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Bicycle and bubbles

Monday, March 15th, 2010

What a beautiful weekend.  The weather was incredible.  It was so great to be able to be outside all weekend.  Ella loved it too.  Today the Embarcadero was closed to traffic from the ballpark all the way down to Pier 39.  Ella took a bike ride right in the middle of King Street.  We met up with our friend Karen and had lunch at the Java House.  It was really busy and full of people in our neighborhood today…getting us ready for baseball season.  We’re heading down to spring training next weekend.  Can’t wait to hang out at the pool, relax, catch some baseball.  I figured out how to get the movie downloaded from yesterday so enjoy Ella batting away.  I usually don’t talk when I am filming, but I couldn’t help myself and sounded like an annoying bossy coach at the end.  Oh well.114.jpg29.jpgElla cruising down King Street.39.jpgMommy jumping rope right by the Java House.48.jpg58.jpg66.jpg76.jpg86.jpg95.jpg104.jpgAfter lunch, we came home and Ella played with bubbles in the Zen Garden.  She was chasing the big bubbles down and trying to pop them.  She loved it when they popped.115.jpgEven Bug and Towby were having fun outside with the bubbles.


Batter up!

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

It was a gorgeous day today and we spent most of the morning and afternoon outside.  We went over to the ballpark and Ella played on the little T-ball field by the Coca Cola slides.  Ella swings lefty and was making some great connection with the ball.  I made a little movie, but I can’t get into the program that lets me put it on this site…so Jesse, if you’re reading this – can we talk tomorrow?  After the ballpark, we went over to 2nd and Townsend to meet up with our friend Delia and Sheriff Hennessey.  They were on horseback getting ready to ride in the St. Patrick’s day parade.  Stella and Juliet were with us and they all got to pet the horses on the nose.  We stopped by Becca’s house after that and Ella played with Tucker and Digby.  All my pictures were blurry from Becca’s…I guess Ella and the doggies were too quick for me.  We ended our beautiful afternoon having lunch at Crossroads Cafe.  Here are some shots from today .112.jpg28.jpgElla checking herself out on the way to the ballpark.38.jpg47.jpg57.jpg65.jpgElla on the little field playing first base and batting.75.jpg85.jpgRon and the girls – this is one strong daddy!94.jpgElla, mommy and Juliet.103.jpg113.jpgDelia and the Sheriff getting ready to ride in the parade.

Ella the word girl

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Ells is into this show called Wordgirl.  I think the show is for kids who are a little older, but Ella is kind of sick of Dora and those guys so we DVR Wordgirl for her.  Tonight, we had dinner with Candace and Courtney at Nama.  Ella told us that she wanted to be Wordgirl and picked out a red sweatshirt and then had us tie her raincoat around her neck as her cape.  She went running down the street as Wordgirl…110.jpg27.jpgElla having so much fun running around on King Street as Wordgirl.46.jpg56.jpgDuring dinner, Ella decided that she wanted to take some pictures of all of us.37.jpg64.jpgWe had a really fun dinner.  Ella was very excited to have Candace and Courtney come over to watch Ponyo.74.jpg84.jpgOn the way home from dinner, Ella turned back into Wordgirl.93.jpgWhen we got home, Ella showed Courtney her Ponyo book in order to help her understand the movie a little better.

Beautiful Ella

Friday, March 12th, 2010

It has been a super crazy week for me work wise and I haven’t been living in the moment.  Nothing like Ella to bring you back into the moment.  Today we got an e-mail from one of her teachers telling us that Ella was “having fun at the woodworking table outside with Mr. Derrek today”.  She sent these two pictures.9hammer.jpg10hammer.jpgTonight, we had dinner with some friends from our building.  Ella decided that she wanted to put on a leotard and  some fairy wings and other fairy stuff.  She hasn’t dressed up in public in a while and I think she had a lot of fun with it.26.jpgElla after school today before she transformed into a fairy.36.jpg45.jpg55.jpg63.jpg73.jpgOur beautiful little fairy.We hooked up with Helen, Ron, KJ and the girls after dinner to celebrate Ron’s birthday with ice cream cake.  Happy Birthday Ron!83.jpgStella didn’t feel like being in the shot so Ella took her place.

Another ballet video

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I am so happy that Ella loves her ballet class but I have to admit, I have been getting a little sleepy in there lately.  Ella did a terrific job today.  When you watch the video, check out her angry face towards the end.  It’s too cute to be an angry face!


Monday, March 8th, 2010

We took grandma and papa to the airport late this morning.  We love you guys!  See you soon.  We left the airport and went straight to Fairyland.  We met our friends Susan and Jennifer there with their niece Rebecca.  Rebecca and Ella have played with each other before – Rebecca is about 6 months older than Ella and they had a fun time with each other.  It was a sweet day.  Here are some pictures…19.jpgThe 3 amigos!  See you in a few weeks.25.jpg35.jpg44.jpg54.jpg62.jpg72.jpg82.jpg92.jpg102.jpgFun fun fun at Fairyland!

Weekend with grandma and papa

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

We have had a great visit with grandma and papa.  Ella spent the day with grandma on Thursday and then the day with grandma and papa on Friday when mommy and I were at work.  Last night (Friday) mommy made a delicious dinner – clams, crab, rice pilaf, asparagus…We all ate really well and then settled down for Friday night movie night.  We watched Ponyo which was such a sweet movie.  Ella loved it again…papa was very tired and slept through it.  Today, mommy had a meeting and I had to meet with one of my students to help her with an audition at the School of the Arts so grandma and papa went to pier 39 to the Aquarium by the Bay.  There are some new exhibits there and Ella was mesmerized by all the new things.  She touched a snake, watched a guy feed a turtle wax worms, watched a pink toed tarantula, saw a blue tongue lizard and just had a blast with grandma and papa.  Mommy and I met up with them at the Crab house and had a great lunch.  After lunch we came home, hung around, read books, relaxed and then went out to dinner with aunt Abigail and uncle Ray.  What a beautiful and full weekend.  Here are some pics.  Sorry if the captions are messed up.18.jpgPapa is in da house!24.jpg34.jpgDelicious dinner.43.jpgThree beautiful people.53.jpgNot such a flattering picture, but Ella took it so it’s sweet.61.jpgGrandma took this great shot of a ray.71.jpgGrandma and Ella trying to touch a ray.81.jpgElla touching a snake.91.jpg101.jpg111.jpgElla checking out all the different exhibits.  Check out the tarantula.121.jpgElla having a blast at the restaurant.131.jpgGrandma is the greatest.  None of us wanted to go on the carousel!141.jpgClassic shot at Fisherman’s Wharf.151.jpgElla and a giant gecko outside of the aquarium.

An underwater video

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Grandma came to town on Wednesday and Papa came in tonight.  Ella is so happy – so are we.  Ella and grandma spent the day together while we were at work.  Sounds like the day was fantastic.  This afternoon, Ella had her last swimming lesson with Megan.  I got into the pool to film parts of the lesson.  The camera is pretty cool.  Ella did a great job.  She still has a rash, but they didn’t kick us out of the pool.  Tonight, mommy, grandma Ella and I had dinner at Nama.   Ella asked for tobiko and salmon roe.  All that stuff is so gross to me, but Ella loved it.  She tried to get me to taste it and I actually faked it.  I took it and hid it under my napkin.


  17.jpg23.jpg33.jpgDinner at Nama.  Check out those fish eggs.

Slap cheek princess

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

This morning, very early, Sunny and I got an e-mail from Alicia – Ella’s preschool teacher.  The e-mail said…”Read the blog. That rash sounds like Fifth’s disease. It’s not a disease it’s just what it’s called. It’s one of the childhood viruses. Did she have cold like symptoms a week or two ago? Usually the rash comes out after the fact…that’s when they start getting better. So, it is contagious and in adults it causes serious fatigue and achiness all over your body especially your joints! Fun!”Well Alicia, not only are you an incredible teacher and person, you are a skilled diagnostician.  We called the doctor, described what was going on, and they said it is “slap cheek virus” also known as “Fifth’s disease”.  They said that she could go about her regular day since the rash is out, but we let her stay home from school today.  I  Ella watched “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” and then played, did some artwork and made a card for Ella’s swimming instructor.  Thursday will be their last lesson.  Here are some pictures from the first part of the day.22.jpg16.jpgIt looks a lot worse than it feels.  It hasn’t been bothering Ella at all.32.jpgHere is the card that Ella made for Megan, her swimming teacher. When I came home from work, Ella looked so much better than when I left her.  She was in a great mood.  We listened to the soundtrack of the original Broadway Annie and built a Lego village.  Sunny had to go to an event tonight and since she’s the cook in the family, Ella and I went across the street to Amici’s (Ella’s second time this week).  Ella had pizza instead of pasta so at least she mixed it up a little.  We had a great dinner and Ella was doing some great writing on the iTouch.  Check out the video at the end.42.jpgHuge smile on Ella’s face while she was listening to Annie.52.jpgPlaying tag on the way to Amici’s.

Power out at the Tutu School

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Ella had a great day today.  She woke up ready to go to school and have some fun.  She developed some kind of rash over the weekend…started on her upper arms and moved down a little on her lower arms.  She also gets a little rash on her cheeks.  She has no fever and it doesn’t itch but I will try to get her to the doctor tomorrow after school.  Ella was very excited for ballet and when we got there, all the lights were out.  There was a black out on Bay Street where the school is.  The teacher improvised and had them playing games and running and dancing around to either no music or music being played on her iPhone.  The kids weren’t trippin’.  They all had a blast.  Tonight, I had a squash lesson and Sunny had a meeting so Debby and Toby came over and took Ella out to dinner.  Ella had so much fun with her sweet friends.  Thank you Debby and Toby for helping us out.  Ella loved it!  So do we!  OK – now for some pictures and a short non-musical ballet video..15.jpgElla on her way to school this morning.21.jpg31.jpg41.jpg51.jpg                                Beautiful Ella dancing down the hallway.