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Vampire teeth and swimming

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Ella has had another great week.  Her cold is pretty much gone and she’s been sleeping great.  The other day, Ella told Sunny that she wanted vampire teeth – I think she got the idea from a cartoon Max and Ruby.  Like the great mommy that she is, Sunny found vampire teeth for Ella.  Ella just loves them.23.jpgElla told us that she is a friendly vampire – not a mean one.33.jpg Beautiful Ella without her vampire teeth.Today Ella had swimming.  She did a great job.  Sunny contacted the swimming people at the gym and they do allow people to photograph their kids in the pool.  Good thing…43.jpg52.jpgI can’t wait to go swimming with Ella this weekend.62.jpg Ella behind the gym.Here’s a little swimming video.

Monday Ballet

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

After a great weekend, it was time to go back to work and school.  Ella seemed like she had a good day at school today although she wouldn’t tell me anything about it which is rare these days.  Ella was, however, very excited to go to ballet.  We arrived a little early and she was dancing and running and twirling all over the place.  Here are a few pictures and of course the video.

17.jpg22.jpg32.jpg42.jpgElla having a blast before class.

Great weekend

Monday, February 8th, 2010

We had a great weekend.  On Saturday, the Giants had their Fan Fest across the street.  Sunny had to work there for the Community fund and Ella helped her sell mystery bags.  Ella did a great job.  Later in the afternoon, we drove up to Calistoga to celebrate one of Ella’s classmate’s dad’s birthday.  Not sure about all those apostrophes.  Anyway, we all stayed at this spa called Solage which was fantastic.  On Saturday night, all of the adults had a wonderful dinner and the kids had their own little party.  Sunday morning, we all had breakfast and then the kids played in the wilderness of Calistoga.  It was a lot of fun and was great to get to hang out with some of the parents from Ella’s class and their kids.  The 3 of us had a blast.

16.jpgElla, Cassi, Brickelle and a bunch of other beautiful kids at the assembly on Friday.

21.jpg31.jpgElla singing to Annie on Friday night.

41.jpg Ella getting ready to go to the Fan Fest.

71.jpg Mommy and Ella selling mystery bags.

81.jpg Cotton Candy!

51.jpg61.jpgElla and some of her buddies from school hanging out at Solage.

91.jpg Sunny and a bunch of the kids were moving this tree trunk so that they could build a dam.

101.jpg Ella talking to a tree.

111.jpg City kids having fun in the nature.

121.jpgElla going on a little bike ride.

Busy week

Friday, February 5th, 2010

We have had a busy week of work and life since we have been back.  I haven’t really been taking photos of Ella but I realize that some of you (grandma and papa…possibly KK) may be going through photo withdrawal so I took a shot of Ella tonight.  We’re going to Calistoga on Saturday so hopefully I’ll get some great shots this weekend.1ella.jpg

Ballet and a little baseball at the end

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Here is a video of Ella’s ballet class today.  She was happy to be back at ballet.  I put a little baseball from yesterday at the end of the ballet video.  Check out Ella’s swing!

15.jpgElla wore this skirt to school today and loved it so much that she wore it to ballet.

Back in SF

Monday, February 1st, 2010

We arrived home on Saturday at around 2:00.  Within one hour, Ella was over at Stella and Juliet’s having a beautiful reunion.  Stella was going to her first sleepover party and Juliet was very sad so we took Juliet to dinner with us along with our other friends who live in the building.  Candace also hung out with us.  Today was a beautiful day and we spent a lot of it outside.  We went bike riding with Stella and Juliet, had lunch at the Java House and then went over to AT& T park, hit some wiffle balls, played on the cable car and Stella and Juliet enjoyed the slides.  Ella wasn’t interested.  Ella was really helpful around the house today.  She helped Sunny make cinnamon buns this morning, helped me do the laundry and clean the carpets and then helped set the table for dinner.  She’s doing great.

1.jpg Max, Ella, Hannah and Juliet getting ready to eat dinner at the Burger Joint.

2.jpg3.jpgMax, Ella and Juliet having a blast together.

4.jpg Candace, Juliet, Ella and mommy walking over to Blush and singing Tomorrow at the top of their lungs.

5.jpg Juliet and Ella at Blush.

6.jpg7.jpgElla’s new dress arrived while we were away.  She loves it so much and couldn’t wait to put her sequin hat and glittery shoes on with it.

8.jpg Ella getting ready for her bike ride today.

9.jpg10.jpgJuliet and Ella chillin’ with their shades.

11.jpg Ella feeding pigeons.

12.jpg Ella and Stella on the cable car.

13.jpg14.jpgAll of a sudden, Ella was hitting lefty.  Who knew?  She did a pretty good job too.