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The beginning of the weekend

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Ella was at camp at school all week because her school had spring break and we had to work.  She had a really good time at camp.  Today, they got to break open the piñata that they made on Tuesday.  Sunny came early to get Ella for t-ball and Ms. Ngoc let Sunny take one big swing at the piñata.  None of the kids were very successful at breakingit open, so when Sunny took her big swing and all the stuff fell out, they were super impressed!  Ella was chanting, “Go mommy go, go mommy go.”  It was a very exciting part of the afternoon.  We took Ella to t-ball practice and she is getting pretty good at running the bases.  She still spaces out when she is in the field.  Today she picked a flower and did some yoga.  Tonight, the Kim/Arenas came over and we watched The Princess and the Frog.  KJ is crawling all over the place and pulling himself up to stand.  He is such a cute kid and we all had a lot of fun.123.jpg219.jpg Ella at T-ball practice.  I’ll get some more shots tomorrow at the game.317.jpg414.jpg Ella is getting a lot more coordinated and the more coordinated she is, the more stuff she wants to do.  Here she is climbing her first fence all by herself.56.jpg The girls watching The Princess and the Frog, eating popcorn and brownies.a.jpgb.jpg I just had to put these 2 pics in that I found from 2007 of the girls.  It’s so incredible to be able to watch them growing up together.66.jpgThe beautiful Mr. KJ.75.jpgI’ll give this guy a year to be taller than Ella.

More “working on things” talk…

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

A few funny things happened tonight.  First, we were having dinner with friends and one of them had a boy who was about 3 1/2.  The mom was taking him out her car for a minute and Ella wanted to go.  Sunny wanted her to stay in the restaurant and Ella was not listening.  Sunny said (in a stern voice)…”Ella, do not go outside”.  Ella said, “But I want to” over and over and over.  Then Sunny said, “I know that you want to but you need to stay here right now.  Please come over her.”  “Ella says, “I don’t want to” Sunny says, “Come over here.”  This went on for a minute or so and then Ella looked at Sunny and said, “If you keep saying ‘come over here’, they are going to kick us out of the restaurant.  Sunny turned away so she wouldn’t laugh.  Instead she started counting.  Ella then said, “If you start counting in the restaurant, they are going to kick you out”.  Pretty funny stuff.  We all went back to Blush and met up with the Kim/Arenas.  The people who work there are super sweet and they always give the kids cups filled with gummy worms and tiny gummy bears.  The kids had a feast and were pretty wired after dessert.  It was pretty late when we came home (late for Ella is anywhere past 8 because it takes her at least an hour to fall asleep).  She went up, brushed her teeth, put on her nightgown and then wanted to listen to a book called “Skippy John Jones”.  She likes to act the book out.  At one point, skippy john jones is jumping on his bed. I told Ella that she could jump on her bed when Skippy John Jones did, but Ella’s plan was to jump during the whole story.  Since jumping makes Ella even more happy and excited, I had to squash her plan.  Then she decided that she wanted to take this box off of her shelf that had some seashells and incense in it.  I told her that she could not get the box because it was bed time.  She told me that she didn’t like my answer no and that it made no sense.  I wanted her to get a little clarity, so I said, “If you were at school and it was time to do something like nap time or art time and you asked Ms. Alicia if you could do something else and she said no, what would you say?  She looked at me and said, “I would say, OK”.  She realized what she said and told me, “Mama, you don’t make sense.”  Oh well, what are you gonna do?  Ella asked me to do something else and I said, “No”.  She then told me that I needed to work on saying yes instead of no.  I told her that  we would have to work together on it.  We are in so much trouble when Ella is 10 or 11.120.jpg218.jpg316.jpg These are a few photos that were taken on Sunday by the babysitter of one of Ella’s classmates.  She is getting her masters at the Academy of Art in photography and was looking for kids to photograph to represent the cycle of life.  She’s going to give me the whole disc next week so stand by.  Goodnight everyone.

The outfit – the song

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I don’t have too much to say –  it’s late and I have to go to sleep but I had to post this picture and a little video clip.  This is how Ella came downstairs dressed after her shower tonight.119.jpg She was loving her outfit so much.  Then Ella asked us to put on the Broadway soundtrack of Annie and proceeded to entertain us while Sunny was making dinner.

Things we need to work on

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Lately, only with us, Ella has been fake crying when she doesn’t get her way.  Sometimes this fake crying leads to real crying and sometimes it just goes away.  Tonight, we were getting ready to go to dinner and Ella had one of her fake crying fits because I told her that it was cold out and she needed to wear a jacket.  She wanted to wear a “cape” – really just a jacket tied around her neck.  She did her fake crying thing and then calmed down when we told her that she could wear a jacket and then a “cape” too.  This led to a conversation about things we need to work on.  I told Ella that she needed to work on finding other ways to express herself when she didn’t get her way.  I told her that crying just wasn’t working.  Then I said that I would work on getting less frustrated with Ella when she was reacting to not getting her way.  Sunny said that she would work on being more patient and that she would work on not grabbing things from Ella.  Ella also said that she would try to share better (she actually has been doing a great job with sharing).  That was the end of the conversation and then we went to dinner.  We had a great dinner at Nama and then went to Blush for some yogurt and baseball watching.  It was great hanging out there.  Ella was having fun with one of the people who worked there.  Ella was showing her movies on my iTouch – movies of Ella when she was much younger.  It was getting late and we needed to head home.  Ella wasn’t very happy about leaving.  She kept putting on more movies to watch – even after we gave her a one more movie warning.  She didn’t listen so I took the iTouch away from her and we headed home.  As we were walking out, Ella was trying to walk and watch movies.  I told her to turn the iTouch off and she wouldn’t listen so I took it from her.  She became pretty pissed at me but I just put it in my pocket and kept walking.  She kept asking me for the iTouch and I wouldn’t give it to her.  When we got home, I told Ella that if she came up with me, brushed her teeth and got into her pajamas that I would give her the iTouch and she could watch 2 movies.  She was giving me a hard time about going upstairs and finally said, “You grabbed the iTouch from me and that made me angry”.  I then said, “I wouldn’t have grabbed it if you would have stopped watching it.  Watching and walking is dangerous.”  Then she said, “Well…I think that you are going to have to work on not grabbing.”  It was so funny.  I told her that I would work hard on not grabbing and I thanked her for pointing that out to me.  Little Ella is growing up!  No pictures today – just a ballet video.

Opening night at AT&T Park

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Today was a strange day weather wise.  It was pretty cloudy for most of the day and the sun was fighting to come through.  It was a little rainy and misty and then it stopped – just in time for opening night for the Giants.  We went to the game with Amy and we all had a great time – except the Giants who lost.  We stayed until the end of the game to see the fireworks.  Ella was amazing during the game and magical during the fireworks.  It was a great night.118.jpgSunny, Amy and Ella at Mijita before the game.217.jpg Here we are in the beginning of the game.  Ella had a churro, cotton candy and a hot chocolate.  We were trying to keep her awake for the fireworks.315.jpgI think this was after the cotton candy.55.jpg65.jpg 413.jpgElla and the fireworks.  We all loved it, but watching Ella made it so much more meaningful.

Baseball and buddies

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Sunny had to leave early this morning for a speaking engagement in LA.   Although Sunny had a great time and it was a worthwhile trip, she had to miss the Giants opening day.  I took off from work and took a friend and saw an amazing game.  The Giants won in 14 innings.  What an incredible day!  Ella stayed at the after school program until 5:00.  It was the latest that she ever stayed and seemed to be just fine when I picked her up.  Tonight, we went across the street to the Public House (for a change) with the Kim/Arenas for dinner and then went back to their place to watch Ponyo.  We had a great Friday night movie night and Sunny came home in time to watch most of it!1a.jpg Opening day!117.jpg Ella excited to meet her friends in the lobby.216.jpg Ella and Stella at the Public House.  Ella is quite a ham these days.314.jpg Ella and Ron were thumb wrestling and KJ was observing.411.jpg Best buddies.

Ballet video from Monday

Friday, April 9th, 2010

This has been a very busy week.  Ella had a great week at school..she has been especially excited because Alicia will be back in the classroom right after spring break (next week).  Ella has her own little countdown going.  Tonight at dinner Ella said, “Guess what – only one more day and then spring break and Ms. Alicia will be back!  I love Ms. Alicia”.  How beautiful is that?  We are also very happy that Ms. Alicia will be back.  We have been going across the street for dinner a lot this week – I guess we didn’t realize how much we missed Acme.  The two restaurants are different than Acme but a lot of our buddies are back there working and it feels good.  Ella is having a blast running around the restaurants.  Baseball season officially starts tomorrow – very exciting.  The neighborhood is going to be even more alive and fun!Now for the ballet video…

We’re back!!!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

We came home on Sunday afternoon.  It was wonderful to come home to Sunny/Mommy and the doggies.  We had such a great week back east also.  Like I said, “Life is beautiful”.  Ella got right back into the groove of things and woke up for school and then went to ballet after school.  I have video footage that I haven’t made into a movie yet.  After ballet, we met Helen, Stella, Juliet and KJ and had dinner across the street at Mijita.   Mijita and the Public House opened across the street from us in the place of the Acme Chophouse.  We all had a lot of fun – the girls have so much fun together.  After dinner they played tag and duck duck goose outside of the ballpark.115.jpg The kids having dinner at Mijita.215.jpg410.jpg54.jpg Happy happy Ella.313.jpg Sunny and KJ enjoying time together.64.jpg Cool KJ up on the ledge.74.jpg84.jpg94.jpg104.jpg116.jpg Fun fun fun…run kids run!

More fun!

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Today, Ella and I went to see 2 of my childhood friends and their kids.  We met at a park and Ella told me how much fun it has been going to different parks and playing on all different things.  It’s time for us to start doing the park tour in San Francisco again.  Ella had a blast with my friend Sue Sue’s twins, Sofia and Ava.  They were really sweet to her.  When we were having lunch, Ava suggested that Ella sit between them.  Ella loved that.  Cheryl’s son James was there and Ella has a sweet thing with James, but her daughter Emma couldn’t make it.  We missed you Emma!  See you in SF one of these days.  After playing, we went into NY to hang out with AJ, Milo and Michael.  It was a really sweet time – Ella got to feed Milo a bottle and we all had a lot of hugs and kisses.  We are leaving to go back to SF in the morning.  This has been an amazing week.  We love you grandma and papa – thanks for everything.  Mommy – we will see you tomorrow afternoon.  We love you and can’t wait to see you.  Life is beautiful.

114.jpg214.jpg312.jpg49.jpgElla and her buddies Ava and Sofia.

53.jpg63.jpgElla and grandma blowing bubbles on the terrace.

73.jpgPapa and Milo in a sweet and tender moment.

83.jpg The big girl feeding Milo.  She gave him the whole bottle with no help!!


103.jpg I think this is a cute picture of my mom.  Also – the photo above of me and Milo…the caption got messed up, but what I said was that I wasn’t going to let a week go by without a picture of me and Milo!

Early afternoon with KK, early evening at the park

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Today was another fun filled day.  Ella and I went into NY to meet KK, AJ and Milo for lunch. We all met up at KK’s house and then went to the Scandinavian House for lunch.  Ella played in the playroom there after lunch.  Milo had a good nap after lunch.  After we ate, we went back to KK’s and Ella, KK and AJ did a really cool art project.  Ella and I came back to NJ and then went to the little park a few blocks from grandma and papa’s house.  Ella played on everything there including the monkey bars.  Ella is getting much stronger and more confident.  Ella also played a little basketball with papa.  We all had a lot of fun.  Tonight, I went into NY to meet Adam for dinner and Ella stayed with grandma and papa for Friday night movie night.  They watched Mary Poppins.  I got home after Ella was sleeping but grandma and papa reported that they had a wonderful night.

We love you mommy/Sunny.  Hope you had a great day and night.  See you on Sunday!

112.jpg Ella and KK working the meditation bowl.

212.jpg Ella playing with another one of KK’s cool toys.

311.jpg Ella and Milo having a beautiful cousin moment.

48.jpg Milo takes full command of the chair.

52.jpg3 beauties.

62.jpg You know I love my crossing the street shots.

72.jpg82.jpg92.jpgElla in the playroom at the Scandinavian house.

102.jpg KK’s house is like a fun fantasy house for Ella.  She was constantly discovering new things.  Here she is pulling the little string on a lamp to turn it on and off.

113.jpg A leopard skin dinosaur?

122.jpg AJ and Ella fooling around.

131.jpg142.jpg152.jpg162.jpgElla and grandma playing hard at the park.

172.jpg182.jpg192.jpgElla and papa practicing dribbling and throwing the ball.  Ella is totally into dribbling the basketball.

202.jpg Grandma and papa were trying to steal the ball from Ella.

213.jpgI think their smiles say it all.  They had a blast at the park!