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Trip to LA

Monday, November 9th, 2009

We just came back from an amazing weekend.  Sunny left for LA on Thursday to do some work and Ella and I met here there on Friday.  We stayed with Jesse and Heather who recently purchased a great house and were wonderful hosts.  This weekend, we celebrated Ella’s birthday a little early.  We started out on Friday night with dinner with our cousins Robbie, Aaron and Izze.  Izze’s sister India couldn’t make it – she was home sleeping.  Here are some shots from the dinner…

1airplane.jpgSuper cool Ella on the airplane.

2ellaizze.jpgElla and Izze really had fun together.

3ellaizzeaaron.jpgElla with Izze and her dad Aaron.

4ellaizze.jpgSuper sweet cousin hug.

5gang.jpgThe whole gang after dinner.

6dancing.jpgElla dancing around the grove.

7ellasnake.jpg8ellasnake.jpgHere is Ella playing with Jesse and Heather’s newest addition, Snake who is such a sweet dog.

9birdsofparadise.jpg Ella exploring the Bird of Paradise plant in Jesse and Heather’s courtyard.

10goingtodisney.jpg Walking towards the park

11callfromgoofy.jpg Ella getting a happy birthday call from Goofy.

OK – here’s the story…I am so tired that I can’t go on so I will continue this tomorrow night.  Goodnight.

Ballet Monday

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Ella was very excited to go to school today and super excited for ballet after school.  She decided to wear a headband today so that Alicia could make a special hairstyle.  Well…as you will see in the video, it certainly was a special hairstyle.  Ella looked beautiful and I think she felt really beautiful too.  She did a great job in class today.  Sunny came and surprised Ella and Ella got so excited that she kept dancing over to us and kissing us.  Of course it’s all on the movie.

12.jpg Ella before ballet.  Notice the special side bun.

21.jpg The class listening to a ballet story.

31.jpg Ella coloring a picture of the ballet that they read.

Here’s the movie…

Halloween starting from Friday

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Halloween started on Friday at school.  The preschoolers were not allowed to dress up but the rest of the school was.  First thing on Friday morning, Ella and Brickelle met up with their buddy Cassi for morning assembly.  Cassi was dressed up like a woman who worked out in the late 70’s/early 80’s.  Her costume came from the Broadway show Xanadu.

1.jpg The girls just love Cassi.  She is so sweet with them.

Alicia did some face painting for the kids in class today so that they could have something special for Halloween.  Ella wanted a spider web and I suggested that maybe she could ask Alicia if she could paint red jewels on the spider web.  Ella told me that I needed to ask Alicia about the jewels since it was my idea.  Alicia did a great job!

2.jpg3.jpgNotice the glitter in the jewels.  Pretty cool.

On Saturday morning, Ella woke up and was very excited about Halloween.  Of course she had a plan to be Cinderella and we had a party to go to at 5:00 and another one at 6:30.  After having fun painting and hanging around the house, it seemed like Ella wanted to get out of the house.  We suggested that she pick one of the many costumes that she had in her closet to go outside and do some neighborhood Trick or Treating.  Ella decided to go out in her old cat costume and we knocked on Stella and Juliet’s door to see if they wanted to go around in the neighborhood.  Stella wasn’t feeling great so Juliet went with Sunny and Ella.

4.jpg Ella thought the glasses gave the costume a fancy touch.

5.jpgElla and Juliet about to hit the streets.

6.jpg Finally 5:00 rolled along and Ella put on her Cinderella costume.  We walked a few blocks to a neighborhood Halloween party.

7.jpg All of these kids were in Music Together about 2 years ago.  It’s incredible how much they have all grown up!

8.jpg Ella liked having Snow White at the party with her.

9.jpg Cinderella going to her next party in her coach.

101.jpgHelen and Juliet at the Glassworks party.

11.jpg After all of the parties, we ended the night with some glow in the dark dancing around in the house.