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Pump It Up and costume changes

Monday, May 31st, 2010

This morning we met Courtney and Candace for brunch and then I took Ella to another birthday party at Pump It Up.  Ella had a great time with her buddies from school but every once in a while had a little “dynamic” with one of her friends and I think because I was there, her emotional reactions became a little amplified.  I just stopped paying attention after a while and she was fine.  After Pump It Up, we met Sunny at home.  Sunny did some errands while we were at the party.  She bought some stuff for us for Hawaii.  Ella put it all on. Then I went out to do a little shopping.  I found some cute stuff for Ella and when she saw it, she immediately put it on.  She is so funny with her outfit changes.137.jpg220.jpg320.jpg Having fun at Pump It Up.417.jpg515.jpg Ella in her new rash guard shirt and her new life jacket for the ocean.  She kept her polka dot leggings on and of course, Ann was hanging out with her this afternoon.612.jpg Ella and Bug coming back from the Zen garden.  Those are Ella’s new shoes for the beach and ocean.711.jpgElla added her special hat to her new sweater and dress outfit.89.jpg Building a black and white castle.

Great night at the ballpark

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Today was a beautiful day.  We spent most of the day outside, walking around, trying to fly a kite, playing a little basketball… Tonight, Nikki B and Donna came over to go to the Giant’s game with Sunny and me, and Debby, Toby and Rachel came over to hang out with Ella.  Ella had a great time with them.  Thanks so much for hanging out with Ella!  We had a lot of fun at the game.  The weather was perfect – it was a gorgeous night, and the Giants won 12 – 1.  We came home at around 9:15 and Ella was still wide awake listening to Debby read her an Eloise story.  I think she finally fell asleep at 10:30 which is better than last night when she fell asleep at 11:00.130.jpg Today Ella was making a birthday card for one of her friends and she drew this picture on the card.  I thought it was terrific.219.jpg Nikki B and Donna at the game tonight.  This was Donna’s first time at AT&T Park.  I think she had a great time – it was an action packed night.319.jpg Here we are at the game – one of the first times we have been at a game without Ella.  People in our section were asking us where Ella was!416.jpg I took this tonight as we were leaving the ballpark.  Everything was perfect…the company,the temperature, the color of the sky, the lights, the trees and a Giants win.514.jpg I took this of Ella tonight at around 10:00 we were hanging out and listening to music.  We went from Miley Cyrus to show tunes to Hey, Soul Sister and ended the night with a little Cinderella.

What a difference a year and 1/2 makes!

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Just found this footage of Ella’s very first Leaping Lizard assembly from December 2008.  She was a wreck and wouldn’t have been able to stand there if Alicia weren’t with her.  Love to be able to look back and see how much Ella has changed!

Leaping Lizard Friday Assembly

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

It is really late and I have no business typing this up but I wanted to put this out there into the universe.  Maybe a will be a woman of few words and many images.  Ella’s class did their second assembly of the year.  We missed the first one and today’s was super cute.  Ella actually had a line…she introduced the song.  I was remembering back to December of 2008 when Ms. Alicia had to hold Ella during the entire song because Ella was crying.  This time around, Ella did her thing, sang out, and held up a sign upside down with 2 other kids during the entire performance.  Tonight, Ella and I went to Houstons with Becca, Ruthann and Jaden.  Ella and Jaden had a lot of fun together.  We watched Toy Story 1 for Friday night movie night and Ella and Jaden ended the evening getting dressed up as a skunk and a dragon.183.jpg Fun times!Now for the photos from the assembly followed by the video…513.jpg611.jpg710.jpg88.jpg98.jpg108.jpg The kids are all getting ready for their assembly to start.  It was very sunny out and luckily, Ella remembered that her red sunglasses were in her jacket pocket.1210.jpg136.jpg153.jpg164.jpg173.jpg318.jpg Looks like the show is over.415.jpg Ella heading back into the classroom with her buddy Casi.Great Job Leaping Lizards.  Great job Ms. Alicia.  You guys were adorable and wonderful to watch.  Sit back and enjoy the video…

Music and swimming

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Today on the way to school, Ella asked me to put on “Party In the USA”.  I had it on my iPod because the kids I work with wanted to play it, so I put it on for Ella.  She really got into it.  I asked her where she learned about this and she said, “Brickelle and Zani”.  Then she asked me if I had any Taylor Swift songs…again, I do because of my work.  I played a few songs for her.  Ella told me that Brickelle also told her about Taylor Swift.  It’s trippy to think of them hanging out in the playground talking about music…pretty cool.  I guess we will soon see what Ella likes musically besides showtunes.Ella’s swimming lesson on Weds. was amazing.  Sit back and enjoy the little movie.

Fancy soccer player

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Ella had a sweet ballet class on Monday – there were only 2 kids in the class.  They had a good time together.  Video is at the bottom of this blog. Tonight when I got home, Ella picked out a fancy dress that she wanted to wear for dinner.  Dinner was at home and we had no plans to go out.  Ella looked really cute in one of her fancy dresses that is a little too short on her.  After dinner, Ella and Sunny went into the hallway and kicked the soccer ball around.  In September, Ella will be on a soccer team through school…they will be called the “Black Widows”.129.jpg This is a sweet picture from the other night with Ella and her buddies Juliet, KJ and Stella.218.jpg Fancy Ella and her friend Ann the hippo.317.jpg Ella and Ann hanging out with Towby.414.jpgElla tending the goal in the hallway.512.jpg Giving her kick some great thought.And now for Ella’s ballet video…

End of a beautiful weekend

Monday, May 24th, 2010

My parents left pretty early this morning.  We all had a great time.  Ella told them that she wanted the time together to be longer.  She’ll have some quality time over the summer.  Today, Sunny, Ella and I went to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park to see the Venus Flytrap exhibit.  It was a beautiful sunny day but the wind made it cold and at times uncomfortable.  Ella didn’t have a jacket so Sunny shared her sweatshirt with her.  She looked super cute.217.jpgElla tying to get warm in Sunny’s hoodie.316.jpg Ella standing in front of the Chomp sign at the Venus Flytrap exhibit.413.jpg It’s a little warmer…the hood is off.511.jpg Ella will be taller than me very soon.  What an amazing kid.610.jpg79.jpg87.jpg97.jpg Investigating all the different types of carnivorous plants.107.jpg1111.jpg Rolling down the hill…128.jpg To mommy so that she could fly.135.jpg Playing around in the sprinkler.144.jpg Climbing a tree.What a beautiful weekend.  I love you Sunny, Ella grandma and papa.

What a beautiful birthday – what a great weekend

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

First of all – thank you Sunny for your beautiful birthday message and thank you Ella for your beautiful birthday song and love.  What a beautiful thing to wake up to.  Friday I went to work, Sunny went to work and grandma and papa got to spend the day with Ella.  They had a great time – went to the Aquarium at Pier 39,went to lunch and ate crab, clams, fried artichoke, and calamari.  After that they had candy and ice cream.  Ella also did the bungee thing and jumped high in the sky.215.jpgElla watching the fish go around and around and around…315.jpg Beautiful Ella and Beautiful papa looking at beautiful jellyfish.412.jpg Grandma and Ella touching a ray.510.jpg I love this shot – look at the beautiful Ella and her even more beautiful and innocent reflection.69.jpg78.jpg86.jpg96.jpg106.jpg Thanks grandma for taking these amazing photos of Ella jumping.  Looks like she had the time of her life.1110.jpg Ella and papa at dinner on Friday night.  Ella looked so tired and needed to crawl up on papa’s lap.

Sunny took me to go see Wicked on Friday night.  We had a great date night.  Today, we woke up, walked to the Ferry Building, had some lunch and then came home.  Then at around 3:00, Ella had her last t-ball game.  This was the first time that grandma and papa saw Ella play t-ball so it was totally comedy for them.  They seemed like they had a blast watching Ella play.  Ella loved having them there.  After the game, we came back to our place, had take out Chinese food, ate a delicious cake that mommy and Ella made and we also enjoyed the incredible banana pudding that Helen made for me.  Thank you Helen…you’re the greatest!

127.jpg134.jpgJust a bunch of nerds walking down the Embarcadero.143.jpgHeading home.152.jpg163.jpg172.jpg182.jpg192.jpg201.jpg216.jpg221.jpg231.jpg241.jpg251.jpg Well here are some t-ball shots today.  It was a great season.  Those coaches are angels.  The kids were amazing.  What a great experience for Ella – for us.261.jpgThe beautiful birthday cake that Sunny and Ella made for me.  Thank you!  I love you.271.jpg The three of us about to blow out the candles.281.jpg291.jpg The three musketeers.  What a great weekend.  Thank you so much for coming and spending my birthday with me.  I love you guys so much!


Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

MAY 22, 1968 is a national holiday to us! We rejoice on the day of your birth as a beautiful baby woman Lauren  was born and grew and grew to be a brilliant, compassionate, fierce woman and mama. The world  is a much better place because of your goodness, music, love and profound service that will impact generations to come!WE LOVE YOU MORE THANK WORDS CAN TELL!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN/MAMA!!

Fancy day at school, my end of school concert and grandma and papa arrive!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

What a day filled with fun, love, excitement, and emotions.  Work has been really crazy for me.  I replaced the music teacher at the school.  Today was our final performance of the year.  My kids did a great job – they should be really proud of themselves.  Here is a shot of me and some of the girls that I work with.126.jpg This was before the concert.  They all look happy and excited and I look like I am trying to figure out how the hell we are gonna pull this one off.214.jpg313.jpg411.jpg59.jpg68.jpg This is Ella’s fancy dress that she wore to school for fancy day.  I can’t take responsibility for her fancy and beautiful hairstyle.  That’s the magic of the more than talented Ms. Alicia.77.jpg Grandma and Ella doing a sack race.85.jpg Grandma and Ella practicing their wheelbarrow skills.  The fun has just begun!