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Ballet Recital Movie

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Ok – I finally put it together.  It’s a long one, but Ella isn’t taking ballet again until September so I guess the length is fine.  Enjoy…

Celebrating Pride and swimming with buddies

Monday, June 28th, 2010

We started the day by meeting a bunch of people from CDS – Ella’s school to march in the Pride Parade.  It was a really great day and a great parade and there was wonderful energy and support from some great families at CDS.  Brickelle and her family were marching and Ella was so happy to hang out with Brickelle.  They hadn’t seen each other in about a month and they just picked up from where they left off.  After the parade, Sunny Ella and I went to the Java Hut for lunch.  It was a beautiful day out – pretty hot for SF so we decided to go swimming with the Kim/Arena clan and then went to Los Jarritos for dinner.  It was  a beautiful day and night.  I still haven’t edited Ella’s recital video, but I will sometime this week.147.jpg227.jpg Ella and her beautiful rainbow butterfly wings.319.jpg We rode the train with our beautiful friends who were marching with Stella and Juliet’s school.418.jpgLove makes a family.516.jpgElla had a great view from mommy’s shoulders.613.jpg Some of the wonderful families from CDS.713.jpg810.jpg Here are mommy and our friend Bill jumping rope at the parade.  Ella was super impressed!910.jpg Brooklyn, Ella and Brickelle were riding in their red wagon down Marked Street.  Brooke pulled them the whole way.109.jpg1114.jpg At the end of a long hot fun day.1212.jpg Ella in her swimming gear ready to go to the pool.1310.jpg Juliet, Ron and Stella under water.148.jpg Me and all the girls under water.  I couldn’t open my eyes because I was afraid to loose a contact lens.156.jpg One more with Juliet and Ella.166.jpg Helen and KJ above the water.  Check out the cool splash.175.jpg Stella and Ella having a tender moment.185.jpg Beautiful shot of Stella, KJ and Ron.


Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Today was a busy day.  We all woke up and eventually made our way over to Becca’s for some brunch.  Ella loved playing with the doggies and cat.  Tucker and Digby (the dogs) have 1,000 times more energy than Bug and Towby.  Ella actually gets to play with Becca’s dogs.  After brunch it was time to volunteer.  Sunny is on the board of the Giants Community Fund and today was the Junior Giants glove drive.  Sunny did it alone for about an hour and 1/2 and then Ella and I joined her.  Ella worked hard giving out the Sandoval pins and asking people to donate a glove or money.  We didn’t go to the game but watched a lot of it at Blush.  We were all very tired by the end of the night.  It was a sweet day.140.jpg Ella to ok this of us before we went to brunch.226.jpg And I took this one of beautiful Ella.318.jpg ELla has a lot of orange in her wardrobe – we all do!417.jpg Ella helping mommy.515.jpg Taking a little rest on mommy’s head.612.jpg Time for me to start to get people to donate.712.jpg It’s so much easier with Ella helping.89.jpg Ella after a long day of hard work and fun.

Ella’s first ballet recital

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

After a week of tutu camp, Ella’s class put on a little recital this afternoon.  They had been working on 4 pieces all week danced to the Sleeping Beauty Ballet.  The girls were all really adorable and it was a sweet recital.  I will publish a bunch of  photos tonight and edit the movie tomorrow.  Ella was so much fun to watch.  She was excited and enthusiastic and spaced out a few times of course.  She did such a great job – her first time learning any kind of choreography.  Tonight, Sunny and I went to Karen’s retirement party and Ella had her perfect Friday night…Stella, Juliet, Helen, Ron, KJ…shells with butter and parmesan, popcorn, mommy’s brownies, princess dresses and Ponyo.  Perfect.  We came in at the end and got to spend some time with our friends.  Here are the ballet pictures.138.jpg225.jpg317.jpg416.jpg514.jpg611.jpg711.jpg88.jpg99.jpg108.jpg1113.jpg1211.jpg139.jpg146.jpg

The week is almost over

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Ella has had a great week at Tutu Camp.  This morning she told me that it wasn’t long enough – that she wanted it to go on for another week.  Then I took her to camp and she wouldn’t let go of me and was about to cry.  I hugged her tight and told her to have a lot of fun.  I had to signal one of the teachers over to take her and make her busy…they finally got it – nobody is quite as intuitive as Alicia.  The teacher came over and said, “Ella, do you want to be my helper?  I need help putting things in envelopes.”  Ella said, “Yes I want to do that”.  I kissed her and left.  The teacher told me that she was totally fine about 2 minutes after I left.  I knew that would be the case and that’s why I left without wondering.  Ella has a little recital tomorrow to end the week at Tutu camp.  I will certainly film it.  Tonight we had dinner with our friends/neighbors, Max, Hannah and Ilene.  Max is 2 1/2 years older than Ella and Hannah is 4 years older than Ella but they all have a lot of fun together.  They also “grew up” in our building and although they don’t spend a lot of time together, they really know how to have a good time.137.jpg Ella going to Tutu camp on Monday.224.jpgElla going to Tutu Camp on Tuesday.316.jpg Dinner Tuesday night at the Burger Joint.415.jpg Ella was doing some silly walking and fell.  Here is her red elbow.513.jpg Going to Tutu School on Wednesday.610.jpg GEtting ready to go to dinner tonight.710.jpg Ella and Max on the corner telling “funny” jokes to each other.87.jpg Max messing around wtih Ella during dinner.98.jpgBeing very silly during dinner.107.jpgHannah was having fun picking up ELla tonight.  Ella loved it.1112.jpgElla drew this.  She said it was someone doing Karate.1210.jpg Sometimes Ella and Max remind me of an old married Jewish couple.  Very sweet.Ella gets to have movie night with Stella and Juliet tomorrow night (Friday).  She is so happy about this.

Tutu Camp

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Ella has been going to tutu camp this week.  She seems to be enjoying it.  I just drop her off at 9 and pick her up at 2 so it’s not like the usual classes where I can sit and watch if I feel like it.  Ella went to the camp without knowing any of the other kids and I think she’s doing great.  She has a little recital on Friday which I will be sure to film.136.jpg Heading off to Tutu Camp day 1.220.jpg Heading off to Tutu school day 2.315.jpg Tonight at dinner.  Look at those magical eyes.414.jpgOops – Ella fell.  She wanted me to take a picture of her elbow so she could see how bad the damage was.  Doesn’t look so bad.

A very fun and busy Sunday

Monday, June 21st, 2010

This morning I took my parents to the airport – the visit was short but wonderful.  See you guys in a month!  Love you.  Late in the morning, we met Phyllis, Michael and the rest of the family at Los Jarritos for a delicious brunch.  All of Michael’s “kids” were there to give him lots of love for father’s day and to give him support because his mom died over the weekend.  There was lots of love at the table.  After brunch, we met up with one of Ella’s buddies, Eli and his family to see Toy Story 3.  What a great movie.  We all loved it.  After the movie, we had dinner at Eli’s dad’s club and met up with another family from Ella’s school.  It was great to see the kids together eating, talking, playing and entertaining each other.  We really had a wonderful weekend full of love and fun.129.jpg Ella and her skyscraper and rocket ship.  She put these together while I was in the shower and Sunny was out grocery shopping.219.jpg Ella’s new cowgirl sun hat.314.jpgMichael and his father’s day gang of love.413.jpg Ella and her buddies Alec, Macy and Eli.512.jpg Eli and Ella were in a race to see who could finish their dessert first.69.jpgThe great power of the iPhone.  There must have been something really exciting going on.

We clean up well

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Today was another fun day.  We all hung around in the morning except papa who had a meeting.  Sunny and I had to leave at around 2 for a wedding and Ella convinced my mom to take her to the county fair.  They went there but it was closed for a private party.  Instead, they went to the park, ate lunch at the Java House (aka Maria’s) and then came home to “help” us get ready for the wedding.  I was getting ready to put my dress on but I put on a pair of Spanx in order to keep myself contained and Ella said, “Are those shorts?”  I said, “No, they’re called Spanx”.  Then she said, “Oh, I think they are pre-k’s”.  I asked her what she meant and she said, “You know, they are a little longer than shorts (mine were above my knee) but not pants or anything like that, you know, pre-k’s”.  I really concentrated and then I figured it out.  I then asked her, “Do you mean capris?”  She said, “Oh yeah – that’s what I meant”.  What a sweetheart.  It really just tickled me.  As we were leaving for the wedding, Ella and my mom bumped into Ron, Stella, Juliet and KJ in the hallway.  They all decided to go for a bike ride.  When they came back, my dad was back from his meeting and Ella had some alone time with grandma and papa.  Papa had to go to a business dinner and Ella and grandma had dinner at Amicis and then went to Happy Donuts for dessert.  They ended the night watching Mary Poppins.  Sunny and I had a great time at the wedding.  Sunny did a fantastic job officiating the wedding.  She had people laughing and crying and the bride’s father loved her so much that he asked her to renew his vows with his wife (it was their 35th anniversary) right then and there at the wedding.  Sunny pulled that off too and it was beautiful.128.jpg218.jpg313.jpg We had to document the two of us all dressed up.412.jpgGreat family shot.511.jpg Sunny marrying our friends Adrianna and John.  We all met each other at the old Acme Chop House.

The county fair and grandma and papa come to visit

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

We have been home for 3 days and its been a busy 3 days!  Sunny has been working hard and I have been catching up with errands and studying for the constitution test that I have to take for my emergency credential and Ella has been having fun, fun, fun!  Ella went to the fair a total of 3 times.  The last time was on Thursday night.  We went with Jaden and Ruthann after dinner.  This morning (Friday), Ella and I went to the airport and picked up grandma and papa!  They are in town for a quick weekend.  It’s great to have them here.  After the airport, we had lunch at the Crab House and then Ella did the bungee thing.  We finished the afternoon off at the little aquarium.  We seem to get into these little rituals.  Sunny is officiating our friends John and Adrianna’s wedding this weekend so she was at a rehearsal this afternoon but got home in time for us all to have a great dinner at the Public House.  Tomorrow afternoon, Sunny and I are going to the wedding and Ella gets the whole afternoon and night with grandma and papa.  I bet they are all really excited about that.126.jpg Jaden was fooling around and Ella was acting exasperated…it was pretty funny.216.jpg Not sure if they were trying to get tickets or knock over the ticket booth.312.jpg Ella was a little scared to go on this ride and she kept telling these two little girls who went on it with her.  She was like, “I am a little scared but brave…”411.jpg I hope this isn’t foreshadowing.510.jpg Sunny, Ella, Ruthann and Jaden all went on the ferris wheel.  PRetty cool view of the ballpark and the Bay Bridge.68.jpg79.jpg86.jpg Having fun in the crazy house of mirrors.97.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma riding the escalator at the Embarcadero station.106.jpg1111.jpg127.jpg135.jpg145.jpg155.jpg There is nothing quite like watching Ella have a great time.165.jpg Ice cream after some jumping.174.jpg In the aquarium tunnel.184.jpg Touching starfish.194.jpg204.jpg Playing the charades game with grandma and papa.217.jpg223.jpg SOme very sweet Ella/grandma love.

Back together with Stella and Juliet

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Today, Ella and I hung around, did some errands and went to the county fair behind the ballpark.  Ella loved the fair and all the little rides.  We bumped into all these kids that Ella knew.  The first kid was someone who used to live in our building, then we met up with these sisters who Ella used to go to My Gym with and then we saw 2 kids who go to CDS.  Ella loved seeing the kids that she knew and went on all the rides with them.  After the fair, Ella had swimming  I have not had time to download the movies yet, but there will be a movie within the next few days.  Ella’s teacher gets such a kick out of Ella and loves teaching her.  Tonight we went to Amici’s to celebrate one of our friend/neighbor’s birthday.  Helen, Stella, Juliet and KJ represented the Kim/Arena clan. the 3 of us were there, then there was another neighbor Angela and then the birthday girl Mallika.  The girls had so much fun together and Mallika loved all of the sweet kid energy around.  After dinner, the girls came over for a little dance party – looks like Ella may be an interpretive dancer – she has some moves that I have never seen before.  I didn’t capture any of it on film – just one of those pure and funny moments.120.jpg The girls watching the guy make pizza.215.jpg310.jpg Best bud and sister love.410.jpg Stella was really loving with Ella tonight.59.jpg Stella let Ella feel her loose teeth.67.jpg Ella was blown away.78.jpg Toasting Mallika!96.jpg105.jpg KJ helping Mallika blow out her candle.1110.jpg Mallika and the girls.  Happy Birthday!