38.jpg Some cool pics that I took from our seats on Wednesday night.48.jpg A beautiful night outside of the ballpark.58.jpg Ella and Bug before the game.68.jpg Heading over to the slide.7a.jpg Yup – tall enough to go on the little slide.78.jpg Happy Ella coming out of the slide.86.jpg96.jpg FUn on the cable car.

Getting back into our SF routine

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

It’s still summer vacation for Ella.  Mommy is working full time and I am waiting to hear about what’s going on with my job.  Ella is getting back into her summer routine – she started her swimming lessons again today and next week she goes to camp for one more week.  Ella is pretty obsessed with spending time with Stella and Juliet.  Tonight, she knocked on their door after we had dinner and nobody answered.  Ella sat outside of their door and cried.  A little bit later, Sunny knocked and Helen answered.  The world was better for Ella again and we all went out to Blush.120.jpg Ella took this picture of Bug and me today.  Bug is going to be 16 in November.  She was my first baby.  We are grateful for every day that we have Bug.217.jpg Ella mid-jump in the lobby.  Her new sneakers light up.37.jpg On the way to Blush.  KJ is walking like a madman!47.jpg Some serious Blush eaters.57.jpg67.jpg Pure happiness.77.jpg Cool KJ after yogurt.

We’re back!!!!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

First of all – what a great 3 weeks.  Beautiful times, fun times, exciting times…love you guys a lot!  After a very long flight, we deplaned, walked toward the baggage area and Ella found Sunny and ran into her arms.  They pretty much went away on their own and had fun with the luggage cart while I was waiting for the luggage.  It was a beautiful reunion.  Once we made it home, Ella didn’t even go into our house, she went straight to Stella, Juliet and KJ’s house!  They all had a beautiful reunion and then we took all the kids to our place to play and watch a movie while Helen and Ron did whatever they needed to do around the house.  We then went out to dinner at Los Jarritos and we all had a blast.119.jpg KJ is up and walking.216.jpg36.jpg Juliet and Ella sharing a dance.46.jpg Ella trying to coordinate the next dance…56.jpg Group hug.66.jpg Juliet is trying to put Ella on her back.76.jpgCrazy kids!

Beautiful last day and night

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Well…today was the last day of our 21 day visit.  The time went by so quickly.  We will really miss being here, but always look forward to coming back.  We love you grandma and papa.  Thanks so much for making everything so beautiful and easy.  These are really special times for us.  Today we went to the pool with a lot of the family.  It was the first time that papa was at the Leonia pool in 30 years – the last time we were all on the swim team!  Today Vaughn, Carolyn, Wayne and Jay met us at the pool.  We all had a lot of fun.  Ella did some swimming in 12 feet of water.  She was not scared at all and really did a great job.  Tonight, we had dinner at home and just hung out and had sweet, funny times.  I think Ella is so excited to go back to San Francisco, but really sad to leave.  Totally normal feelings that will work themselves out.  Ella and AJ especially had fun with each other tonight.  So Sunny/mommy – we’re coming home.  Get ready for lots of love.  We missed you.  Grandma, papa, AJ, Michael, Milo – we love you guys so much and had such an amazing 3 weeks with you.

117.jpg Ella and papa walking into the pool.

214.jpg Notice Ella in the water without her bathing cap or goggles.

35.jpg Papa settling in at the pool.

45.jpg Here come Carolyn, Vaughn and Wayne.

55.jpg Kiddie pool fun for AJ and Milo.

65.jpgCarolyn and Wayne doing some relaxing at the Leonia pool.

75.jpg Vaughn is going to be a great swimmer.

85.jpg Now papa is super comfortable.

95.jpg Fun in the pool.

105.jpg AJ and Milo poolside.

118.jpg Happy kid.

126.jpg Ella, Carolyn and Vaughn right before we were getting ready to leave.

135.jpg One parent per kid.

145.jpgBeautiful shot but it would have been gorgeous if you were there Sunny!

154.jpg163.jpg174.jpgAJ and Ella doing some serious loving and bonding.

193.jpg184.jpg215.jpgSome beautiful family shots.

222.jpg233.jpg242.jpg252.jpgElla took all these shots with my fancy camera.  She’s getting good!

262.jpg What a beauty.

272.jpg282.jpgLooking for fireflies one last time – we didn’t find anything.

Can’t believe 3 weeks is coming to an end!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

We’ve had an amazing 3 weeks here.  It’s been great to catch up with old friends, (sorry we missed seeing a bunch of people), and it was wonderful to spend some great time with grandma, papa, AJ and Milo.  It’s been so incredible to watch Milo grow up over these past 3 weeks and Ella has been so wonderful with him.  I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow.  Tonight, Ella, grandma, papa and I went into NY to go see AJ sing at a club.  AJ was incredible and Ella was star struck.  Her heart was beating so fast and she just kept smiling.  At one point, AJ looked over at Ella and said, “Ella – this is for you” and performed, “Take Your Time”…that’s one of AJ’s songs that Ella started singing when she was around 20 months old.  Ella pretty much melted.  It was a beautiful night.  See you in 2 days Sunny/mommy.  We love you!

115.jpg Our little mermaid.

213.jpg Grandma and Milo at papa’s club.

34.jpg44.jpgHaving lots of fun together!

54.jpg On the Lower East Side heading over to AJ’s gig.

64.jpg Very excited before the show.

74.jpg Huge smile during the show.

84.jpg Michael and AJ making beautiful music together.

94.jpg Watching the show and feelin’ groovy.

104.jpg116.jpg125.jpgElla took all of these shots.

134.jpg Ella really didn’t stop smiling.

144.jpg After the show – Ella couldn’t wait to go and give AJ and Michael hugs and kisses.