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School starts on Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Life is beautiful and we miss the shit out of Bug.  Sunny and I are both super sad about Bug.  We probably break down crying a few times a day.  Ella is doing just fine.  I guess we prepared her for Bug’s death.  It also really helps that we have Towby.  He is getting a lot of attention.  He seems like he misses Bug.  She was a great dog and we were so lucky to have her for as long as we did.  On Sunday, Ella asked me when school started.  I told her that on Tuesday, we all had an orientation where the kids and parents would be in the classroom together for 45 minutes and then the kids could go out and play and the parents had to stay in the classroom to find things out about the school year.  Then I told her that her first day of school was Wednesday.  All of a sudden she yelled, “YAY!!! Miss Alicia!!”  This made us feel so good that Ella was excited to go back to school and to see Ms. Alicia.  We’re excited for Ella.  This should be a great year for her.  She has grown so much over the summer in so many ways.  I think she’s also ready to be a “big kid” in the classroom.  She told me that if the younger kids were having trouble, she would want to give them a hug.  I think Ella got a lot of hugs her first year.  Today, Ella and I had lunch at Crossroads Cafe and then Stella and Juliet came over for an afternoon movie.  They all go back to school on Wednesday so it was a special before school movie afternoon.  Ella had so much fun that she cried when they left.159.jpg240.jpg324.jpg Ella was running around the garden at Crossroads pretending that she was a fairy.423.jpg We went to Southpaw pet store and Ella visited with a new friend.521.jpg Helping mommy cut the artichokes for dinner.619.jpg Our beautiful beagle boy Towby.718.jpg815.jpg Tonight Ella was adding texture to dry erase artwork by using a toothpick to make white lines.

Bye bye Bug

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

308.jpgWe woke up this morning and Bug was breathing really heavy.  Sunny and I decided that we needed to take her to in and put her to sleep.  I went over to Helen and Ron’s and asked them if they would take Ella for a little while.  I told Ella that we needed to take Bug to the vet and that we thought that she was going to die today.  Ella looked at me and said, “Really?”  I said, “really”.  Then I told her that she was going to go over and hang out with Stella and Juliet – she yelled “YEAH!” and jumped out of bed.  Once Ella was next door, Sunny called the vet and asked them if we could bring her in.  They said that we couldn’t come in until 10:30.  It was only 9:00 and Bug just seemed like she needed to die.  We kissed her and hugged her and told her that it was ok to die and that she was the greatest dog.  We both just sat together and cried.  About 5 minutes later, Bug died on her own.  It was actually so peaceful and I am so happy that she did it on her own terms.After the very sad morning, we went on with our day as planned – for our sake and for Ella’s sake.  First, we met Bronwen, Georgia and company for Dim Sum.  Ella really loved seeing her cousins and it was great to spend time with David and the girls.  After Dim Sum, we came home and rested for a little while.  At 3:00 Ella went to Taekwondo class.  She loves it so much.  She gets into the studio and starts running around, chasing the other kids.  She kind of got zoned and silly by 4:30 but that’s a long time to stay focused!  We came home from class and rested again and then Ron, Sunny, Ella, Juliet, Stella and I went to see the “Broadway” version of Beauty and the Beast.  The girls really loved it and had a great time.  What a day and night.  Life is quite incredible.158.jpg Ella and Georgia at brunch.239.jpg Ella and Bronwen at brunch.422.jpg520.jpg618.jpg717.jpg814.jpg Does she look like she’s having fun or what?????914.jpg Getting ready to go see Beauty and the Beast.1010.jpg This would have been the perfect shot if Ella wasn’t blinking but you can feel the love.

Happy Birthday Jesse

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesse – hope you have a beautiful day.  We love you.  Can’t wait to see you.  We had a mellow day – Ella and I went to a park so she could run around.  Ella’s class is having an informal get together at this park on Sunday and I told Ella about it yesterday so she told me that she wanted to go there today to check it out.  Tonight we had Friday night movie night with Stella and Juliet.  We watched Beauty and the Beast.  On Saturday, we are taking the girls to see the theatrical version of Beauty and the Beast here in San Francisco.  Bug is still hanging in there – she’s just relaxing and eating turkey.  We are going to see how the weekend goes and then figure out what to do next.  This is difficult but we’re trying to be as honest as we can with Ella.  Whenever we spell the word D-I-E…she says, “That spells die – when Bug dies I am going to write her a card saying, ‘Dear Bug, I am sorry that you D-I-E.”  I told her that would be beautiful.157.jpg Ella and Bug today.238.jpg Ella and Towby today.323.jpg This is a drawing of an angler fish that Ella and I made the other day.421.jpg519.jpg we bumped into a colleague of mine at the park and her son Cairo joined Ella on the swing.617.jpg Ella is a fantastic climber.  This thing also spins but I made sure that nobody spun it around while she was climbing.716.jpg813.jpg Making brownies for movie night.913.jpg The girls having brownies and watching Beauty and the Beast.


Friday, August 27th, 2010

Life is beautiful, but then there is fear, loss, grief, hope…we are going through this right now with our oldest dog Bug.  Bug hasn’t been doing so well but for a dog who is going to be 16 in November, she’s been doing incredibly well.  Lately she hasn’t been coming upstairs at all – she sleeps downstairs in the living room and she has been breathing really heavy.  Her back legs are really weak, she’s blind and deaf, but she is still such a beautiful being.  She loves us and LOVES to eat.  Today, Sunny and I decided to take her to the vet to see if there was anything that we could do to keep her comfortable and make sure that she wasn’t suffering.  So far with the test results, her heart seems ok, lungs ok, she’s not anemic and they are looking a little more carefully at her stomach/liver x-ray.  She came home all drugged up from getting x-rays, probably feeling a lot better than we are and just is kind of chillin’.  When we came home with Bug from the vet, Ella met us in the hallway.  She looked at me and said, “So how is Bug doing?”  I said, “She seems to be OK – they didn’t say whether there was anything really wrong.  We are going to talk to the vet again tomorrow.”  Then Ella said, “So they said we should keep doing what we’ve been doing?”  I looked at her and said, “Exactly El – how did you get so smart?”  She said, “I’m a kid, all kids are smart.”  I then said, “Well not really all kids Ella”…and she said, “What do you think we are hockey stick players?”  End of conversation.  We met Jaeden for dinner at the Public House.  They both had a lot of energy – were acting pretty goofy and then after they ate, we took out the iPhone/iTouch and it turned into the most beautiful playdate of 2010.150.jpg Ella in her special polka dot, striped, sparkly shoes outfit.237.jpg322.jpg Parallel iPlay!420.jpg We gave KJ this pimpin’ sweatsuit for his birthday.518.jpg The Kim/Arean clan was away from a few days…as soon as ELla found out they were back, she was knocking down their door!Welcome home friends!!!!!!

Take me out to the ballgame

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Today we went to the day game with my aunt, uncle, cousin and his 2 daughters.  Ella loves Bronwen and Georgia (her cousins) and they have lots of fun together.  They don’t get to see each other a lot because they live in NY.  At first, we were getting killed but by the 8th inning we were making a comeback and had the lead but then lost the lead in the 9th.  The final score was 12 – 11 (The Reds won) in the 12th inning.  What an exciting game…just wish that we had won.  The girls got into the game and I got some cute video of the cheers.  After the game, we had dinner at Eliza’s and continued to have a great time.149.jpgGeorgia, Ella and Bronwen at Mijita.236.jpg Crazy happy Ella who wanted to get my camera away from me.  She did and here is what it looked like.321.jpg Crazy mama.419.jpg Mommy with crazy David behind her.517.jpg Sweeet Aunt Abigail.616.jpg Happy aunt Abigail and Uncle Ray Ray.715.jpg Kooky Bronwen and Georgia.812.jpg David and the girls.912.jpg109.jpg1112.jpg Ella and Georgia having fun.1211.jpg1311.jpg1410.jpg The beautiful wonderful Ella.156.jpg Cousins at the end of dinner.

Exploratorium and a night game

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Yesterday was a gorgeous day – one of those days when you wish you had an outdoor pool to go relax in.  I think it was above 90º yesterday!  Ella and I went to the Exploratorium and I followed Ella around as she ran from place to place.  She had a great time but I can’t wait for her to be able to read and then things will be taken to a new level and it won’t be all about pushing buttons and blowing bubbles.  After the Exploratorium, I took Ella to her swimming lesson.  Ella did a great job.  Sunny came home with tickets to the ball game.  The Giants had a fantastic game on Monday night with the heat, so we decided to go and they had another incredible win!  I took Ella to the Coke slide and the trolley car and then we ended up at Blush when we left the game.  What a beautiful day and night all around.148.jpg Can you find Ella and me in this photo?235.jpg Here, Ella is creating a huge bubble wall.  She was very patient.320.jpg418.jpg Ella’s sweet little hands.516.jpg We were in a human kaleidoscope.615.jpg714.jpg A musician hard at work.811.jpg In front of the Coke slide.911.jpg Running to the trolley car.108.jpg 1111.jpgTaking the shot in front of Willie Mays!

Last full week before school starts for Ella

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Ella and I will be spending this week together since she doesn’t have camp or school and I haven’t gone back to work yet.  We started this week out going to Pier 39 and the Aquarium of the Bay.  I heard on the news that they caught a shark by Alcatraz and brought it to the aquarium.  It was the biggest shark there.  I told Ella about it (we share an obsession of sea creatures) and she said that she wanted to go and see it.  Rachel came on our little adventure with us.  After the aquarium, Ella did her bungee jump and then we had lunch at the Crab House.  Later in the afternoon, Ella and I went to family swim at the gym.  Ella was pissed off that the family swim was inside – she really wanted to swim in the outdoor pool.  It was really hot today.  Bug seems to be doing a little better.  We’re just happy for every day that she’s around…she doesn’t seem like she’s in any pain – just senile and old.   I am really going to miss her when she’s not around anymore.146.jpg Ella and Rachel at the aquarium.234.jpg I feel like  this is the 50th time I have taken this picture, but it’s cute every time.319.jpg Ella has always wanted to touch the ray.  I think the last time we were here with grandma and papa, Ella did touch the ray, but was still a little scared.  Today, she totally took control and stuck her hand in the water and touched the rays a whole bunch of times.  She was so happy and did not want to leave.417.jpg Here she is really getting into it.515.jpg Patiently waiting for the ray to come close.614.jpg Looks like she was giving the ray the finger huh?  Ella likes to use that finger to point.  Let’s hope she doesn’t use it to point at the wrong person.713.jpg Can’t you just feel her happiness?810.jpg Ella’s sweet little hand touching the ray.910.jpg Ella and her pinwheel – simple pleasures.107.jpg1110.jpg1210.jpg1310.jpg147.jpg155.jpg Ella went super high today on the bungee.  She still doesn’t want to flip.164.jpg This was once a real shark – 600 million years ago.  It was the size of a bus.  I’m really happy they don’t exist anymore.

Fun day at the park

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Today one of the neighborhood kids had a birthday party at Alta Plaza Park.  Cassidy, the birthday girl was turning 3, but she’s tall enough to be Ella’s age.  Ella loves this park so she had a blast.  She went on one thing that she was afraid to go on the last time so I thought that was great that she got past her fear.  After the party, we hung around at home.  None of us were used to so much beautiful weather in one day!  We went out later to stop by at an adult birthday party and then had dinner at Pasta Pomodoro.  We bumped into Debby, Toby and Rachel there and had a really fun dinner with them.  What a great full day.  Bug hasn’t been doing so well this weekend so we are just going to watch her and figure out what she needs next.  This is really sad.  We have been talking about it in front of Ella so that she isn’t shocked when Bug eventually dies.  So far she seems ok with the whole thing.  Hopefully Bug will hang with us for a little longer.  She’s a great dog.140.jpg Climbing high up to the clear blue sky.230.jpg This was not really a fair balance – I was sitting on the other side of this.318.jpg Ella is not having any fun at all.416.jpg A vision of happiness.514.jpg This was the thing that Ella was afraid of.    She walked all the way across it!613.jpg712.jpg Ella and Cassidy, the birthday girl, zipping down the slides.89.jpg At home,  Ella threw this blanket over Sunny’s back and decided that she was her elephant from Egypt.99.jpg Always having lots of fun together.

Working hard

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

This morning, we met our friend Julie and her daughter Gilana for brunch.  Gilana is about 18 months old and super cute.  I didn’t have my camera with me so I didn’t get any pictures, but we had a really nice brunch.  It was great to catch up.  We came home and rested – this fog here can kill ya!  At around 2:30, we headed over to the gym.  Ella was very excited for her second taekwondo class and was super excited to get her uniform.  When Steven, her teacher gave her her uniform, she was so happy!  We didn’t stay for the class this time.  Sunny worked out and I played racquetball.  I did manage to catch the last 25 minutes or so.  When I got down to the class, they were all running around in a big circle – the teacher came over to me and told me that the class was in trouble – not Ella, but all the yellow belt students.  He said that they would not stop talking so they had to do laps.  Ella told him that she wanted to do laps too and she was tearing around the room, laughing and giggling and running like crazy.  She also attempted to do a few push ups when Steven instructed them to do 10 push ups.  Her kicks are looking a little better.  She is just so confident there, even with kids who she doesn’t know.  The kids are really sweet and they take care of her.  She is the youngest by about a year.  We ended up at the Public House for dinner tonight and watched the Giants lose.  We need them to start winning every game now…we want baseball in October (when it will hopefully be warm).139.jpg Ella in her uniform.229.jpg Sweet Ella with 2 of the other kids in her class.317.jpg Look at the focus.414.jpg Steven is a great teacher and really wonderful with Ella.513.jpg I almost caught the kick!612.jpg Fantastic class.Now for a sweet video.

Friday Night Movie Night

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Tonight we had the girls over here for movie night.  They are going away early tomorrow morning so we took the girls so that Helen and Ron could get ready for their vacation.   I already took my ambien so this typing is becoming difficult.  The girls all had a great night.  We ate clams (except me) broccoli, and brown rice pilaf.   Dinner was great – thanks Sunny.  After dinner the kids played some imaginary games while we were waiting for the chocolate chip cookies to bake.  Ella seems to be gravitating more to Stella these days but we are constantly reminding her not to exclude Juliet.  She really doesn’t exclude her, but she seems more interested in Stella.  Probably a developmental thing.  We just want to make sure that there are no hurt feelings.  When the cookies were done and the pop corn was popped, we went upstairs and watched Madeline.  It was a sweet movie and the girls really loved it.138.jpg Ella and KJ.228.jpgHelen and KJ checking out my new ukulele.316.jpg Ella and Stella shoved themselves in the tiniest part of the livingr oom to play with these Princess and the Frog dolls.413.jpg512.jpg Our beautiful girls.  I hope these friendships last forever.611.jpg 4 beautiful girls watching Madeline.711.jpg Yummy cookies.Have a great trip Kim/ Arena’s we’ll miss you!