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What a beautiful night for a ballgame

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

We went to the Giants game tonight…it was an exciting game and the Giants won 1 – 0.  During the game, mommy and Ella went on an adventure – Ella decided that she wanted to go on the Coke slide.  Ella has been afraid to do it in the past, but tonight, she was so excited to do it.  It was a really fun night.116.jpgOn the way to the ballpark.210.jpg Ella super excited to go on the slide.38.jpg47.jpg55.jpg The slide!64.jpg Ella on the jumbotron in the little Giants field.74.jpg84.jpg94.jpg Ella having a blast playing on the little field.104.jpg Ella ate so much junk tonight!  We made sure that she started with chicken fingers, but then she had cotton candy, a churro and then kettle corn.  Ella was actually fantastic tonight – she made it through the entire game.

Face painting and a sweet tongue twister

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Today was face painting day at camp.  When I picked up Ella, she came running at me, “Look mama – I’m a zebra” and then she showed me her arm that had a cat painted on it and then her leg had a lotus flower.  She loved all of it.  When we got home, Ella said that she wanted to go for a bike ride.  We went around the block a few times and then came home and had dinner with Beccca, Ruthann and Jaeden.  Ella was really hyper before bed and she was laying in bed yelling out tongue twisters and laughing.  Her laughter was so sweet and she was so happy that I had to film her.  Enjoy.115.jpg29.jpg37.jpg Ella and her face/body paint.46.jpg Ella wanted Ann to come along on her bike ride.  She sat very comfortably in the basket.

writing and reading

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Over the past few months, Ella has been looking at signs or words in a book or wherever, and really trying to sound things out on her own without us prompting her to figure things out.  She has been doing a great job and is learning how to read words.  Lately, she has also been really interested in writing.  She writes her letters really well (for a 4 1/2 year old) and she has many words mastered like cat, bat, hat, fat, rat, mat…she makes “rhyming books” and is moving beyond her “at” words.  Whenever she wants to write a “shopping list” or a card for someone, she asks us how to spell the words, and we basically just sound out the letters in the words with her and most of the time, she gets it correct.  Just during the past few weeks, she has been trying to write words on her own.  I know that at CDS, they teach inventive spelling where they encourage the child to spell their words the way they think they should be spelled.  I am all for that, but lately Ella has been asking us if her words that she has done completely on her own are correct.  I usually say, “That’s totally right for what you are doing…trying to sound it out”…and then Ella says, “But is it spelled right?”  and I say, “it’s not really spelled right, but you are doing such a great job trying to figure out your words”.  I hope I am responding correctly to her because I want her to continue to write on her own and take pride in what she’s doing.  Here is a really cute example…Today was Ella’s last swimming lesson with her teacher Yat.  Ella wanted to make him a card to thank him for teaching her.  We sounded out all the words together that are in red – Ella really figured it out letter for letter with me sounding like a strange phonics machine.  Then she drew some pictures and I was upstairs getting ready so when I came down, she had added a few words to her artwork.  I will post the card now.114.jpg This is sweet Ella really proud of her card.28.jpg This is the front of the card.  The person that she drew with the brown skin and curly hair is Yat.  He is from India and has dark skin.   We thought that was really cute and cool.36.jpg So we did the red words together by sounding out the words and then Ella wrote the green words all by herself.  The first one, “sun” was great…the second one, “tweet” was fantastic.  The third one…”Letee buggs” makes total sense, lady bugs of course.  This is so exciting to watch Ella reach this level that is going to open up a whole new world for her.

Happy Birthday Milo!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Today was Milo’s birthday 35.jpg KJ is going to celebrate his first birthday next Tuesday!45.jpgElla and Ron – that have such a beautiful thing going on.

Here is a Happy Birthday video from Ella to Milo.  We love you Milo!  See you next week.  Happy first birthday.


Ella is having so much fun

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Ella’s sleepover at the Kim/Arena house was wonderful.  The girls played hard all night.  At one point, Helen and Ron peeked in on the girls and they were playing a game that they made up called “Senior Center”.  They made it up from the movie Ponyo where one of the characters works at a senior center.  I will post the senior center pic that Ron took first.  On Sunday, we woke up, and finally at around 9ish knocked on Helen and Ron’s door.  We found the whole family (including Ella) sitting around the table having breakfast.  Ella was wearing a Supergirl costume.  She kind of said hi but didn’t really care that we were there.  It was so beautiful to have her feel so secure with herself and with the Kim/Arena family.  A little while later, we took the kids to the Alta Plaza Park where everyone had so much fun – including KJ who is almost ready to take off running!  After school today, the 3 of us went to Pier 39 – Ella wanted to do a little bungee jumping.  We did that and then went to this crazy Spongebob 4-D movie.  Ella was a little freaked out…it was a pretty rough ride.  Tonight we had dinner with Phyllis and Michael at Pasta Pomodoro.  We all had a really sweet time.18-seniorcenter.jpg Here is the senior center shot.  All 3 girls were sitting together with a blanket on them.  Stella and Juliet had two other friends over.  One played the doctor and the other played the “orderly”.  These kids are too much.18.jpg24.jpg34.jpg44.jpg53.jpg The kids were having so much fun doing everything in the park.  KJ even got in on the big kid action.63.jpg73.jpg83.jpg93.jpg Ella was doing some serious climbing.  She is a confident climber.103.jpg ON the “zip line” building upper arm strength.113.jpg Just really happy.122.jpg Stella on the zip line.132.jpg142.jpg Ella was chasing Juliet around the park.  They were playing “prisoner” and Juliet was an escapee…151.jpg161.jpg Ella was calling this huge sandbox a pool, so she was jumping into the pool.171.jpg Ron teaching KJ how to use the big shovel.19.jpg20.jpg This is a drum that Ella made today at camp.  They had a little dragon parade today that I got to see when I picked up Ella.211.jpg221.jpg231.jpg241.jpg25.jpg Bungee fun!26.jpg My girls on the crazy Spongebob ride.

Fun day at Lemo’s Farm

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

One of Ella’s classmates had her birthday party at Lemo’s farm today.  Ella had such a great time…not only did she get to go on pony rides, train rides, a hay ride, play in a bouncy house and play with animals at the petting zoo, she also got to hang out with a bunch of her classmates who she really likes.  She had a huge smile on her face all day.  This evening, Ella went over to Stella and Juliet’s and Sunny and I went across the street to see Paul McCartney.  We had a great time at the show – it was really fantastic.  They did so many Beatles songs.  Ella is having her first official friend sleep over.  She is spending the night at the Kim/Arena house.  Helen and Ron -Thanks so much for taking such great care of Ella!  I hope she sleeps in.  Next time we take all 3 kids.  Good night – sleep tight.17.jpg Ella practicing karate earlier today.23.jpg I came downstairs to find Ella helping mommy get the dog hair off her sweater.  So sweet.33.jpg I love this photo.43.jpg Ella is so gentle with animals.52.jpg Ella loves these crazy little rides.62.jpg Our one handed pony rider.72.jpg Peaceful easy feeling.82.jpgElla and Brickelle – so happy to hang out with each other.92.jpg102.jpg Ella and her buddy Luke.  They have known each other since they were around 2…they went to My Gym together before CDS.112.jpg Ella and Macy – they took this right before we took a little train ride.

Friday Night Movie Night

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

I’ve been a little behind in the site – I came down with some kind of virus that left me throwing up, having a sore throat and a cold.  Now I feel much better – just have a cold.  Sunny is in the end stages of her whooping cough and I think Ella is relatively healthy – maybe a little cold.  Tonight, Stella and Juliet came over and we had our usual Friday night movie night.  Ella let the girls choose them movie and they chose “The Princess and the Frog”.  They all had a fun night.  Juliet was a little scared of the shadow man and Ella held her hand through a lot of the movie.  It was really sweet.  Tomorrow morning we are going to a birthday party at Lemo’s Farm – should be a lot of fun.16.jpg The girls before the movie.22.jpg The girls during the movie.32.jpg Holding hands with sweet Juliet.42.jpg I love this.

Fantastic July 4th weekend

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

This weekend, Sunny, Ella and I went to Calistoga and joined about 12 other families from Ella’s school for a really wonderful weekend.  One of the families from Ella’s class has a vineyard in Calistoga and we went “camping” on their lawn.  We had a CDS tent city, on the lawn, right in front of their pool.  The kids ranged from 2 – 14 years old.  The host family made the whole weekend so easy and fabulous.  We ate all our meals together, played in the pool for hours, went to a county fair, had a live blues band for entertainment last night and watched fireworks from the lawn.  Ella had a blast.  There was a small group of younger girls, a very large group of boys from about 4 – 8 years old and then an older group of girls.  Ella loved hanging with the older girls.  Her swimming is getting better every minute.  The pool was 8 feet at its deepest and Ella swam from the shallow end to the deep end all by herself with no help ( I was about a foot away from her at all times).  Yesterday she said that she thinks that we should stay for 6 days instead of 2.  It was great to get away.  14.jpg21.jpg These shots were taken after a water balloon fight that freaked out the little ones.  It was too much for them to handle so they got some TLC from their parents.31.jpg Ella so happy and relaxed in the pool.41.jpgPosing for the under water shot.51.jpg Starting to do a little diving into the pool.61.jpg Tent city – this is our tent that we rented.  Sunny put it up with one of the 10 year old girls.  The reason that there is that funny material on the top because we needed to air the tent out.  It kind of smelled.71.jpg81.jpg Kids dinner time!91.jpg Ella and Tess – an incredible “big girl”.101.jpg Ella is threatening to get someone with the water gun because the pool cover is on the pool.111.jpg Our tent at night.121.jpgAt the county fair – turns out that it was almost the exact fair that we had across the street from us a few weeks ago.131.jpg Eating chips and listening to the blues band.141.jpg Ella LOVED the tire swing.15.jpg Ella and Tess on the evening of July 4th.Here is a movie of Ella in the pool this weekend…it’s pretty cool.

Where has the week gone?

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Let’s see…Ella started CDS camp and is loving it.  She’s like the big kid in the classroom…a role that is new for her.  She is really interested in whatever they are learning.  This week they were learning about bees.  Things are very exciting in the world of bees.  They are studying honey combs and different types of bees, honey, nectar…all that cool stuff.  On Monday, I had a root canal and when I picked up Ella from school she wanted ice cream.  I thought that sounded great so we went to Bi-Rite and had delicious ice cream.  I have been doing stuff around the house, seeing friends, hanging with Ella and Sunny and watching the Giants loose.  It’s time for our boys to get back into the game.  Today, after school, Ella and I went to see an old friend of mine who is visiting from New Mexico.  My friend Jen has 2 boys, Quincy who is almost 1 and Xavier who is almost 5.  Ella and Zavier hit it off immediately and the afternoon was so much fun.  We ended up going to the Academy of Science and it was so incredible to watch their excitement with every ant, worm, snake, spider, frog…that’s not even mentioning the incredibly awesome sea creatures.  Here are some pics from this week and today.1.jpgHappy Ella walking back to the car after eating delicious ice-cream.2.jpgElla and I had a dinner date on Tuesday.  This is what Ella decided to wear.  Of course people were stopping her and talking to her on the street and telling her how beautiful she looked.  She was very into it.3.jpg4.jpg THe princess eating a little bowl of tobiko – enough to make me want to throw up.5.jpg Ella and Xaye meeting for the first time.  They hit it off immediately and began running.6.jpg This is Ella saying, “Come on Zaye – let’s go to the park.”7.jpg We made it to the Academy.  Here are Xaye and Ella talking with Jen.8.jpg New sweet friends.9.jpg Let’s not forget about Xaye’s  beautiful baby brother Quincy.10.jpg11.jpg I was able to take these beautiful shots just as the museum was closing.  So cool.12.jpg Xaye and Ella pushing Quincy in the park.13.jpg Heading home after a long afternoon.What a great day.